Looking for a great and affordable Detox Retreat?

Are you really serious about Detoxing?

Interested in a detox that includes a Colonics?

Are you feeling you need a special kind of holiday that will rejuvenate your soul?

Feeling drained, exhausted and all around blah?

Want a nice easy list of top places to go to unwind and get super healthy?

Then this blog is for you my friend!  Read on…

I personally recommend the following retreats for getting totally relaxed and balanced.  These retreats also offer the best that I have found in detoxing.  That means that the products they use are registered and good quality and they offer colonics, which is a must for a good detox.

Each one of these retreats ranks high for the following:

  • affordability
  • beautiful locations
  • spiritual energy abounds
  • quality products
  • knowledgeable and caring staff
  • safe colonics practices (read more on colonics at end of this blog)
  • other affordable services to complement your detox
  • access to raw healthy food
  • yoga, meditation, and access to other workshops while you fast
  • you leave feeling refreshed and like you were reborn
  • bonus, you will lose some excess weight

I put these in order of my personal favourites.

Prices quoted were as at end of 2017 and could very well change.

#1.  Ubud Sari Health Resort.   Bali, Indonesia

Advertising logo for Ubud Sari Resort and retreat.

This is the real deal when it comes to relaxing and getting healthy AND cleaning out your pipes.  They also offer a raw food menu and a course in how to prepare raw food.  Everything is natural, healthy and ever so tranquil at Ubud Sari Resort.  They also have a spa so you can get your daily massage treatment or any other spa treatment you like. On-site for detox clients, there are also meditation, healthy eating, alkaline diet workshops.

You will get a small cosy cabin to yourself.  All rooms either back onto or are very close to a natural waterfall, so you always hear the sound of flowing water which is really relaxing.  Also, this resort is walking distance to the centre of Ubud and all the incredibly creative artists and their crafts that abound in Bali.

Expert support staff provide a wide range of massages, healing, and nutrition services.  The colonics are conducted with the assistance of a registered local nurse, in a separate sterile cabin so you can feel safe and private while you clean out your colon.

Plus, there is really is no better place on earth, to heal than in Ubud, Bali.  The entire island is swimming in divine spiritual energy.

Cost: 7-day detox with cost you about $1,480 USD

#2.  The Sanctuary.  Koh Phangan, Thailand.Advertising logo for The Sanctuary Retreat in Thailand.

Described as brilliant, quirky, and unique.  Located on the island of Koh Phangan, just off the cost of the island Ko Samui. The Sanctuary was the very first place I ever did a detox and I have gone back a couple of times.  It offers -I think- the most affordable quality detox.  If you are not fasting the restaurant on site offers up incredible vegetarian food.  The beach is small but I never went there to swim.  Some cabins offer tuning views over the bay.  This is a great place to totally chill out and the detox cleanse offers yoga, sweat house, consultations, juices and the other goodies that go along with a detox.

Once you get here you really don’t go anywhere else, which can be a good thing if you are fasting.  No temptations beyond the resort.

The colonics are administered by you, but the staff prepare everything for you in a private washroom.  You can also choose different types of conoids either Prue water or coffee which really flushes out toxins.

I have always had incredible results when I came here and the staff are supportive and always on site and available.

Cost:  for 7-day detox with own Thai style cabin about $1,200.00 US. Prices vary on the type of accommodation and length of detox.

#3. Sanji Wellbeing Resort.  Bodrum, Turkey.Advertising logo for Sianji Resort in Bodrum, turkey.

‘In Raw We Trust’ is their motto.  This is a top notch classy resort and they offer 3 different fasting/cleaning/detox packages.  The price is amazing for what you get.  Your accommodation is 4 star, and the resort is located on the water on the Southwestern coast of Turkey.  The greatest value I think.  They offer 1) Master Detox 2) Raw food Detox and 3) a more gentle Alkaline Diet.  All packages are 7 days in length and offer daily colonics.

Cost: 7 days master, Raw food or Alkaline Cleanse $1,100.00 US dollars for a beautiful sea view room with living room, wifi inclusive.  Price depends on the type of room and time of year.

This is the best-priced detox resort I have come across in all my years of searching for the best and best-valued detox resorts in the world.  The package includes the steam room, Turkish bath and hot sauna daily, access to the fitness centre, the pools, yoga, pilates and stretching.  You also get a special consultation from a dietician and healthy living workshops via DVDs.  Massages are extra.  But there is a spa on site so you can pamper yourself while you fast.

I’ll be visiting this spa this December, but I hear all good things about this spa and it really does look incredible for the price.  The only reason why I put it at #3, is because I have not had a chance to experience it first hand – myself yet.

Colonics or Colonic Irrigation

No detox is really complete without implementing a proper and safe method of administering colonics.

Colonics is essentially an easy and effective way to clear out the toxins from your body quickly, while you are fasting.

It involves using purified water (sometimes organic pure coffee is used for a more effective flush), which is inserted through a small tube, that is inserted in your anus about 1-2 inches.  This can be done alone, but I advise that you receive some training and guidance from staff on site.  Knowledgeable staff will prepare the water, the buckets, provide a slanted board for you to lay on which is rigged up to a toilet and provide a fresh sterilized tube system that will allow water to flow into your rectum while you lay on your back on the colonics board in front of a toilet.

Staff will suspend the purified water container for you and give you control for how fast or slow you like the water to enter into your rectum.  All this needs to be done by staff at the resort you are visiting.

Some detox centres will actually stay with you and administer the colonics for you (Ubud Sari Health Resort) while others will let you do it on your own after they have prepared everything for you (the Sanctuary in Thailand).

The method:

Warm purified water (not too hot or too cold) is allowed to flow into your rectum which then slowly flows up into your colon helping to wash out faecal material that has been sitting in your colon.  When you start fasting and taking supplements (like bentonite clay and chompers) which help to loosen faecal matter in the colon you can get an accumulation of this material building up faster than you are able to expel it.  You can feel quite sick while toxins are being released from your system and hence why colonics is so useful for flushing these toxins away more quickly.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of other great detox resorts out there, but they can be VERY expensive.  If money is no object go for any one of those, but it is harder to find good value AND quality and knowledgeable staff, with a solid program that is dedicated to YOUR health,  in this fast growing market to health and cleansing programs.

I will revamp this post after I visit the Sanji Wellbeing resort hopefully sometime in 2018… and offer you a more personal review of what looks to be an incredible place to cleanse.

Do you know any great, detox retreats that offer exceptional service at an affordable price?  Please share with us in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you!

(cover photo credit: Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash)

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