Well it is that time of year again!

When graduates celebrate finishing secondary school.

I attended a recent graduation and it was beautiful.

It is easy to shed a tear or two. As dozens of young people embark on the next chapter of their lives. As they move forward to become better citizens and educated human beings.

I watched as the graduate hats were thrown to the sky and teachers and parents celebrated the bright new chapter awaiting these young people.

For many graduates – if they graduate at all – this is the end. Time to go out and find a job or start a business.

For others, this is the next step along the way, of getting more educated, with the assumption that more education will give you more chances of getting a ‘good’ job. University or college is the next step for these graduates.

I sat on this particular splendid day, watching the ceremony and listening to the speech given by a local entrepreneur, half of which I couldn’t hear and the other half was rubbish.

I thought to myself, if I could write a speech and give it to those graduates, this is what I would say.

Dear Graduates…

You are going out into this world

With all this knowledge from school 

And yet there is still so much to learn.

At this stage you have to believe

That you are on the right path.

‘Education’ they say

Is the only way…

Your minds are filled with what society wants you to know

And you suck it up because there’s really no other way

Yet in your heart,

I know you know,

There is? – there must be – a better way.

You know that to memorise facts and figures

Will give you those straight A’s,

Yet you know absolutely nothing, 

About yourself or any other way,

And if you admit that you are lost

The system points you further astray.

So let’s be honest!

Let’s really say the truth.

That you … and I

Know little… if anything

Of what exists beyond this world.

So go out and be an open book

Lay down you beliefs

Face your pride

Look yourself squarely

In your eyes,

And realise…

That you are not those thoughts you have

You are not that rubbish they taught

You are not what others believe about you

You are not what society has made you.

Instead, in reality, 

You are everything, the greatest creator.

For everything comes from you and nature.

Everything is in your hands,

Blocked only by the limiting thoughts you choose.

Use your brain to figure it out,

Don’t let your brain use you!

Be the master, be the maker

Of all your dreams, waiting to come true.

For when you are alone

Or when others go against you

There will be no one you can turn to

Except the core of you.

And… If there is one more thing I may add

Before you go upon your way

Listen not to the voice within your head

For it will only echo the garbage you were fed,


Follow the wisdom that flows through your veins

Of centuries of evolution that brought you to this day

Connect within yourself, connect with nature

Listen so intensely until you hear your own heartbeat 

Listen so clearly till you hear your own breathe

And never make another big decision

Without connecting to your centre

And the You that exists

Beneath this physical plain.

For that is the only truth,

That will see you beyond



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