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Darice Cairns
The Art of Finding Truth, One Man's Journey Through Love, Life, Grief and Joy

Are you interested in having a meaningful spiritual walk or practice in your life?

Do you desire to reach a peaceful balance in your life but struggle with everyday annoyances?

Have you ever looked at the life of a monk, and were intrigued by their spiritual devotion?

Ever wondered how you could have a spiritual life, like a monk?

Monks are Monks, are they not?

Secluded and protected from the hard reality of the world most of us live in, monks seem to be able to meditate and while away the hours in spiritual bliss.

A monk goes to a temple, can hideaway for years and study meditation, reflection, and mindfulness, depending on their sects scriptures.

A monk in an orange robe is walking into a beautiful mountain scenery with deep green fields.
Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Of course, monks have to give up worldly possessions, but if you have ever lost everything or sold your soul or freedom to have the basics in life, this requirement would not scare you in the least.

I am sure I am not the only person who has thought of running away to a secluded mountain or temple, ready to join a group of spiritual leaders who will lead you towards nirvana and away from the trials and tribulations of life.

But is that the way to live happily and with purpose?  Maybe for a short-term, but to do this forever? 

Certainly, I, for one, want more out of life than hiding away forever, no matter how comfortable it might appear. 

Many monks – I’m sure – have reached spiritual bliss, but the ones that I like to talk about here now have come back to the land of the living and shared their wisdom with the rest of us. 

5 Monks Share Their Wisdom

The following five monks were either once a monk or are still practicing as a monk, and they share their spiritual wisdom with the world.  They also often refer to the idea that who you live your life in the physical world is the best way to gain inner wisdom and build spiritual strength.

Everyone on planet earth knows the Dali Lama.  He is a practicing Buddhist monk and the spiritual leader of Tibet, who shares his wisdom on peace, love and mindfulness through retreats, books, and conferences on a global stage. 

He constantly reminds his followers to draw spiritual wisdom from their own walk in life. Everything you need to learn spiritually is there.

Thich Nhat Hanh continues to practice as a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, and like the Dali Lama teaches, preaches and writes about peace and mindfulness and presents his wisdom on the global stage. 

Jay Shetty, a blogger and a motivational speaker.  Jetty was a monk for three years, then returned to the real world to spread his powerful message through vlogs that reached millions.

Andy Puddicombe, who was a monk for 10 years before he became the founder of Head Space, a highly successful meditation app that is helping millions of people practice the art of meditation.

Pema Chodron is a female Buddhist monk who has written several books and has dedicated her life to helping people awaken to wisdom and compassion in themselves and the wider world. 

A caucasian man sits on a rock with a black loin cloth meditating.
Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

What we can Learn 

Monks often study depending on their ‘sect’ or school, but the one thing they have in common and what is essential to their development is learning the art of meditation and reflection. 

We can also have a deeply spiritual experience and vocation by living in the physical world meditating and reflecting on all the nuances that make life difficult and or interesting. 

There is no better teacher in life than life itself.

Meditation and Reflection

Those are two very powerful words and are at the very core of any deeply spiritual journey.  Ultimately it is a journey within, to the very heart and soul of who you are. You don’t have to live in a temple to meditate and be reflection.

Gaining inner wisdom can be heightened by living in the rawness of the physical world. However, it can be a struggle and there are many layers of spiritual and physical wordly growth to move through and let go of in order to reach a level of spiritualism or enlightenment that frees you from the worries of your life and the world around you.

Yet, you can start right here and now by taking just a few seconds to stop and reflect on yourself, your choices, your life, your environment, and your world, every day. If you can hold that space for 17 seconds, then you can change the projector of your life.

Your Life Is Your Spiritual Walk

That is it!  You don’t need to go to Tibet.  No need to go on a retreat or a monastery. You don’t have to become a monk or do anything external at all.  Although these things can help you on your journey, you don’t have to do these things to start your spiritual walk.

Your life, right here and now is your journey. 

A view of a person's lower legs as they are walking towards a sun set.
Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

The goal is to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  This is called “transcending the ego.”  Transcending the ego is the foundation of enlightenment.

The best way to get to know yourself well is to live your life, have relationships, explore possibilities, put yourself out there…  AND… the key is to do it all consciously rather than randomly or in a reactionary way.

Be in control of yourself (nothing else!), take responsibility for everything in your life and learn how to be mindful. 

By reflecting on yourself and your life, you subconsciously slow down the illusion of time. It then becomes easier to practice meditating, which will help you to be still and quiet the chatter in your mind.

Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for a Better World

Several hands join on top of each other and united.
Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

That is the work, being and feeling the pulse of YOUR life through reflection and deepening that wisdom through meditation. 

You know you are getting there when you no longer ‘have’ to ‘meditate.’ You are often in the mediative state throughout your day; it no longer becomes an assigned event.

Once you start your journey, your inner wisdom will tell you what you need to do next.  

Your Life is your spiritual walk.

If you found any parts of this blog useful, please share it with someone who might get inspiration or clarity.  

Thank you for visiting, and please share the wisdom and your light with the world.


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2 thoughts on “Your Life is Your Spiritual Walk

  1. Nice blog, especially at the end says (Once you start your journey, your inner wisdom will tell you what you need to do next) absolutely is a truth.

    1. Hello Behzad, thanks for visiting. Yes, inner wisdom is a powerful thing, but it is hard to hear it when our lives are kept very busy or we cloud our minds with rubbish and chatter. The best way forward is always a peace with yourself, quiet the storm within, then you can move forward when the timing is right.

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