How it came about

When I returned to Canada in 2012, after working 14 years in South Korea, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam as an International Teacher, I started writing Journey Within: Transforming an Imperfect Life. Two years later I published it.

Why I wrote this book

Writing my story was incredibly healing as I was able to voice all the things that made me cry, laugh, celebrate and bring me to my knees throughout my life so far. Writing my story helped me to step outside of my life and look at it from a different perspective. From that vantage point I was able to see the bigger picture, the bigger lessons learned and most importantly it helped me to better understand myself and connect within. The experience was like a huge WOW moment.

What is it about?

I explore the ups and downs, the joys and tears of life and the journey that led me to realize that we do actually have complete control over who we are and how we will live our life. When we realize our inner power and become open to exploring who we really are at our core, there is no stopping the momentum that will propel you to your greatest truth.

Journey Within could be anyone's life, as we all seek to discover who we really are at our core. While I was writing the book I had one motivation only, and that was to speak my truth. For so many years I had kept quiet, tried to be what I wasn’t, and tried to fit into different sized boxes, that I either outgrew quickly or that never fit me at all. It wasn’t until I returned back to Canada that I started an even deeper journey of self awareness that has since launched my passion and career towards helping other people find their truth and live their passion.

    "A beautiful reading!

    We all walk the journey within, each in our own way, with our own history and experiences. I recognised many experiences and feelings and how we are webbed together yet destined to find our own path. A big part of the book was like my own life. It was all too familiar.

    It is an enlightening book. It is about the struggle we all have at times and the courage to face our journey in life and to find the wings that sets us free to be who we are.

    I also loved reading about the travel experiences of Darice and the insight she gives the reader in other cultures as well as her personal life. It is a book of hope and inspiration to find the core of our existence.

    Definitely worthwhile reading!"

    ~ Mary Meijer (St. Maarten, Caribbean) ~

    "This is an incredibly insightful book detailing with a personal journey. We are given a glimpse into a deeply moving and personal account. It is written honestly, allowing us to share private and painful experiences, as well as the joys of self preservation and self discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed descriptions which made me feel like I was there, experiencing the journey with the author. Thank you!"

    ~ Sandy Collinson (Moscow, Russia) ~

    "Journey Within is about 'releasing and never giving up on self-discovery and letting go’. It is an invitation for you the reader to do the same."

    ~ Debra Underwood (Australia) ~

    "As an immigrant to a Western country I was searching for a book that I could relate to. I found that in ‘Journey Within’. This tale of personal discovery made me laugh, cry, cheer, and gave me hope for a better future. I really enjoyed it! It is powerful and encourages you to find yourself in life. The message Darice conveys is appealing to everyone, on how to be honest, powerful and stand by your dreams and truth. The core message for me was; live your life honestly and never lose hope. I am recommending this book for everyone to read."

    ~ Behzad Ghashghaee (Nanaimo, Canada) ~

    "I could not put this book down, a great read, a heartfelt story, identifying with real life personal situations. Every page is so interestingly different and captivating in what happens along the author’s journey through life. Loved every page!"

    ~ Trudy Pitcher (Vancouver Island, Canada) ~