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Darice Cairns
The Art of Finding Truth, One Man's Journey Through Love, Life, Grief and Joy

Ever ask yourself, “Who am I?”

Is the real you just your thoughts or something more profound?

Do you sometimes feel doubtful or unsure about who you are?

If you have ever asked yourself, ‘Who am I really?’ Then you are in the right place!

This is not a question to be asked lightly.

Who am I? … goes deep

You can not ask this question lightly.  If you do, you will likely be laughed at, or people will think you are losing your mind.

If you ask someone near you, “Who am I?”  they will likely think you are a bit weird.

If you are of sane mind, you don’t ask other people who you are; that would sound really ridiculous.  You ask this question inwardly; you ask this of yourself.  The self in you that is deep, conscious, that goes beyond the physical world.

You ask this question internally because you are searching for the one that is everything. The one that is not separate from the whole.

Looking at a young woman, form the back as she sits in front of a lake watching a duck.
Be alone, disconnect from the outer world, it will do you good.

The Two Aspects of YOU

Aspect 1:  Is that part of you that is your ego, which generates many of your thoughts, criticisms, comparisons, dramas, conflicts, achievements, joys.  Welcome to the realm of the physical world, the world of tangible things and form.

Aspect 2: Is that part of you deep within you; it is your inner core, your essence. I like to call this our soul.  It is your power centre that often lives quietly and almost unrecognized as a source of who you are.

The Egoic Self

Welcome to your ego, which talks to you nonstop.  Many of us live our lives predominantly from this egocentric place.

Who you think you are is dominated by the story you tell yourself about yourself and all the other people in your life.

This form of self is your past, dramas, pain, health, successes, and joys; everything that has ever happened to you is all wrapped up into ‘Who You Think You Are.’

Most of what you believe about yourself is total fiction and NOT True!

Your ego loves to tell you ‘Who You Are.’ Ego is also obsessed with the future, and it keeps going back to the past, and yet these thoughts are not who you are at your core.

You are NOT your thoughts.  Your thoughts are opinions, rantings, ponderings and they keep your mind busy most of the day.

A close up of a dragon fly on a stem.
Notice the present moment, and everything that lives there in that moment.

The Deeper Soulful You

Depending on how conscious you are, you will have different levels of awareness of your deeper self.

This is you without the story, without the drama, without the success, the career, the outer world.  It is the you in the raw – in the purest form – the spiritual you-  with nothing other than the pure essence of you contained within the vessel of your body.

When you meditate, this is the you that you engage with. It is the core of who you are.  This is the you that is calm, observing, patient, kind, knowing, living in the moment, present.

The you that watches the world consciously and doesn’t dwell in the past or future.

The you that gets absorbed in watching a hummingbird go about its business or the profound love you feel when you look into the eyes of an infant.

It is the you that appreciates a flower blooming and relishes the pure empty silence of a quiet moment.

It is the you that goes largely unnoticed, unrecognized… except maybe in rate moments of pain, love, truth-seeking due to trauma.

Why wait for a trauma to connect with the REAL you? Do it now and embrace your core truth, the real you.

A man is looking at a flowering tree, focused on the flowers.
Change what you focus on and how you focus in your life.

Which Aspect or Realm Do You Live in Most Often?

If you feed or focus on the story of ‘Who You Think You Are,’ then that will dominate in your life. Dramas will govern your life.

If you feed or focus on the ‘Deeper You,’ then that will be more dominant. Your life will be much more peaceful.

The journey to your soul requires that you willfully detach from the story of ‘Who You Think You Are’ and the drama and embrace the essence of who you are.

The challenge of life on earth is to stay connected to the real soulful you and the world that lives behind your eye while living in a drama infected and addicted world.

The balance or lack of balance between these two realms determines the quality of your existence. We live in both spheres of the physical world and the spiritual world, and balancing these is the art of living.

-balancing the physical and spiritual realms is the art of living-

Decide to Change your Focus

When you start living from the ‘Deeper You,’ you disconnect and switch off the chatter in your mind (ego). You will also command more presence, depth, meaning, peace, happiness, love, patience, inner knowledge and self-wisdom in your life.

Looking upwards towards the underside of a daisy flower.
Change your focus, change your perspective, change your life.

The Path to Awakening Goes a Bit Like This;

  1. You become aware and start waking up to the difference between the two aspects of you.  The you in the outer world and the you that resides in the inner world.
  2. You start identifying more and more with the quiet yet profound inner you.  Your attention moves to the present moment, you stop planning, and slowly you give up the past. Your attention comes more powerfully into the present moment, and you are drawn to it more and more.
  3. You now consciously choose to live from the inner you and live less in the outer world.  You make a conscious decision to change your life’s focus from an outer world focus to a quieter, present moment existence that lacks drama and intrigue while growing in love, peace and joy.

From here, your inner AND outer world will shift and change in remarkable ways that will be guided by the power of who you really are at your core.

Young girl in the fog looking up to a light in a dark room.
When you live your life focused from within, your outer world will change in profound ways.

Freedom in Knowing the Truth Inside of Your Being

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.

Don’t believe every thought that comes into your mind; they are ONLY thoughts. Ideas take up all the space in your head and make you unconscious.

Freedom comes when you realize that your thoughts are just that.  

The beginning of awakening starts when you detach yourself from your thoughts.

Who am I – Really?

  • You are not your thoughts.
  • You are not your ego; though it is a PART or aspect of you, it is NOT the core of who you are. It is the stories you tell yourself, and it is that which makes your life look exciting and dramatic and draining energetically.
  • You are your inner core, your essence or your soul.  Misery always comes when you are disconnected from the heart of who you are. Those dramas in life scream out for you to get back to your source, to your essence, and when you do, you find almost immediate peace within.

Once you are clear on this, you will never ask, Who am I? – ever again.  Instead, you will focus on living your truth.

-we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience-

Talk to me!  Do you identify more with your ego and the stories it spins or with the spiritual part of you?

Most people fall in between these two realms. When we know that they BOTH exist, we can make better and more conscious choices about who we want to be.

Start living your life more consciously, beautiful soul!

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  1. Very nice, most of the people really don’t know who are they. I am sure will helps to find who am I. Thanks

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