Ever wonder who you really are?

Does knowing who you really are, help you to find your purpose in life?

Is the real you just your thoughts or something deeper?

Why are we obsessed with defining who we are to the outside world and to ourselves?

Is the real you evolving or is it the same from birth to death?

Well, if you have pondered on any of these thoughts, then you are in the right place!

Read on …

For most of us, there are actually two of you living in one physical body… let me explain this…

Who You Think You Are

This is your ego talking to you.  Your ego defines this part of you and many of us live our lives from the ego almost 100% of the time.

Who you think you are is dominated by the story you tell yourself about yourself and all the other people who come into contact with you.

This form of self is your past, your dramas, your pain, your health, your successes, your joys, everything that has ever happened to you is all wrapped up into ‘Who You Think You Are.’

The Deeper You

This is the you that rarely comes out.  Depending on how conscious you are this will either not exist in your awareness or you will have different levels of awareness of your deeper self.  This Deeper You is your soul.

This is the You without the story, without the drama, without the success, the career, the outer world.  This is you in the raw with nothing other than the pure essence of you located very deeply within the fabric of who you are – your soul.

Journey to Your Soul

I refer to this journey of connecting with your soul as a sacred and mystical journey.  But connecting within doesn’t have to be a long journey at all. You can get there simply by stopping what you are doing, relax, breath deep and just observe your surroundings.  Unfortunately, the ego hates this boring sort of activity and will often interfere with it and remind you that you have something better to do.  Your ego will tell you, you are too busy to sit idly doing ‘nothing’.

This simple journey is not so simple, in a fast-paced, predominantly unconscious world.

Which story do you feed?

If you feed or focus on the story of ‘Who You Think You Are’ then that will dominate in your life.

If you feed or focus on the ‘Deeper You’, then that will dominant more in your life.

The journey to your soul requires complete and total detachment from the story of ‘Who You Think You Are.’

If you have a balance between these two, or any combination of these two together, your spiritual journey will simply become yet another story of ‘Who You Think You Are.’

“Hi. I’m Alan and I am spiritually enlightened”.  REALLY?  Labels all feed into the ‘Story of Who You Are’ and propel the illusion even more.

The Story of Who You Think You Are VS The Deeper YOU

This is what you tell yourself and what you tell others about yourself.  You may have all the money, success, riches, friends, networks, possessions etc… but you will feel somehow not complete, unhappy, dissatisfied, and you will always be striving for more and expecting more.

You will also strive to make deeper connections with people but somehow you never get that feeling of connection.  That is because you have not yet, connected with the ‘Deeper You.’

When you focus on the ‘Deeper You’ it becomes irrelevant whether you have all the riches, possessions, networks, friends… simply said… these just don’t matter anymore like they did in the other story. In fact, such matters only slow you down and can easily push you back into the story of ‘Who You Think You Are.’

When you start living more from the ‘Deeper You’ you will command more presence, depth, meaning, peace, happiness, love, patience, inner knowledge, self-knowledge, AND because you are truly operating from within that deeper part of You, you can potentially have everything you ever wanted because it will be really meaningful to the core of who you really are.

Where are you now?

If you are reading this, then you are looking for something more… you are living mainly in the story of ‘Who You Think You Are’.

You will feel like something is missing.  You believe that if you just get that job, get that woman or man, get that pet, get that new home, get your health back, move to a new place… whatever it is, you believe that by ‘doing something’ you will get that connection. But you can’t get what you are seeking from external illusions of who you think you are.

And I am not talking about anything new here. If you follow Eckhart Tolle at all, this is the very core of his message to the world.

Well, fellow soul seeker, whether you realise this yet or not… we are all desiring to connect with the ‘Deeper You’.  Your decision now is whether you are going to do this consciously or unconsciously?

You already know what living unconsciously produces… more seeking… lack of fulfilment. So, let’s shift our focus and become soul finders and put our energy where it counts most, right at the core of the ‘Deeper You’.

The Story of You

Why is the ‘Story of You’ so compelling?

This part of you, me, and mostly everyone operates mainly from your ego. And ego loves to feel good about itself and it loves to strengthen itself.

This is a totally subjective view of life and yourself.  It is 100% CREATED by you! (or if you believe what other people think of you, you believe that as well).

Living with ego is necessary for our survival but when it controls almost everything in our life… we are buying into a story of ourselves that is – an illusion.

This You,  strives to do better, be the best, is competitive, it likes to take control, learn more, seek and conquer, live fully, be happy, have success, it hangs onto hurts and pain, it holds onto past stories. This fabrication of yourself keeps you locked in a pattern, locked in a repeating story, usually with a recurring drama that can bog you down and prevent you from living more deeply AND more spiritually.

From here you are operating only at the outer, story time level of your life. And boy what a drama it can be!

Eckhart Tolle calls this the “pain body”.  It is the story of your feelings! Your ego is your feelings expressing themselves through your life and then you believe that is the real you!

But wait… you are not your story… you are so much more than that!

The Deeper You

This is where your fountain resides – the real deeper soulful you.

This is the source of all your energy.  This is the pure spiritual you.

This is the person you are when you meditate.  This is the You that is calm, observing, patient, kind, knowing, living in the moment…present.

This is the You that watches the world consciously and forgets time.  This is the You that gets absorbed in watching a hummingbird go about its business or the profound love you feel when you look into the eyes of an infant. This is the You that appreciates a flower blooming and relishes the simple empty silence of a quiet moment.


Ego is your thoughts, and You identifying yourself with those thoughts. Identification with thinking is ego.  It means you believe in every thought that arises.

You may, for example, think to yourself, “That is me”, “I  am so good”, or “I am bad,” or “I’m such an idiot to have done that!” and you honestly believe that about yourself.

And, depending on the thoughts you entertain the most, you will find evidence of those thoughts everywhere!  This just further proves that you are right.  “I’m such a failure.” “Look see I never find a parking spot when I need it.”  “Oh, I forgot to bring my list!  I’m such an idiot!”

You are now attracting this reality you envision for yourself,  to yourself.  More failures will actually come into your reality because that is what you believe to be true for you! and you will be completely oblivious to all the good things that are going on around you.

Consider this.

Most of what you believe about yourself is total fiction and NOT True!

Your ego loves to tell you ‘Who You Are’. Ego is also obsessed with the future, and it keeps going back to the past. When you remember memories from the past, you remember them in the NOW!  in the present moment and so they become your reality NOW!

That is why it is so important to bring happy thoughts to the present moment rather than memories or thoughts that make you sad.

Did You Know?

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Reality is seen through the screen of your thinking.

This is worse than living with blinkers on, it is like living with heavy heavy veils and smoke screens.

Don’t believe in your thoughts, they are ONLY thoughts.  Thoughts take up all the space in your head and make you spiritually unconscious.

Ego is simply thoughts you have identified with.

Freedom comes when you realise that your thoughts are just that.  You start to see patterns, and how some thoughts repeat and repeat.

The beginning of awakening starts when you detach yourself from your thoughts.

How to Shift the Story about Yourself

The ego takes itself very seriously.  That is why a good dose of humour of ‘Who you think you are’ will help to free you from your ego.

Take time to really start to see the illusion!

Thoughts, past and future are illusions and all are your ego.

Instead, be in the moment, in the now.  Practice this as much as possible.

Make this moment now the primary factor in your life.

The ego doesn’t live in the present at all, so this is the best way to help diminish its power.

A great way to start practising this new way of being is… whenever you are waiting in a line, practice ‘being’ instead of ‘waiting’.  Inhabit the moment, feel your breath, observe, feel yourself be alive.

so…Who am I – Really?

You are not your thoughts… start to consciously make time and space to connect more with the ‘Deeper You’.  Once you start this process your soul will come alive and you will desire more connection and slowly you will shift your focus away from the illusion of life towards the fountain of life.

Strive to be the ‘Deeper You’ as much as possible. I know you can.

Talk to me!  Do you identify with the ‘Story of You?’  Would you like to be more conscious and connect with the ‘Deeper You?’

Please share your experiences below, I would love to hear from you about your awakening journey.

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  1. Very nice, most of the people really don’t know who are they. I am sure will helps to find who am I. Thanks

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