Have you been following the Kavanaugh/Ford case?

Do you see this case as a massive win for women or an embarrassment? Or is it a terrible injustice to men?

What are your thoughts on this case?

What is the best way to deal with cases of sexual harassment allegations that happened decades ago?

Can you accept that the details don’t matter at all!

If you are open to the idea that we are experiencing a massive energy shift that is long overdue, then read on.

The Kavanaugh and Ford Case

The fact that you are reading this blog says that you are well aware of the recent and highly controversial court proceedings between Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

All disputes aside, this blog is about why the Kavanaugh/Ford case is a massive win for all of us!

Let me explain.

Dr. Ford publicly disclosed her allegations against Kavanaugh of sexual harassment, which she claims occurred in the 1980s (there are much dispute and criticism about the exact date) when she was 15 years old.  The incident happened at home in the Bethesda area of the USA.

I am going to be deliberately vague about the details of this case because anyone can read the entire TranscriptTranscript of the proceedings at Kavanaugh hearing, Transcript.  

If nothing else, Ford’s testimony on September 27th, 2018, to the Senate Judiciary Committee evoked a wide range of reactions. Reactions from anger, hate, doubt, support, retaliation and confirmation from other women who have experienced similar abuse in their lives.

Even more significantly, Ford’s testimony aired on all the major news channels from CNN, BBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera, and I’m sure numerous other national stations. The point here is that in a patriarchial system, these two women were strong enough to challenge the men who control their dominance. They spoke their truth about being sexually assaulted by influential men who could become even more prominent (as I write this Kavanaugh is almost certainly going to become the next Supreme Court Judge of the USA).

But that is not even important!

This case is not about winning or losing.

History Repeats

The case is eerily similar to the Anita Hill case in 1991. So similar but yet so different.

As I watched Dr. Ford give her testimony, I was thrilled and shocked in so many beautiful ways.  If you are a woman and you watched the Hill case, then you can’t ignore the fact that we (men and women) – as a society- have come a long way!

I am not even going to go into the details of the Anita Hill case or the Dr. Ford case.  The details are not necessary!  The time, the date, the place, the sequence of events, the people involved don’t matter one bit!

What do matters is that finally – a woman is given equal respect and taken seriously concerning allegations of sexual assault.  Let her be heard and respected!

This case highlights a significant shift in perspective!  And that is worth celebrating.

Dr. Ford did what most women do when they are sexually assaulted. We lock it away, and she did just that.  The truth hid safely boxed and sealed away forever until the man who assaulted her was up for a critical nomination to be Supreme Court Judge of the USA.  This case is just another example (memories of Anita Hill case) of how men can get away with ‘anything’ while women have to shut up and let their superior male counter patters rule their work the way they like.

This case opened pandoras box in early July 2018 for Ford when she saw, “press reports stating that Brett Kavanaugh was on the shortlist of a list of very well-qualified Supreme Court nominees. (She) thought it was (her) civic duty to relay the information (she)  had about Mr. Kavanaugh’s conduct so that those considering his nomination would know about this assault.”

That is it!  She wasn’t trying to do anything else other than speaking her truth.  What you or anyone else thinks doesn’t matter—anything more and nothing less.

Whether you believe her or not, it isn’t the point (though surprisingly more understand her than don’t).

What is Important

It doesn’t matter whether Ford wins or Kavanaugh wins.  It doesn’t matter if you believe her or him.  Nor does it matter what you or I think.  It just doesn’t matter!

What matters is that the world listened.  It matters that Dr. Ford was allowed to tell her story, to speak her truth.  It matters that the world watched and listened.

That is what matters.  Ford was allowed the time, space, and respect to be heard. For women in a patriarchal system, this is significant!

If you are a woman, you know more than anyone else in this world, the shame around sexual assault when it is inflicted upon you.  The unspoken assumption that you somehow deserved it encouraged, fabricated it or could have stopped it.  And the invisible gag order that society puts upon your mouth, smearing your credibility if you dare to SPEAK the truth!

Even other women have been sold into the lie that makes them swallow their truth and bite back your pride. When a woman is assaulted, it is often easier for her to just bury it.  It is easier to live with that because the shame around it keeps you quiet.  If you are brave enough to challenge it, you will likely stand-alone until now.

Swallowing of truth to keep up the pretense that all well have finally reached a breaking point for women.  For hundreds of years, women are forced to take their place in a man’s world.

Now I see the tide is changing.

Time to Celebrate the Nobel Peace Prize

We have a lot to celebrate as it is a significant step forward for all of us (men and women), as it was in 1991 with Anita Hill and now with Dr. Ford.  Finally, the time is ripe for the world to listen and give space and respect to a voice silenced far too long.

And wait, it gets better!  Notably, within the same week, the 2018 Nobel peace prize was awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad.  Two individuals who have worked hard to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Their work has not YET ended sexual violence. But, these two people give a voice to millions of women all over the world who have endured sexual atrocities in the face of war.

Mr. Mukwege has called on the world to take a more robust line on rape as a weapon of war.

Nadia Murad probes, “If beheadings, sexual slavery, the rape of children and the displacement of millions do not force you to act, when will you act?”

Watch them live here:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/05/yazidi-activist-congolese-gynecologist-awarded-nobel-peace-prize/

Sexual harassment – sexual violence – sexual abuse – against women – against men, children, anyone – it hurts us all.

I am beyond happy that this crisis in humanity has the light shone upon it more clearly now than ever before.

Thank you, Anita Hill, Dr. Ford, Nadia Murad, Denis Mukwege and the countless other women and men who have been brave enough to come forward – publicly – and speak their truth.

We have all heard of the millions of women who are shamed and silenced and who deal with the injustice of sexual crimes. These crimes against women are not in vain because slowly, the world is waking up and more ready than ever to hear the truth.

An Incredible Shift

The pendulum has swung!

As a result, we will hear many more incidents of sexual harassment, abuse, and violence in the future as these issues are encouraged to come out.  This shift will be the new norm, and it is about time.

The door is now open. When we listen – rather than react –  to these stories, the truth comes out. Even the mistruths that come to the forefront of this shift will empower more women, men and children. They need to go forward, to speak, heal and help create a change in attitude that will bring us all to a more robust and respectful place.

The silence of victims has gone on too long, but in the road ahead, let us not lose sight of the real message.

It is far too easy to argue and fight over the details of who said what, who is right or wrong and get wrapped up in the drama of it all. OR we can rise above that and see that this paradigm shift is massively healing for our world.

It is all a catalyst to change, a more empowering change, an honest and more truthful way to live for all of us.

I am so proud to be a part of that change and propel it forward!

Please share your ideas here in this space respectfully. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic.

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2 thoughts on “Why the Kavanaugh and Ford Case is a Win-Win!

  1. That’s true, Nothing will happen overnight, but all women have to be glad to come this far. Everyone all over the world heard the story, I am sure change is on the way.

    1. Hi Behzad, thank you for commenting. It can be hard for men, in general, to understand where women are coming from in these types of situations. Hopefully men don’t think women are out to get them… rather it is being aware that there a ‘few’ men out there that perpetuate disrespect towards women, but the vast majority of men are decent and respectful. Ye the tide is changing, all people involved on either side are becoming more informed, more aware and that is such a good thing.

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