Do you feel that you are on a journey that goes deeper than life in the physical world?

Do you want to go deeper in your life journey?

Do you know that a big part of your existence is in a world beyond the physical plane?

Do you feel that there is more to you than what you see?

If so then this blog is for you! Come journey with me on The Path of the unseen world.

This blog is all about what lies beyond you, or maybe your think of it like an iceberg and it is beneath you. However you think of it, it is the non-physical world, the world you don’t see but you certainly can feel and experience it.

It is the world you may have deliberately gone to from time to time, to gain strength in difficult times. You may pray your prayers here. You may drift here in your sleep or meditation.

You may think of this as your third eye, your inner knowleldge or strength, the world beyond your eyes… the universe.

The Path

We are in a way always on the Path, you may not know it, or you may only know it from time to time. We are all on the Path, either consciously or subconsciously.

If you are on The Path subconsciously you will not be aware of it. Strange things will happen to you from time to time, but you will disregard them as just ‘odd’.

If you are on The Path consciously you will be fully aware of yourself and the journey you are on. Consciousness is key to realisation. To live consciously is the most powerful way to live.

Being consciously on The Path allows you to be able to tap into the mysteries and powerful lessons you can gain while journeying to your inner truth. The whole purpose of being on The Path is to be knowledgeable in the inner workings of yourself. To know yourself fully and completely.

Conscious awareness of The Path will bring you to your own individual transformation.

What does it Mean to be on The Path

Being on The Path has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself. Although, how your come to know yourself on The Path will certainly affect change in your outer world. The difference is that your focus is totally inward. Everything you do on The Path will bring about inward awakenings. It is all happening within you.

You don’t go inward on The Path to gain ‘stuff’. You go inward to gain inner knowledge about yourself. You go inward and will reap rewards that will bring you a wealth of understanding, alignment, blessings, truths about you and your place in the world around you.

You may fall off The Path periodically because the Path to the inner you is filled with it’s own struggles. These are struggles that are solely created by yourself as you slowly let go of what you ‘think’ you need in this world.

As you start to see the identity that you hang yourself upon, as you see the beliefs that guide your actions and give you your personality, as you start to see through all the layers of fabrications you play with… you will one day wake up. In a second you will wake up from what you thought you were.

When you venture into the very heart of who you are, you don’t need a new car, a house on the ocean, fancy clothes, recognition from others… all these desires will literally drop away. All you need is a willing and open heart, soul and mind. From there everything else you will need will fall into place, naturally.

This journey will continue throughout your life and beyond… it never ends. There is no end point, however there are numerous rewards along the way that are more precious than gold.

The spiritual path is about truth. Pursuing the truth of what is the truth for and about yourself. Self knowledge is The Spiritual Path and being able to answer the question, who am I, in the most intimate of ways.

The Invisible Realm

This is a path through the invisible realm of our existence. It is a fine balance between the physical and spiritual realm. Ultimately you will feel as though you have become invisible because your entire focus will be inward rather than outward.

In this world beyond the you, you thought your knew… you become aware that the LESS you do, the more aware you become. The less you engage with the world, the more you become the true you.

Spirituality is NOT what you do. It is actually what you are not doing in the physical world. As soon as you stop doing… you start becoming conscious and more aware. That is where the magic all begins.

Moving from the Visible to the Invisible

This is a path that will take you more and more into the invisible, into the spiritual world of Gods and universal energy. You will be more powerful here than anywhere else but no one will reward you for your efforts and nothing in the physical world will acknowledge your achievements.

This is a silent often lonely path. Not many people choose to embark on a journey into the depths of who they are. To meet your soul and travel the path… often alone. But once you start the journey, the word ‘alone’ has no meaning in a world full of rich awakenings and knowledge.

Are you on this journey? If so then I’d love to hear from you.

It is good to accept support while on The Path. As we drop our identities, and let a different path take us to a hidden world, you will become more alive, more aware and less human than you ever thought possible.

I hope more of us will embark on this journey to the heights of our soul where riches are counted in goodness and prosperity is gained in the heavens above. This world beyond our physical world is more real than the world many of us live in now.

The Path to self realisation is – in my opinion – another version of life, lived not necessarily for better or worse than the physical world, but certainly it is a way of living that is more harmonious, more aware and it feels more authentic than the world in the physical realm.

It is a Path to self realisation, a spiritual journey here on earth and beyond. Will you join me?

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2 thoughts on “The Path to Self Realisation

  1. Well done, I love part of your blog so much is ;
    (When you venture into the very heart of who you are, you don’t need a new car, a house on the ocean, fancy clothes, recognition from others… all these desires will literally drop away. All you need is a willing and open heart, soul and mind. From there everything else you will need will fall into place, naturally)

    Beautiful message.

    1. Wonderful Ali, yes that is so true, we keep striving for more, and then we keep getting more lost and more unhappy. Life is not about ‘stuff’ it is all about nothing tangible at all, and all everything gaining wisdom and balance from within. Thank you for visiting, reading and sharing.

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