These 3 Magic Words are what will bring healing, empowerment and living an authentic life into reality. This blog is all about the steps to loving yourself.

Those 3 Magic Words are…   Love yourself more.

I want to dive deeper into the steps to loving yourself more.

The steps will move you towards freedom from self-judgment and from the need to please others.

The focus will now be inward, focusing on your inner growth, rather than focusing on your outside world and relieving on people and objects outside of yourself for your happiness and love.

Steps to Loving Yourself More

1) Be aware of Negative Thoughts about yourself

When you see a negative thought coming in, the best way to deal with it is to allow it to move in then out. Don’t engage with it, deny it, resist it and don’t start building stories about yourself based on it.

Let negativity come… then go.  

If you suppress those negative thoughts, then you are suppressing a part of who you are, and that sends a message to yourself that there are parts of you that are not loveable. Which is actually not true.

You want to send yourself the message that you are loveable; you are worthy, you are deserving, you are loved.  You want to accept yourself more, no matter what you’ve done or not done.

2) Connect with the Spiritual Part of You

When you connect to the vast spiritual part of you – you recognise that you are far more than what you see.   

In my last blog, I used the analogy of thinking of yourself as an iceberg where the part of the iceberg that is submerged is far more than the part that is at the surface.  The same is right for you.  The unseen 80% of the spiritual part of you is much more vast than the 20% natural part of you.

Connecting within to your richness and depth brings you to the truth that you are far more than what you see.  

3) Notice as Things Start to Shift

When you start connecting within and have a deeper respect and love for yourself, you start to accept and become aware of who you really are. 

Start by connecting with joy in your current moment.  Feel elevated about all the things in your life now that maybe you take for granted,  then the future that unfolds will be your greatest potential.  

You will start noticing that you feel slightly more positive, your moods will even out, you will have less massive swings in behaviour. When you see the excellent shifts and the more positive feelings every day, it really will shift things forward. You can keep track of your moods daily using an excellent app called moodscope. Us et his for several months, and with things change for the better!

4) Avoid thinking about what you want.

Avoid making lists of things you want.  Avoid making vision boards.  These are limiting. By focusing on a desire, you potentially limit what is really in store for you.  Furthermore, if things don’t manifest… you start to feel fear because you may think you are doing it wrong. 

Writing out wants and vision boards puts your focus on things you don’t have yet.  No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, otherwise, your inner self knows the truth of what is a want and what is reality

Eckhart Tolle would say that you need to live in the moment, get into the present time, get out of your head and relax into the present moment. Take time out every day to quietly connect within, dropping all conditions, everything in the past and future.

The universe has in store for you things much greater than you can ever imagine.  So the idea is to leave an open-ended fate. You do this by focusing on the now, live fearlessly and be totally free and open.

If you still can’t get to that sweet spot, the only answer is to love yourself even more and break through the mistruths you are telling yourself – about yourself.

5) Connect with Your Greatness

That 80% of you that is the spiritual and soulful you are connected to everything in the universe.  It is the universe living through you. That inner essence is also in other life forms, the earth, other people, the oceans, everything!

To help you get in touch with this more significant part of yourself, go out in nature and connect there.  Talk to it. Get in touch when you are in bed before you sleep.  Talk to that part of yourself.  Get to know it and trust it. Nourish that part of yourself. Start journaling about this new inner connection. Record your dreams, thoughts and visions as they come to you.

It knows you better than you know yourself.  Tap into its wisdom.  

When you get in touch with all of who you are, you will feel your empowerment and the steps to loving yourself more will become more natural.

How to Know the Steps to Loving Yourself are Working

You start to not focus on so much on the physical 20% yourself.  You will see yourself as much bigger, more spacious, more expanding, so loving yourself almost becomes not necessary. 

Your life will unfold the way it is meant to, when you listen to that part of you.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean listening to the outside world. It means listening to the inside world of you

Always Love Yourself Completely

Throw away the agendas, the lists, the desires of what you want and the vision boards and instead accept and love yourself completely. It is the easiest and most profound way to manifest more love and joy into your life. 

You want to send yourself the message that you are loveable, you are worthy, you are deserving, you are loved. 

Please share your comments below if you have struggled with illness or with accepting yourself or not be able to manifest all the good stuff into your life.

You are not doing it wrong!

Just love yourself more… 

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