We have all met people who are joyous, wallowing in their energy and all their amazing manifestations.

They manifest new jobs, relationships and even money!

Damn it!

Some people seem to manifest exactly what they want and then some.

So, why is the law of attraction not working for me (or you)?

It is really irritating when you have been trying to manifest but you come up empty-handed and very frustrated!

You have even taken a course on the Law of Attraction and yet you are still not able to consciously manifest what you want.

If you have honestly tried every trick in the book to manifest what you want but end up more frustrated than when you started, then this blog is for you!

This blog is specifically for those who feel like manifesting failures.

The Basics of Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working for me?

You attract who you are, NOT what you want.

Whoever you are, at this moment, that is exactly what you attract to yourself.

When you are asking and asking for what you want, you are being in the moment a very wanting and needy person. That is who you are being in that present moment, so that is what you get, more wanting and more needing and more stress.

You can also look more deeply into your life for other signs of attracting things you don’t want but you attract it anyways. Is there conflict in certain areas of your life, do you feel fear about certain things, do you reject parts of yourself by denying or hiding from certain truths?

If you want to make permanent changes in your outer world, you will need to change your inner world. Changing things on the surface of who you are will only change things temporarily.

Going deep within and finding peace there is the key to manifesting miracles.

Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working for me?

1. Don’t Over Think

You won’t attract things you want in your life by thinking about it or planning. Furthermore, if you have tried manifesting and even studied LOA you are probably feeling very disappointed and frustrated with not being able to ‘get it’.

If this is you then definitely step back, take a deep breath, chill out and let all that efforting go.

Let me explain why it isn’t working. If you try to attract things to you based on your thoughts, then you are essentially trying to control your thoughts. Thinking yourself to freedom or abundance will never work or bring the results you really want.

When you start controlling your thoughts, you block who you really are. Which basically means you are rejecting yourself.

If you are rejecting even the smallest parts of yourself, how can you authentically be in your power? To manifest what you want, you need to be who you are fully and completely, from the core of who you are, deep inside.

You hear many well-intending Guru’s on the Law of Attraction claiming that you can attract to yourself anything you want, if you focus, work through all the resistance, feel the emotions, let them go, live in the now, stay open.

The problem with this is it involves too much thinking and not enough being who you really are.

2. Love Yourself and Be Yourself

To manifest and create in your life, love yourself fully and completely. That is it!

Loving yourself means you accept who you are fully and completely. It means you are connected to the real, spiritual part of who you are. That is where your power is.

Thoughts operate in the outside world and can be quite flawed about who you really are. They can also take you further away from connecting with your true self.

3. Your Thoughts Don’t Attract!

Trying to attract things to yourself through your thoughts means you are working from outside your true power. Thoughts didn’t attract your illness, your cancer, your divorce or anything else for that matter.

Forcing yourself to think positive thoughts, writing out clearly what you want in life can get very complicated and take you away from connecting with who you really are.

If you are in this vicious circle, step out of it and simply accept and be yourself, connect within and stop over analyzing.

It isn’t about your thoughts, it’s about who you are.  All you have to do is be yourself, fearlessly –  be who you are.  

When you send out this message you are saying to the universe I love myself, and there is nothing wrong with you.  That is where miracles can happen including manifestations.

Why is the law of attraction not working for me – you.

4. You Are Ok Exactly As You Are!

Furthermore, there is actually nothing wrong with any of your thoughts. Even bad thoughts are part of who you are and so accept them because they are part of you.

We are all human and every now and then we will experience fear or a negative thought… if you judge those thoughts, you start to fear them. Accept everything about yourself.

Honestly, I know how frustrated you have been feeling, I have felt the same because like you – I am an over thinker and achiever and have a tendency to beat myself up when I can’t seem to figure something out.

The thing with the Law of Attraction is that it works at a deep level of who you are. It works from the part of you that is invisible, in the vast energy of who you are, and it speaks to you through your feelings, so if you FEEL strain, you will manifest more strain.

The best thing to do is stop thinking about what you want, and just start feeling good, about anything. If that is all you do, swim in that great energy you will manifest better things without having to state what you want. (the universe knows what you want already anyways!)

So my final message to you is this: Be who you are, love who you are and feel good NOW!

If you have felt frustrated with trying to manifest good stuff in your life please share your thoughts with me below. I know I can’t be the only one who has felt like a manifesting failure. but you can easily turn it all around when you change your focus.

In the meantime stay true to you and accept all of you!

I world love to her your thoughts on this topic and any issue (or successes) you might be having that is preventing form manifesting what you want.

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