Taking a journey to the soul is the most important journey you can take.

A Mystical Journey within will have a profound effect on your inner life and then radiate throughout your outer world.

Your inner castle is another way of referring to your inner soul.

What can be more precious than connecting with your very own soul, especially in times of chaos?

Let’s start a mystical journey into your inner castle, where the soul resides.

This profoundly spiritual concept was created and written about in Caroline Myss‘s book, “Entering the Castle, Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose.”

Crisis towards Awakening… 2018 onwards

In the world today, there is something hugely lacking that has caused more pain, mistruth, more anguish to each one of us, than anything else.

That is the disconnection we have from our very own soul.

Back in the 1960’s people celebrated free love, breaking away from religious traditions, the reality of nuclear power, the new age movement, boundaries were coming down.  Among so many other massive changes we took the sacred out of our lives.

I agree with Myss on this new crisis – we disconnected from our soul, and we also redefined who we are, with no connection to our truth.  The laws of the universe – do exist.

Political and Environment Chaos

I won’t go into the political and environmental destruction we are also dealing with at the moment, that is not the focus of this blog.  However, we need to celebrate a truth that can bring us back to being durable and whole.

We have lost a sense of what is truly right and wrong. We have lost connection with our inner wisdom.

We like to make everything convenient and palatable for ourselves.  Our youth are born into the realization that nothing is safe and secure anymore.

Ready to Wake up?

We all live with knowing that we can all be wiped out with the press of a button by an incompetent leader.  Many of us feel powerless to do anything about our most pressing concerns.

Too often we lie to ourselves and others because – for the short term – it makes us feel better about ourselves and others.

Many of us blame others for almost everything, have narcissistic tendencies – some more than others, tell ourselves stories, engage in and are addicted to our dramas,

Are you ready to wake up?

Are you ready to go deep into your inner core?

Ready to walk a quiet, yet profound mystical journey to your truth?!

A Mystical Journey to Your Soul

I am not a religious person, and by that, I mean, I do not follow any set religion. Still, there is an undeniable truth that we were created and are guided by a power much more significant than ourselves.

Call this energy, God, Allah, Creator, Source, Consciousness, the Universe, there is ‘something’ much more significant than ourselves that exists all around us and beyond our world.

Most of us will admit now more than ever, that we are living in troubled times here on planet earth, yet there is something much bigger and more powerful at play in our universe. Furthermore, on a more individual level, we all have an incredible spiritual resource within us, the soul.

By connecting with your soul, you will gain a real sense of yourself and the laws that govern our universe.

From this strong foundation, issues do not guide your life or have the power to control you anymore. You can no longer be knocked down or ripped away from who you are when you connect with your soul.

YOUR Castle, YOUR Soul

Teresa of Avila and Caroline Myss write about this castle that is a special sacred place for you to connect with your soul.

Teresa writes in her book, “Interior Castle,” about her visions of a luminous crystal castle composed of seven chambers, or “mansions,” each representing a different stage in the development of the soul.

The castle is a metaphor for a safe, secure place to visit and connect with your soul and where you will find the essence of who you are.

Your inner castle has fortified walls; it has rooms full of memories, a drawbridge that lets you in and then closes off all intruders.  It might have a moat around it to keep your inner self even more secure.

Visualize your castle, find an image you connect with that you feel represents your castle and hold that image in your heart.  Approach your castle with the drawbridge down, admire its majestic walls, then walk over the threshold to your inner world.

As you enter your castle, the drawbridge closes behind you.  Nothing can harm you here.  You are entirely safe and secure.  Breathe in your surroundings and let yourself feel the warmth of your inner self.

Facing the Lies, We Tell Ourselves

Entering your castle will make you face all the misconceptions and mistruths you have told yourself and others. Some will be so ingrained that you won’t even be aware of them until you venture more deeply into the depths of who you are.

Who would be able to admit this openly?

“Help me.

I am a compulsive liar,

And I can’t stop!

I harm everybody, I know.

Please, help me!”

It takes a brave soul to be able to face oneself.

Facing our truths needs our focus as you enter and explore the depths of your soul.

But Wait!

Before we tackle the world, we must first start significantly small, on the ground floor, in the main chamber of your castle at a profoundly personal level.

The Path to Being Strong, Powerful and Authentic

Inside your castle, you face all your mistruths.

This mystical journey makes you spiritually healthy.

If you feel brave enough, to face yourself, then let the journey begin!

Ready or not, let’s do it!

Visualize your castle, embrace it, leave your baggage behind and walk over to the other side.

So begins the humble journey of the Modern Mystic.


(This is the first of a series of blogs coming your way, over the next few weeks about the mystical journey.)

Please leave a comment if you are ready to take this Mystical journey to connect with your soul.

(some of the ideas expressed in this blog come from Caroline Myss‘s video, ‘Self Esteem and the Power of Your Choices’)

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5 thoughts on “Your Inner Castle, a Mystical Journey

  1. Going to your castle it’s a great way to find out the Truth about yourself. Connecting with your soul has so many steps to take . Before anyone starts walking into their castle they have to practice how to be honest with themselves and others because when you enter, you will see yourself double, like looking in a mirror. So many questions and truths will come up for you… very challenging. Could be Hell. But when you connect to your soul, You are free and will be loved.

    Thank you for this beautiful blog . This can become the light in our life.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Ali! Yes can be hell to look within yourself… indeed very true. Why many of us do not do it lol! There is honestly nothing more uncomfortable than having to admit that you screwed up, or woke up in the midst of bedlam, and have to come to terms with everything you created and didn’t openly realise or admit… until now. Yet, when we do, when we do wake up, when we do see what we do and create, and when we do come into present moment… there is NO going back. You simply can’t, unless you swallow the biggest betrayal to yourself of all time. Eventually we all wake up… just depends when and who helped us to wake up. Much gratitude to you for sharing.

  2. Well , I tried my best not to be that much in hell. Every day I look at myself to see what I did. Hoping I am on the right road. I always listen to others if I need to get advise but it makes me confused if my advisors don’t follow the same line or guidance. Hope all of us be in peace and love.

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