Welcome to 2020!

Merry Christmas 2019! and a Happy New Year 2020!!

Well it was a busy year.  It wasn’t an easy year. 

It was very real with a mix of ups and downs.

I can’t believe all that happened. I have spoken to many others about their year and it seems it wasn’t an easy one for many people.  But hey some great things happened too. I got married and got a new job that love even more than the last one. So there is lots to celebrate!

I say my year wan’t easy BUT it also taught me ALOT! The best lessons in life never come easy and I am definitely wiser today than I was a year ago. So actually it was a GREAT year!

It wasn’t all bad but then again I must stop thinking of things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Whatever comes our way comes for a reason, whether we like it not.  There is a reason for everything.

Reflections of Wisdom

It is always good to choose moments in the year when you can think back and reflect on the events that have happened in your life.  At this time of year, when holidays – hopefully – allow us time to choose what we want to do with our time, it is a good time to reflect. 

As I reflect over the last year 2019 and the many years before this one, I see threads of wisdom that have stood the test of time. They are in essence, undeniably true. 

I have grappled with these truths for years, and would never have been so brave to state them publicly, until now. I am humbly happy to share these with you.

Undeniably True

1) Never let a set religion come between you and your family, or you and your loved ones because religion, like your beliefs are simply an opinion…. your opinion, and that is all. Religion is a certain view of the world. Religion says there is only one truth. Make peace with people who have different spirituals beliefs from yours. There are many ways to bring more light into this world. Your belief system, your religion is no better or worse than someone else’s, just a different view. Most religions have more in common than differences. When we celebrate those bigger commonalities we move from judgment into more acceptance and that is the momentum that will bring people together rather than tear them apart.

2) Any system that mixes religion with politics will always, eventually… fail.  This is playing out on a global scale this very moment. When a person or even country stands in ‘their’ religion, they separate themselves from others and thus immediately distance themselves from real truth and knowledge. Religion serves those who are ignorant and who are not aware of their own beliefs. They fear the strength that exists within others and even themselves.

3) Try not to judge others.  If and when you do judge others – as we all do from time to time – know that your desire to judge is the thread that will take you to the source of your own insecurity and weakness. See it is a time to go within, see it as something you need to clear and work on before you move forward. Be aware of when you judge and say, “What is there in me that needs I am ashamed of?” and work on clearing it. That is worth all the gold in the world and will always humble and strengthen you.

4) Your greatest weakness in life can easily become your god or an obsession.  So know your weaknesses! Dance with them, work with them, deal with them and know they are there to remind you of your inexplicable human self, which should be embraced and accepted as an integral part of self-awareness.

5) Always give people space and grace … no matter how harsh someone may be talking to or treating you. Do not be quick to react. There is a reason for everything and for everything there is a reason. When you really understand this NOTHING can ever bother or hurt you, for you will know it came for a reason.  If you must, spend your time working out that reason rather than wasting your time and energy flapping about and reacting to it.

6) We were all one collective.  There is more strength, happiness and more love when we work together, no matter what it is, no matter when or where.  Do not separate yourself from the whole, otherwise, it will keep you from the undeniable truth that we are all better – together.  If you don’t believe this then ask yourself why you choose to run away from the one thing that can heal you deeply. In the very least, address the problem within yourself rather than declare war on everyone around you.

7) Always be kind to yourself. Learn your lessons in life, admit when you are wrong, challenge your beliefs, and meet all uncomfortable feelings with love, awareness and kindness. Live your life with eyes and heart wide open.

Final Thoughts for welcome in 2020…

There is nothing more nourishing for the soul than realizing the wisdom of our ways, knowing the reason for our actions and allowing forgiveness for those who appear to work against us. Welcome to 2020 is no different.

Nothing in this world is against us. The entire universe is for us and it will push and pull us forward even if we break under the pressure of our own resistance to move forward.

I hope you don’t break. I hope you grow, and I hope your journey this coming year is full of joy, tears and wisdom that comes from lessons well learned.



Are there any words of wisdom you would like to share about welcome in 2020? Do any of these truths resonate with you? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below or share this post with someone who might enjoy it.

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