Want to get to know who you really are?

Want to know the ONE thing that brings all things together in your life?

Want to know how to heal yourself?

Want to know how to live a more empowered life?

Want to be REAL!?

Read on to find out more about the one thing that WILL alter your life for the better and… even bring our world into alignment.

What is Truth?

Truth is at the core of everything meaningful in our life and beyond. It is at the core of waking up, living an authentic life and certainly it is the only path towards true empowerment.

Many of us see Truth as a harsh reality and I am sure that is why many of us avoid it like the plague.

It is so much easier to lie… isn’t it?

Well not really…  Not if you are serious about your life and are reaching for something bigger than yourself. Not if you want to sleep at night, and want lasting happiness that can propel you to greatness.

Truth is the ONE thing that separates the weak minded from the strong. How truthful you are with yourself determines your path in life more than any other principle.

Truth is the language of your soul. Truth can break you open like an egg and make you see what lies inside.

Every time you lie, you put distance between the you that you present to the world and your core or your soul.  Every time you lie to yourself you rob yourself of a true connection with your soul, disarming its ability to help guide you through your life.

Truth is the path to redemption, the path to peace and all that your soul desires.  Until we make peace with our truth, life is simply a layered drama, built upon shifting sands.

The Truth Will Set You Free

One of the most powerful verses in Holy Bible states that “The Truth will Set you free.”

Truth is powerful stuff and we all know this on a very deep level.

The very foundation of your life is built on being able to discern truth from illusion. You were born knowing your truth, then as you grow into your reality you incarnate each realisation of Truth into your everyday choices, no matter how big or small, personal or impersonal, private or public those choices are in your life.

Living your truth is no small task! It’s huge… it’s the foundation for an empowered authentic life. It’s everything really!

When we look at the world around us, we see that collectively we are not doing a very good job of being, giving or even speaking our truth.

This is such a mammoth topic of THE day.

Hello!  Welcome to 2018 folks…  Let the Gong Show continue… are you laughing or crying?

Everything happening in our world today, everything that makes us cry and brings us to our knees, is all screaming at us to better define our truth – collectively and personally.  Collectively we appear to be in a crisis, individually we are in a crisis.  And it is all around the pillar of TRUTH.

This crisis we are in individually and globally is actually a good  path to be on (let’s face it – we can’t reverse this momentum even if we tried) because when we challenge and attack the very heart of Truth, we will get nothing more and nothing less than… The Truth!

The truth will ALWAYS win.

Whether you see all this as ‘good’ or ‘bad’,  the end result will lead us closer to our truth, and that can only be good because sure as hell we need more truth in this world.

Get ready because it is all coming at us right now on a catastrophic scale. Oh, Yah!

The Two Types of Truth

Your Personal Truth is subjective and relates only to you.  Knowing your personal truth sets a strong foundation for knowing who you really are.  How you see the world, is uniquely aligned to your personal views and beliefs in life.

Only you can know your truth and by GOD you should know it by the time you reach your mature years!  This is what life and living are REALLY all about.  Know your truth and live it out as honestly as you can.  Your truth is the foundation that will lead you to your greatest achievements.

The other type of Truth is our Collective Truth. As humans, this truth involves a much wider and sweeping truth.  For example, we are all governed by the same universal laws. We often say “What goes around, comes round”.  This is a universal truth we all know and accept because it is a guiding principle in life.

No one – not ever – can escape the consequences of their ways on the grand scale of life and in a timeless universe.  This universal truth is a mystical law and we all know it – deep down – we all know it’s harsh reality.

Your Path to Truth


How you live out your personal truth is what becomes your life.  That is your journey.  You find and define your personal truth based on the choices you make.  All of the experiences you have in life, help define your truth.

Some truths will serve you some won’t. Some lessons are harder than others, some will come easily.

How aware you are of this process determines the depth of your truth and the depth of your connection to your own soul.

We all must atone for our sinful ways  (sin, in its most literal meaning, is being without the fullness of who you really are) and be blessed by the events that make us humble and help us find ourselves.  Challenges and mistakes are all a part of the path. How we atone for those mistakes and challenges is what separates the weak from the strong.

If you have never been reduced to a puddle in a pure act of atonement, then you have never touched your own soul.

Know Thyself

When you know yourself, when you know your Truth, you will be ready for the next level of a grander Truth.  This grander Truth is completely aligned to your soul and your purpose in life. You have done the hard work, you have found your way, you know yourself and your soul, the core of who you are will lead the way.

WOW!  there is no grander achievement than that.  Few people reach this level, few are ready and too few even know it exists.

This journey to know self is the subject of my book, Journey Within.


Until we align with ourselves on a personal level, we will not be ready for this next step, because the language of your soul is truth. Too many people try to find their purpose in life before they have gotten to know and live their own personal truth.

When you come to this level without ‘excavating’  yourself, for example dealing with your sins, unforgiveness and dramas it will be difficult to enter the realm of grander Truth.

That is a universal Truth!  You will NEVER go beyond in this life if you haven’t found your truth and atoned for your ways at this physical level where we are living now.

You will never be a great leader, whether you are a leader of your household, community, country, or simply in your own life if you have not yet come to terms with your own personal truths.

You can’t expect lasting greatness from false beliefs.  It will all come crashing down.

That is when we have to look at our truth and the stories we tell ourselves and really be honest and truthful about who we are. The further you fall, the grander your mistruth about yourself.  This is not a journey for the faint or the weak.

And so we see it today in the world, a world full of leaders and people who have ‘forgotten’ about the pillar of truth and warp the path to truth.  They have taken the easy way and performed the most dishonourable act a person can do, many of us have done this …. we lie…  to ourselves.

Are you laughing or crying?

Truth of the Day

In the world today we sit on a karmic mountain of lies, that we all created.

Is it any wonder, when fake news rules the day;  a whistleblower is a label for someone who tells the truth and is persecuted for that truth; truth seekers are jailed, silenced or killed; history books are rewritten to make the mistruths ‘real’;  and sadly two people who share their lives together for years can’t even be truthful to each other.

‘What is your truth?’   Really!?

I don’t know about you but I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.  We all got here because of a lack of truth to ourselves. It all starts there and that is why I am so adamant about finding my own truth and helping others find their truth.  If you don’t or can’t find your own truth then how the hell can any of us hope to have a global truth?

But one thing is for sure, it is gonna all play out and explode one day.  It has to.  For we all know the one universal law that Truth always wins. The Truth will set us free.

I will be writing more about Truth in the future.  I love this topic and although I am no expert, I only write what I experience and see for myself… but we have to start talking about it. My god our lives depend on it!

We have to start calling a spade a spade, not a queen… We have to start opening this topic up because the truth is light and when the light shines brightly enough it will dissolve all the darkness.  Be, Live & Speak YOUR truth my friend and I promise you, I’ll be doing the same.

(Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash)

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