Do you feel drained and tired?

Do you have a tendency of getting caught up in drama?

Are you always running around for other people?

Do you blame others for your lack of sleep, energy, love, money…

If you said yes to any one of these things, you may need to unplug from the outside world.

Read on and find out more…

Unplugging From the Outside World

Unplugging from the outside world is necessary if you feel any lack in your life.

Think of yourself as an electrical implement.  You get your energy by plugging yourself into an energy socket and there you go, you shake rattle or roll.

Like an appliance plugged into an electric socket, you also plug yourself into the outside world in the form of people, events, issues, drama, fussing, doing, over thinking …

Most of us are plugged into our outer worlds most of the time only getting relief when we sleep.

This is sabotaging your well being and wasting your precious energy!

Plugging Into Your Inside World

You can instead plug into your inside world.

When you connect within yourself, you will naturally start to disconnect more and more from your outside world.

You actually do operate much more efficiently when you are plugged into you and nothing else!


If you are invested in and connected to family, that is wonderful, however, you could be compromising your power.

Family can be very energizing, however, it can also drain you of your energy.

When you are plugged into events and people outside of yourself, like your job, family, lover, husband/wife, your energy goes there… to things outside of yourself and to things you have no control over.

Plugged Into Your Inside World

The first step to reclaiming your energy (and your power) is to recognize that if you are not fully plugged into your power, the people and/or events around you will likely be draining you. You must get your authentic energy from within yourself to be effective on the outside world.

Next, be aware of the vastness of who you are in the invisible spiritual world. You are much more than you see.  Your most powerful energy center is deep within you.

Start to accept this and tap into it.  Just because you don’t see your inner spiritual world, doesn’t mean it is not there.

When you connect within, you tap into this massive and powerful resource of personal power.  The more you tap into it the more you will start to disconnect from external influences that can potentially drain you.

It feels so good to connect and plug into you, the deeper parts of you, the soulful you.   When you get into the habit of doing this, it will inadvertently change the course of your life, because you are now plugged into something you have complete control over (you) and an unlimited energy source (your soulful self).

Unplugging from Family

Family is one area where we can potentially lose a great deal of our power.

Unplugging from family doesn’t mean you leave your family.  They will still be very important in your life.  Your family and/or your husband or wife and children are also very important to your well-being.  The difference is that when you plug into your own power, you will be more available energetically for them when you operate from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

When you reclaim your power, you will not be drained by outside influences anymore.  You will not be anchored in their story, their energy and their judgments.

People tend to panic when they initially disconnect from their family energetically.  It is common to feel fear or insecure and run back and plug into them again.

These are choices WE make, every single day, every minute of every day. Take control of your power and don’t foolishly give it away! Plug into your true source first and then you will be far more charged to handle just about anything life throws at you.

Powerful people are not invested in other peoples power, opinions, judgments or approvals.

When you pull up your anchors, when you unplug from outside people and things, your whole life focus will change.

Plugging Into Your Inside World

When you plug into you, you enter into a whole new source of power, the power of the universe.  You will feel lighter and freer.

To be truly free, however, you have to connect deeply into your vastness, then give up on plugging into ‘stuff’,  and give up  ‘anchors’ that drain you.

Heal Yourself First

Visualize this the next time you have some quiet time.  See yourself literally unplugging from anyone or any situation causing you grief.  Simply unplug from them and instead, plug into yourself.

Your world will change dramatically and your sense of time will change as well.  Things will happen faster because you will be energetically lighter. You will have more clarity, be more focused and be far more effective at living the life you are meant to live.

Give this a try and see your world transform. Anytime you feel heavy, slow, sad, bogged down, go to your quiet place and visualize unplugging from all that outer world junk and set yourself free.

Please share with us below if you like to share your experiences with ‘unplugging’.

I’d love to hear from you!

Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

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