I like to share with you today a story about money.

Money will honestly show you, who you really are.

For example, how will you act when money comes your way?  Will it make you lose yourself? Will it distance you from your own blood?  Or will it bring you joy and connection with those around you?

Money is a great and powerful catalyst.

It can either enslave you or free you.

I like to explore one side of money that is very sad but I offer it here so we can explore, how money can and will shape and change you my friend?

Money Money Money

Some say that money is the root of all evil.

I think that depends on what people do with their money.

What people do with their money determines whether it is evil or good. And besides there is really no good or evil in the world, there is only what is, and whether we are going to learn from the lessons money can teach us or not.

Money can free people and empower them to make better choices for themselves and for others.

Money ultimately represents POWER.

I think what you do with your money says a lot about who you are.

Maybe you will recognise yourself in this story?

Maybe you recognise someone else you know in this story?

Either way, I hope you enjoy this story and may we all know where we stand when it comes to money.

The Man Who Lost Everything

There once was a man who lived to show the world a great lesson.  He married his love and set up his life in his homeland.  Soon after he and his wife had a beautiful baby girl.  But life was hard for this young family and they struggled.  So they decided to move to a new country.  A land full of milk and honey and opportunity.

He set out alone, on a boat and travelled across the stormy seas. He chose to bear the hardship of this journey alone and get established first, before bringing his family to this new land.  He worked hard, found a job, set up a home and slowly established himself.

Life was difficult for him at first, as he was a foreigner and trying to blend into a new country and culture.  But he persevered and slowly he managed to build his life and career up from nothing.

When the time was right, his wife and daughter joined him and they lived together in this new country.  Years later, together they had a son, a beautiful home, good careers and everything was going well for them.

Then one day the wife left this man, left the home, left the family, left him and went away to establish a new life for herself.  Always the two children wondered why their mother left.

The daughter lived with her father, the mother took the son.  During those difficult days, the children didn’t fully understand what was really going on between their parents.  Since that day, the air in the house got thicker and heavier.  Like dark clouds that come and stay, threatening rain every day.

The man was so angry and he grew distant.  He made so many rules in the house. The girl felt pushed away.

This man started looking for a new wife.  He was busy, making a new life, and had little time for his own family. His daughter felt forced to leave her home, still in school, in her early teen years.

Gradually, the man felt powerful in his life again.  Everything was under his control.  But it was difficult for his children to have the right connection with this man. They felt like they didn’t really count.  Everything was his way, he loved it that way and he felt sure that he was doing the right thing.

This man, unfortunately, enslaved himself and his family. He was like a fat slave owner who gives a tiny bit of food and then punishes them for not working hard; breaking them down… trying to break their will.

Time moved forward as it always does.  His children grew up, away from him and on their own. Always this man tried to have his power influence them.  He tried to control them even though they had made their own life and found their own way.

Throughout his life, this man saved a lot of money.  Money possessed him in the past and still does to this day. Like a puppet with strings attached, he dances and sings when he sees the numbers and counts the zeros on his money.

His obsession makes him forgot his own well-being and sacrifices the health of his own wife, who he says he loves. The money is there yet he has no quality of life. This man doesn’t even see how miserable he really is.  He thinks he is living like a king because he sits on top of a mountain of money.

This money made him so powerful, in his mind.  He challenges his children, he gives them hope, then takes it away and surely as ever they drift further away.

Now, as the thread of life loosens in his hands, he threatens to disown his children if they don’t follow his last dying commands. Again he uses money as a promise for tomorrow, yet he gives nothing for today.  And his deepest fear remains… as money slowly sucks his life away.

For his children, he gives them hope and then takes it away.

It’s an exhausting game, protecting this money. He makes stories to others, behind his families back, because it makes him feel more powerful to brag about their lack.  Yet he doesn’t know that his children actually love him, with no conditions. They want him to be happy.  ‘Enjoy your life!’ they say.

He doesn’t understand that his children don’t count on his money because they know how much he worships it and that he will likely worship it to his dying day.

This man is losing everything.  He doesn’t even know.  How much this money keeps his family apart and how much it possesses him and controls.  He doesn’t see how this money took love and kindness away from him. And how he suffers, blaming others because this money has taken his very soul.

His family prays everyday… hoping that their father will be present in their life, without any conditions and most of all they just want his love as a father.

May he recognise soon how much they love and respect him as a father.


I hope this story can be a lesson for people.

Be aware of how money can trick you, rob you of happiness and real unconditional love.

Money can show you, who you really are.

How will you act when money comes your way?  Will it make you lose yourself? Will it distance you from your own blood?  Or will it bring you joy and connection with those around you?  Money is a great and powerful catalyst. Either it will enslave you or it will free you.  Which way will money shape and change you my friend?

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2 thoughts on “Where Do You Stand When it Comes to Money?

  1. Reading this blog and story made me speechless, this will be the wakeup for lots of families. I am one of those who’s own older brother is similar to that man in this story.

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