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The Power of Truth!

Because life is so subjective, it can be difficult – if not near impossible – to cut the crap out of our lives and get to the heart of what really matters. 

What does it mean to embrace the truth, especially your own truth?

Are you a seeker of truth looking for a place to connect with other seekers?

The power of truth is the one thing that we can embrace to help us navigate many uncertainties in our life and the world.

When you are NOT anchored solidly in truth, you live like a lost ship being steered by outer influences.  And that can lead to wreckage on the rocks.

Read on to find out how to find the real truth in your life and why it is so important.

What is the Meaning of Truth? And Why is it so Important?

Truth is at the core of everything meaningful in your life and even beyond. At the heart of waking up spiritually, living an authentic life and, indeed, the only path towards true empowerment.

Black and white photo of a young black woman standing on a beach looking ahead to the side.

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Truth is uncompromising; there is no middle road.  It cuts to the core of any issue, but we often cover it up or lie to ourselves about it because we can’t deal with the consequences. 

When we feel uncomfortable, irritated, or angry at something, that is the red flag of truth, begging for your attention.  Red flags alert us to truths that are trying to reveal themselves to us. However, we often either shut down these feelings or blame others for the discomfort, so we don’t have to deal with it. 

We would rather distract ourselves from facing our truths than deal with a situation honestly and with integrity.  These are the ways we lie to ourselves, and unfortunately, it prevents us from learning from our challenges.  As a result, the same issue/s will repeat themselves again and again in different scenarios.   

If you don’t deal with your own mistruths, they will play out

again and again.

How We Hide From Our Truth

It is not easy to unearth the real truth within ourselves or resolve situations that flare up in our life.   Some of the ways we may try not to face our truth include,

1) covering up our hurts and fears so we don’t have to deal with them (lie to ourselves)

2) we numb ourselves (addictions)

3) we blame others (not take responsibility for our actions).

A young man is standing among big green leaves with his turned away, he is hiding.

Unsplash sanghuynh

Until we are truthful with ourselves and are consciously aware of why issues arise in our life, we can not claim to know the truth – or lack of it – in other people’s lives.   This is yet another distraction tactic,   “I know better than you!”… yet you don’t even know your own truth.

Like most things, you have to walk the walk first. Know your own truth first, and clean up your own mistruths.  Then you can be a beacon of truth for others. So this blog is all about getting connected to YOUR truth.

Your Identity is Split into Two Worlds

We live in two worlds.

1. The outer world.  This includes your outward identity, who you think and say you are to others.  It is your job, hobbies, your home, choice of food, all of that makes up your identity in the outer world.  This world is controlled largely by your ego.

2. The inner world.  This is the soulful part of you, the true you, without all the ‘stuff’ in your life.  It is the you that you tap into when you meditate, pray, or dream, when you are stripped down to your core like if you were to lose everything in your life, this is when you meet the real you at a soul level.  

If you feel that something is not right in your outer world, or your intuition tugs at you to feel something, your inner soul is stirring within you.  All real truth resides here.  

Every time you lie to yourself, you put distance between the ‘you’ you present to the world and the ‘you’ at the core of your soul.  You rob yourself of a genuine connection with your soul, disabling it from being able to help guide you through life.

When there is a disconnect between these two worlds, you will feel unsettled, angry, lose balance in life, get upset easily, and feel irritated.  You can even get so out of balance you may feel you are losing your mind.  

The Power of Truth

One of the most powerful verses in the Holy Bible states,

“The Truth will Set you free.”

The very foundation of your life rests upon being able to discern truth from illusion. You were born knowing your truth. As you grew up into your reality, you incarnate each realization of truth into your everyday choices, no matter how big or small, personal or impersonal, private or public those choices are in your life.

However, if you lose your soul connection, it is like losing your foundation or your anchor in life. 

Are You Living Your Truth?

Living your truth is not easy, to say the least! It’s enormous; it’s the foundation for an empowered, authentic life. 

When we look at the world around us, we see that collectively we are not doing an excellent job of living or even speaking our truth. But more importantly, at an individual level, we are not aligned with our truth. That’s why we have so many issues with truth in the outer world.  

Look at your life objectively, like a fly on the wall.  If there are ANY issues in your life or anything that really irritates you, that is a sign that something is out of balance.  It needs soulful exploration to reveal the real truth about YOUR role in the situation. 

A young woman sits on a cement barrier looking out into the sun setting sky.


The Power of Truth


How well you live your truth (or lack of it) is what materializes in your life.  That is your journey.  You find and define your truth based on the choices you make.  All of the experiences you have in life constantly give you whether you are living your truth. 

Your response to everything in your life determines your truth’s depth and the level of connection you have to your soul.

We all must atone for not living in the fullness of who we are (this is often referred to in religious texts as ‘our sinful ways’).  The joy in life is blessed by the events that make us humble and help us find ourselves. 

Your Purpose in Life

Find the power of your truth and connect to it!  Until we align with ourselves personally, we will not be ready to move on and find our purpose in life. Too many people try to find their purpose before they know their own truth.

You can never go beyond your dramas and your pain points if you don’t connect to the core of your truth.

You can’t be a great leader, whether it is in your household, community, country, or your own life, if you have not come to terms with the power of your truth.

A young black man is sitting with his arms on his legs and hands folded infront of him, looking into the camera.

Don’t expect lasting greatness from being stuck in false beliefs or mistruths.  When you have congruency between your outer world of identity and your inner world of spirit, you will live your life from real power and love.

Know Thyself

When you know yourself, you will be drawn to a path that takes you to the next level of authenticity that stretches beyond yourself. 

Knowing ourselves, our truths and mistruths, allows us to ascend to the next level of spiritual growth beyond the realm of the physical world.

You may be drawn to the mystical reality or have s desire to help others find their truth, or we may be the rock that our family or community needs to help guide others through life’s stormy waters.

Are you a Truth Seeker?

I’m so happy you are here.  I created this website to explore the need to tap into the power of truth.  Life gives us so many different opportunities to do this.

Allow the truth to come into your life, for it is light, and when the light shines brightly enough, it will dissolve all the darkness and show you the way.

(Thank you for the beautiful cover Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash)

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