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This could be the most important information you ever read on turning negative thinking around so you can reprogram your life for success!

If you follow this ultimate guide every day for 30 days, you WILL create a new you. I promise because I did it and so can you!

Many of us are addicted to negative thinking. Why? Well, hurt feelings get locked into our body chemistry making it easier for our mind and body to remember them.

Loving, feel-good feelings and experiences also get locked into our bodies, but for some reason, we tend to replay the bad stuff more than the good. I believe this is an indication that we are too hard on ourselves. We focus on the negative more than positive aspects of ourselves.

Solution; become a self-love diva! (Read about that in another blog.)

Constantly revisiting negative experiences and the feelings attached to them can create sadness, make us fearful, depressed, function less successfully and actually lower our energy levels. Put these all together and we can become more closed-minded and opinionated about what to expect in life, which creates a negative loop that gets replayed.

Wake up alert! Do you ever feel like you keep repeating the same dramas. This is why.

I recently found an amazing and effective way to kick this habit.

Are you ready to try reprogramming your brain to think more positively and reprogram your brain at a subconscious level?

To break a habit that we are largely unaware of being married to takes REAL willpower. So I have mapped out in this ultimate guide a way to stick to a plan that will get you out of the past and into the present so you can change your future.

Read on…

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind, the Missing Link!

Are you trying to manifest good things in your life? Have you tried affirmations, visual boards, meditations, been on countless workshops and have a library of self-help books you have read, but still have no great manifestations to celebrate about?

To reprogram your life around, you have to get deep inside your head. Specifically, you have to get into your subconscious mind. When we change our subconscious thought patterns (which are often replaying old programs) we can instantly change what is in our outside physical world.

This is the missing link!

Read on to find out how you can reprogram your life, and create a new you, and a new life!

Welcome to Dr. Joe Dispenza!

I read Joe Dispenza’s book, “Breaking the Habit of being Yourself.

It is literally changing my life!

A picture of the book cover of Joe Dispenza's book, Breaking the habit of being yoruself.

Most of what I outline here in this ultimate guide is taken directly from his book and the methods I personally used to get results.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to rewire your brain.

This will take dedicated effort from you to get real results, but this is honestly the way to create real positive change in your life.

Try this for 30 days.

Let’s Get Started!

Joe Dispenza’s main message is clear,

‘You are what you think’.

First, we need to be AWARE of what we are thinking. We need to make the subconscious – conscious. You can’t change something if you don’t see or recognize it.

‘How you think and feel, creates your state of being’.

The stories and dialogue we have with ourselves can often be devastating to our well-being and success in life. The best way to turn this around is to reprogram your brain and literally do an intervention on yourself.

You didn’t adopt those negative thoughts overnight, so you won’t be able to undo them overnight either. A plan is needed, a day by day plan for one month, in order to turn around the thoughts you have been thinking.

It is time to break the habit of negative thinking and self talk.

Week 1:

This is the first critical step, catching yourself in the act of thinking negative thoughts.

If possible it is most ideal to start this first week during a time when you are not working – or on holiday and alone – to give your full undivided attention to the work.

How to Catch yourself Being Negative

Start by writing down one emotion that you feel most frequently. For example, if you get a sinking or tense feeling every time you think of money, then the underlying emotion might be a feeling of “lack.”

“Lack” was my first BIG emotion to deal with, so I’ll use it as our example here.

Write this down in a journal and write all the other associated feelings connected to lack. Also, note where in your body, you feel ‘lack’. For example, say to yourself,

“When I feel a sense of lack, I am also feeling… ”

Feelings that you might associate with ‘lack’ could include frustration, anger, feeling small, anxious, sad…

Think about where in your body, you feel “lack.” Does it get you in your stomach? Does it make you feel like you are choking?

You want lots of detail about this emotion of “lack” so you can razor-focused on it when it creeps back into your mental dialogues in the future.

Vow to yourself that every day for the next week you will do all you can to catch yourself feeling the emotion of ‘lack’. Work on this one emotion all week.

Take note of any other emotions that might come up, write those down to deal with next week, but for now, work on ONE emotion.

Mediate Everyday

Joe Dispenza states that mediation essentially means ‘to become familiar with.’ He further says that, as you become familiar with the thoughts, behaviours, emotions of the old self, you retire that old self as you fire and wire new ideas and condition the body into a whole new emotional state. When you do this enough times, it will begin to be familiar to you.

That is what you want to do, become familiar with your new, more positive thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Meditating extensively aids this process because it disengages you from your thoughts and puts you in the decisive present moment.

Mediate at the same time every day, preferably in the morning or before bedtime. It is important to find a special, safe, quiet spot where no one will bother you.

If meditating is new to you, try meditating for 20 minutes a day, even if you can lie down on your bed, close your eyes and listen to gentle music using earphones. Better yet, use the meditation below to help get you started.

Use this meditation by Joe Dispenza to get you started.

Force yourself to stay in place, with eyes closed for 20 minutes, regardless of how uncomfortable you may feel, or the thoughts that may come to you telling you to get up and do something else. Be vigilant!

Take back control of your mind, and simply say to Yousef, NO, right now we relax. Force yourself to do this, it will get easier each day. Be strong. This is the work. Stay committed to doing this every day!

A middle aged man is sitting in front of a tree on the grass, with his eyes closed and meditating or thinking.
Image by fsHH from Pixabay

Turn Around the Negative Emotion

To stop negative thinking, you need to isolate a negative emotion – and all the associated feelings connected to it – and turn it around. Whenever you catch yourself being negative, you can turn it around by doing anyone of the following:

  1. Replace it with a more positive thought. Anything will do, as long as it is more positive. It doesn’t have to relate at all to the negative emotion of ‘lack.’
  2. Have a keyword you scream in your head as soon as you catch yourself being negative, say “CHANGE” or “GOTCHA” or whatever works for you.
  3. Think of the opposite POSITIVE emotion of your negative emotion. So for “lack,” I used “abundance” as the opposite emotion. Every time I caught myself in the act of being negative and feeling lack, I would say “ABUNDANCE!” and immediately note whatever is around me that is obviously abundant. For example, grains of sugar, rice grains, the fresh, clean air I breathe in every second, love of family, my warm cozy bed etc…

Note if this negative emotion is layered on top of another negative emotion. I found that underneath my feeling of ‘lack’ was ‘anger.’ So immediately after feeling ‘lack’ and turning it around, ‘anger’ came roaring up like a storm.

For week 1, I was working with 2 negative pressing emotions simultaneously because they were directly connected. That is why it is important to deal with only one emotion in the first week because you are breaking a long-term habit (thinking negatively), and you might have to deal with 2 emotions that are interconnected.

A picture of a woman in black hair and red lipstick, holding her face whiel her mind is broken up into pieces of glass.
Image by Dyversions from Pixabay

Reflect and Deflect All Day

Your entire day for this first week will be really focused on ‘unmemorizing’ your first key negative emotion.

You need this first week to train yourself into the process of breaking the habit of ‘negative thinking’ by focusing on ONE emotion at a time.

Imagine you are on a mission to really catch yourself thinking of that one emotion. You’ll be shocked at how many times your mind will drop into negatively. You will notice it; then, immediately, it can go right back into it, again and again.

Start to realize how crazily addicted your mind is to this negativity. But on the upside, you are starting to notice those thoughts, and you will now be able to break the habit! Be super vigilant in this first week.

Congratulate yourself every time you catch your mind degenerating into negativity. Reward yourself and be proud for finally taking control of your thoughts and your mind.

This will feel hard at first, but it will get easier each week.

End the Day Right when you want to reprogram your life.

At the end of the day, and before you go to bed, say a prayer or have a little chat with yourself or, even better, do a short meditation. Congratulate yourself for being a warrior and starting to break the habit of being yourself.

Also, every night while in this process, tell yourself all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude is the best emotion to ignite for turning around negatively in your life as you can’t be grateful and feel any lack or negatively at all; it is impossible. You want to go to sleep filled with all the goodness of your day and swimming in gratitude.

If you struggle with this in the first couple of days, don’t let your mind take over and derail your great progress. It is essential you go to sleep with a clear mind and to feel grateful.

If you are struggling to gain positive ground, read uplifting material, listen to healing music and/or give yourself lots of self-love as you work through this process.

Where to Go from here?

If you do nothing else but turn around negative thoughts all week and in the next 3 weeks, you will set in motion the elements needed to powerfully change your mind, break the habit of being yourself and reprogram your life for success.

Your life will already have turned around for the better.

But we won’t stop here! We want TOTAL success, and we want to not just catch and turn around negative emotions; we want to learn how to create a whole new you and a whole new life for yourself.

If you want to actively create the life you want and desire, continue reading about Week 2.

“You can’t think greater than how you feel, so if you are constantly thinking in the past, you will keep recreating it. ” Joe Dispenza.

A grey picture of an old wall with cracks and a teddy bear on the floor.
Focus and be aware that if your thoughts slip into the past, you are not in the present and so all your power is not where it should be. We can’t create a new life from the past, we need to create a new life from the present.

Week 2, How to reprogram your life

Continue to do everything from week 1.

A quick break down of what you will be programming yourself to be vigilant in doing every day are;

  1. Step up your meditation practice, go longer and deeper every day.
  2. Catch yourself being negative, turn it around, replace the bad emotion with a better feeling one.
  3. Reveal the next negative emotion that derails your thoughts.
  4. Reflect and deflect all day, be vigilant!
  5. End the day right!

1. Stepping Up Your Meditation Practice.

You want to meditate longer and go deeper. Aim for 1 hour a day. Meditate at least once a day; twice a day is even better. Ideally, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you can only do it once a day, that is fine, do what you can.

In week 2, become aware of the 7 energy centres in your body. These are also called Chakra energy zones. They are 7 points of energy centres that run from your sacrum (the base) up to your head and beyond (just above your head).

To activate your energy zones, use this excellent Joe Dispenza Meditation, adapted by Holly Jordan from Happy Head Hypnotherapy, which is gentle for beginners and is under 30 minutes long. This meditation is also referred to as ‘The blessing of the Energy centres Meditation.’

Next, include the ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Meditation, week 2, by JoeDespanza, posted by Wolf Spirit. This is a more ambitious meditation, 43 minutes long. It supports you in tapping into the energy in your body and moving it up the energy centres.

It preinforces the new thought pattern that the future is happening now.

A colourful picture with white circular lights around a sitting figure and a column of energu going up the middle of the figure that represents energy centres.
The seven energy centres, or Chakras. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Meditation is the ONLY way you will be able to reach a calm state after a day full of breaking the addictive habit of negative self-talk. Plus, meditation is how you will plant the seeds of your new future into your mind and then create amazing new things in your life. The soon you control your mind, the better.

If you are not a meditator, sit or lie there for the time with your eyes closed and commit to it. Make yourself do it! It really is that important and beneficial in the long run. Eventually, there will come a time when your body will stop fighting you and will actually see and feel the benefit of mediation.

A time will come when you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

2. Continue to Catch Yourself in Negative Thinking

Your body and mind might really do battle with you in the 2nd week as you continue to reprogram your brain because it won’t want to give up control. My 2nd week was a real battle as my mind stepped up its assault, ramped up the negativity almost to a breaking point. I was very emotional and shocked at the extreme lengths my mind and body would get me hooked back into the negativity.

Remember this is an addictive habit you are breaking, it won’t be easy.

Stay with this! Be fully aware of everything you are saying to yourself. Keep catching those negative thoughts, turn them around in the most effective way that works for you, and maintain your vigilance.

3. Reveal a New Negative Emotion

Write down another negative emotion and it’s opposite more positive emotion.

Display it as well! Post it where you can see it regularly, as a reminder of your commitment to reprogram your thinking patterns.

4. Reflect and Deflect All Day Long

You are actually in battle with yourself, to conqueror yourself and overcome your old habits.

Everyday you need to armour up, especially in the 2nd and 3rd week of this process,

Be on red alert to the patterns that hook you into thinking negatively. Look over your list, every day. Constantly remind yourself of your weaknesses in this area. The patterns of self talk such as,

“I can’t do that…, That person frustrates me so much…, I can’t meditate now, I have emails to do and work and kids to look after…”

Keep bringing yourself back to the present moment!!

When you bring yourself back to the present, you collect your power and energy, bringing it into the present moment. You will literally feel better, more joyful, and more energized.

Overcome the programming in your body. You can do this!

5. End the Day Right!

Think back on the day, where did you slip up, where did you catch and turn around thoughts. Surrender everything else to the great divine. Visualize putting any worries in a box and truly surrender it.

Express warm gratitude for what you learned about today. Be grateful for every thing in your life, no matter how small.

Try this meditationby Joe Dispenza, Evening Before Sleep Meditation

Week 3 and How to Reprogram Your Life

Identify the third emotion that you experience a lot. Go through the same process as you did in weeks 1 and 2 to identify or call out this emotion. Explore it fully as you did previously.

Post this emotion on display, with the opposite positive emotion, in a prominent place in your home, along with the other 2 emotions.

This week new challenges will arise as your mind continues to take back control. You might want to walk away; you might start giving up and giving in to your old programming. The honeymoon period on how to reprogram your life has worn off, and you want to go back to the old you!

Stick with this. During week 3, you need to really stick with it. Keep doing all that you have been doing in the previous 2 weeks.

Don’t stop.

Don’t give up.

You want to become thoroughly familiar with all your old programs and thinking. Continue to catch negative self-talk before the emotion moves into your body. If you can see it soon enough, you will be able to deflect it easily.

A young woman is looking out beyond the camera with her hand on her chin and face.
Image by Andreas Schau from Pixabay

Meditation Focus, to Reprogram your life and subconscious mind

Always start with these 4 intentional actions before meditating. This will bring into a deeper more focused experience.

1: Induction (focusing on different parts of your body in space)

2: Become aware of what you want to change about yourself, and know your own limitations. 

3: Inwardly admit to a higher power within you. What you want to change and what you have been hiding, then declare what emotion you are releasing.  

Step 4: Finally surrender, ask that it is resolved in a way that is right for you and then give it over to the divine or God.

Now you add step 5 and 6;

Step 5:  Observing and reminding yourself of who you do not want to be anymore.  As you reflect on your old self, you will get clearer on who you do NOT want to be.  Become so familiar with your old self; you catch yourself while you live your life.  Become away from the old patterns. 

Challenge your thoughts. All thoughts are echoes from the past.

Limiting thoughts are the unconscious mental rehearsal. They sound something like this…

“I’ll never get a new job. “He always makes me angry. “I want to call it quits.” “Today is a bad day for me. “It’s her fault. “I’m really not that smart.” “I honestly can’t change; maybe it’s better to start another time. “I don’t feel like it. “I hate my situation.”

Instead of being consumed by a negative emotion you have isolated and are focusing on, you are literally casting light on it and being fully aware of it, so you can change it and start to disengage with it. In my example, I used the feeling of ‘lack.’ Examples of how you or I might experience ‘lack’ include;


Feeling sorry for myself

Sitting alone

Calling someone to complain about how I fee

Playing on the computer

Step 6: Redirecting

Use the word ‘Change’ (say it out loud or in your head) to change your thinking once you catch yourself being negative. Think of situations where you get off track, then say change! This is the voice of redirection.

A Indian man is sitting outside in tall brown grass with sun glasses and sitting alone.
Image by Amit Dey from Pixabay

Helpful Meditations in Week 3

Joe Dispenza, Open Chakra guided Meditation, very energetic and 54 minutes in length.

Joes Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of being yourself Meditation, Week 3, calmer, 35 minutes long,

Joes Dispenza, Opening the Heart Meditation, 37 minutes,

Week 4 to Reprogram your life.

Time to create a new mind for your new future.

Practice the meditations, focused attention and repetition.

So far, you have broken down your old programming and have unlearned many things about your old self. You’ve examined how your brain has been working for years. You have looked at your unlimited mind.

Reinvent a new identity.

Also, you should be aware now of any energy centres that need extra healing or opening. Add mediations in your day to open these energy centres.

Creating a New Identity

Fall in love with who you are becoming.

Create a new mind over and over again.

By now you should be meditating at least one- two hours everyday.

A illustration of a side profile of a head with lots of bright colours in the head and the colurs are oozing out the top of the head.

Reprogram Your Life by Making a Plan for the New You

Time to get creative!

Create a slide show of your favourite images that bring to life the new life you want to live. You can even create a video.

Now would be the time to create a vision board. You have unprogrammed yourself, making the images on a vision board far more effective.

Get creative. Meditate on what your new life FEELS like. Go with images but most important is to FEEL the feelings that those imagines ignite.

Helpful Meditations in Week 4:

Joes Dispenza, Breaking the habit of being yourself, complete meditation, nearly 2 hours long if you want a shortened version to start the video at 59 minutes in.

For focused meditations on clearing and opening the energy centres or chakras go to videos created by Brian Scott.

Grounding Root Chakra meditation

Activate and Balance the Sacral chakra

Activating the Solar Plexus

Opening the Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

Opening the third Eye and Activating the Pineal Gland

Opening your Crown Chakra

End the Day right!

Continue to end the day right, with gratitudes, reflections, and surrendering.


Be ready to start seeing synchronicities. This might have created for you already back in week 1. Celebrate them all and add them to your gratitude.

Small and large miracles will start to happen. Be open to the fact that if you are truly disengaging from negative thinking and thought patterns, you will be allowing things to work more for you than against you.

Start waking up every day, eager to see what the universe will bring you today. Feel happy with the expectation of things working out for you and that the universe is conveying what you want to you.

Dwell knows that no matter what, everything you ever wanted has already come to you; you are now aligning with that energy and can make it happen more now than ever before.

Where to Go from here.

You may want to continue this focused and intense work n how to reprogram your life for another week or longer. That is what I did.

I have also added some self-hypnosis recordings to my schedule and replaced some of my meditations with them. Hypnosis is helping me to unblock some really stubborn negative thought patterns.

Self Hypnosis, to reprogram your life

I use Uncommon Knowledge. They have a wide variety of hypnosis recordings and have been in the business for a long time. Their recordings are of excellent quality and effective.

I hope you find this ‘How to Reprogram Your Life’ ultimate guide useful, along with the meditations.

You are well and truly on your way to a new you. Please keep it going. Modify the processes listed here to suit you better, especially as you grow and evolve into your journey to self-awakening.

As you reprogram your life and see more miracles happen, that alone will inspire you to continue on this path and keep going. Once you see the benefit of reprogramming your mind, you won’t want to stop growing, evolving and creating your own miracles.

I’m so excited for you to start to reprogram your life. Please share your comments below; I would love to hear from you!

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  1. sounds amazing. I shall work on this during lockdown.
    There are no more books of yours left on Amazon. They say they are being restocked.
    I shall buy it. I keep checking.
    Have a beautiful day my friend.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Sharon! Yes, that is what I did and continue to do during my lockdown. Great time to do this stuff when you have nothing else to do lol! Oh so happy to hear you will be reading my book!! Take care.

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