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Loving yourself more are the three Magic Words that will bring immediate healing, empowerment and transformation into your life.

If you do only ONE thing in your life to make it better – LOVE YOURSELF MORE and practice it daily.

This is as important as food and clean air and the MOST important thing you can do for yourself.

This blog outlines the steps you can take right now to fully embrace a whole new paradigm shift in your personal development. It costs nothing and only requires your attention.

Loving yourself more will also move you towards freedom from self-judgment and from the need to please others.

Start your transform now and read on…

Steps to Loving Yourself More

1) Be Aware of Negative Thoughts

When you start to monitor your own SELF-talk, you might be amazed at how badly you speak to or about yourself. This is your inner critic and we all have it.

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Your inner critic is not all bad. It can actually help us be better people. However, what is not good is when it is given the freedom to criticize you as much as it likes. This can, over time, swash your self-confidence.

Until you recognize when your inner critic speaks to you, you will not see the need to stop it. So the first critical step to your transformation is to really catch it, judging you in critical ways.

Stop yourself – even once in a day – and listen to your inner voice, especially when it says something that makes your heart sink. Really zero in on those moments and isolate what you just said to yourself. Ask yourself, would you say that to a close friend? Why on earth would you say it about yourself?

Examples of your inner critic are, “I could never do that!” or “I am not good enough to be able to do that.”

You can and must break this habit, so start listening to the way you talk to yourself. This one step alone can help you love yourself more without any strategies if done effectively. That’s how powerful it is!

A man in a suite points to a 5 star screen and press one gold star to represent a low critical rating.
Your inner critic will destroy your self-confidence if you don’t reign it in. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

2) Connect with the Spiritual Part of You

When you connect to the vast spiritual part of you – you recognize that you are far more than what you see. 

I love the analogy of thinking of yourself as an iceberg where the part of the iceberg that is submerged is far more than the part that is at the surface.  The same is true about you.  The unseen 80% is the spiritual you, and 20% of the iceberg’s tip is the physical you.

You are FAR more than what you see.

You truly are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Tips on connecting more deeply to your spiritual self can be found in the following blogs; Your Ticket to Spiritual Freedom, Your Life is Your Spiritual Walk, Who am I really? Those will get you started on continuing the journey of loving yourself more and making that spiritual connection.

3) Notice as Things Start to Shift

When you start connecting within and have a deeper respect and love for yourself, you start to accept and become aware of who you really are. 

Start by connecting with joy in your current moment.  Feel elevated about all the simple things in your life that you take for granted. For example, looking out your window into a garden or a tree and watching how the leaves move in the wind will bring infinite pleasure when you stop long enough to notice,

You will start noticing as you love yourself more that you feel more positive, your moods will even out, you will have less massive swings in behaviour.

When you experience these shifts, you become more positive and upbeat, and that is all you need to set you on the way to a real inner transformation.

If you struggle to get this shift because you feel really down try using an app called moodscope. This excellent app allows you to track your moods every day.

When you struggle to find goodness in your days, this app will really help and can literally transform your thinking and moods for the better within a couple of months.

I call this ‘the power of noticing and focusing,’ which is the way to make great changes in your personal development,’ just like focusing on your inner critic can help you reign it in and change your inner talk forever.

4) Avoid Thinking About What You Want.

Always thinking about what you want, is like wishing your life away and counter productive to loving yourself more.

Unfortunately, it can be a bad habit. So, avoid making lists of things you want.  Avoid making vision boards.  These acts will actually limit your ability to get what you want because you are focusing on the fact that you don’t have it.

By focusing on a desire, you potentially limit what is really in store for you.  Furthermore, if things don’t manifest… you start to feel fear because you may think you are doing it wrong.  This only energetically pushes your desires away and keeps them locked in some distant wish land.

Think about it. Writing out wants and vision boards places your focus on things you don’t have yet.  No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, otherwise, your inner self knows the truth of what is a want and what is reality

Eckhart Tolle would say that you need to live in the moment, get into the present time, get out of your head and relax into the present moment. Take time out every day to quietly connect within, dropping all conditions and everything in the past and future.

The universe has in store for you things much greater than you can ever imagine.  So the idea is to leave an open-ended fate. You do this by focusing on and enjoying the moment you have right here and now.

5) Connect with Your Greatness

That 80% of you is the spiritual and soulful part of you connected to everything in the universe.  It is the universe living through you. That inner essence is also in other life forms such as the earth, other people, the oceans, everything!

To help you get in touch with this more significant part of yourself, go out in nature and connect there. Get in touch with yourself deeply when you are in bed before you sleep.  Talk to that part of yourself. Nourish that part of yourself. Start journaling about this new inner connection. Record your dreams, thoughts and visions as they come to you.

A man is opening his shirt showing his chest which is a picture of the galaxy.
Inner wisdom. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Your inner self knows you better than you know yourself.  Tap into its wisdom.  

When you get in touch with all of who you are, you will feel empowered. Then, the steps to loving yourself will become more familiar and natural to you. As a result, you will nurture yourself more as you feel your energy levels rise.

Loving Yourself More

Throw away the agendas, the lists, the desires of what you want and the vision boards and instead tap into your spiritual self and accept and love yourself completely. It is the easiest and most profound way to manifest more love and joy into your life. 

You want to send yourself the message that you are loveable; you are worthy, deserving, and loved. 

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