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Your ticket to Freedom is here!

This is for you if you:

  • often feel drained and tired
  • get caught up in dramas that both energize and drain you
  • are running around FOR other people
  • feel terrible when you disappoint others close to you

If you said yes to any one of these things, you might need to unplug from the outside world.

Read on and get your ticket to freedom now.

Woman is sitting on the floor on her butt, with her faced in hair and her hands in her hiar.

Feeling lost and stressed? (priscilla-du-preez-VzqEavUGnss-unsplash copy)

Unplugging From the Outside World

Think of yourself as an electrical generator.  You get your energy by plugging yourself into an energy socket.

Like an appliance that is plugged into an electric socket, similarly, you also plug yourself into the outside world by plugging into people, events, issues, drama, fussing, doing, overthinking.

Most of us are plugged into our outer worlds most of the time, only getting relief when we sleep. You are compromising you’re well-being and wasting your precious energy if you are constantly plugged into the outer world.

Plugging Into Your Personal Power

Picture of a black electrical plug going into t a socket on the wall.

Plug into your inside world for relief and an injection of power and energy.

By connecting within and feeling energized, you will naturally start to disconnect more and more from your outside world.

While you’re plugged into your essence, you operate more efficiently as a conscious human – being.


Being invested in and connected to family is wonderful. However, you could be compromising your power if your family has many demands on you.  Family can be very energizing yet also it can drain you of your energy.

Being tapped into events and people outside of yourself, like your job, family, lover, husband/wife, means your energy gets depleted and also goes into things you have NO control over.

If you don’t balance your connection in the outer world with time to reflect and have peace in your inner world, you jeopardize your wellbeing and spiritual growth.

Actually, you do things in your outer world BETTER when you unplug from it regularly.

A silhouette of a large family standing on the beach at sunset.

The family connection is great, but their expectations can be overwhelming if you’re not tuned into your core essence and set healthy boundaries.

Plugged Into Your Inside World

The first step to reclaiming your energy (and your power) is to recognize when the people and events around you are draining you. You need a healthy connection to your inner world to be effective in the outside world.

Next, be aware of the vastness of who you are in the invisible spiritual world. You are much more than you see.  Like an iceberg, most of ‘who you are’ is in the spiritual realm that you do not see.  Your most potent energy center, however, comes from this inner source that is deep within you.

Connecting within allows you to tap into this massive and authoritative resource of personal power.  The more you tap into it, the more you will come to trust and rely upon it and the more you will disconnect from external influences that drain you.

Connect within to change your life in truly positive ways. 

It feels amazing to connect and plug into you, the deeper parts of you, the soulful you.   When you get into the habit of doing this, it will inadvertently change your life.   You will feel calmer, think more clearly, not worry about small things, elevate stress and feel all-around more fulfilled and content.

Unplugging from Family

Family is one area where we can potentially lose a great deal of our power.

Unplugging from family doesn’t mean you leave your family.  They will still be critical in your life.  Your family and your husband or wife and children are also essential to your well-being.  The difference is that when you plug into your power, you will be more available energetically for them when you start operating from the inside out rather than the outside in.

When you reclaim your power, you will not be drained by outside influences anymore.  You won’t be anchored in other people’s stories, other people’s energy and judgments. All of which is incredibly draining,

Plugging Into Your Inside World

Plug into you, and step into your power and a whole new source of untapped infinite energy, the power of the universe.  You will feel lighter and freer.

Connect deeply into your vastness at least once a day and become more able to discern what you need to unplug from permanently.

A close up of an open hand waiting for a white feather to float down towards the hand.

White feather of freedom. Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Heal Yourself First

Visualize this the next time you have some quiet time.  See yourself unplugging from anyone or any situation causing you grief.  Unplug from them and then tap into your core energy source.

Your world will change dramatically, and your sense of time will change as well.  Things will resonate more authentically because you will be tapped into your energy source.   You will have more clarity, be more focused and be far more effective at living your most empowered life that is aligned with you!

Give these techniques to your ticket to freedom a try and see your world transform. Anytime you feel heavy, slow, sad, bogged down, go to your quiet place and visualize unplugging from all that outer world junk and set yourself free.

Thank you for the cover photo, Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

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  1. An absolute great blog. If you are not contact with your self, your benefit to you and your loved ones are limited.

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