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Darice Cairns
The Art of Finding Truth, One Man's Journey Through Love, Life, Grief and Joy

The Universe lives and breathes through the Mystical Laws.

As we move into the era of the Divine, the laws of Mysticism and nature become forces that guide us through this new phase of our spiritual evolution.

When we transcend beyond our physical form, even if it is for a fleeting moment, we enter the realm of the Mystical Laws.

We enter the realm of Mysticism when we meditate and when we change form as we pass from the physical world.

The Mystical and Universal Laws are as reliable and solid as the Law of gravity and understanding them helps us be more stable within it.

Why We Need A Mystical Law Framework?

A woman stands with her hand pointing upwards and forward with a happy intent
Many people are now looking beyond our world and following a more spiritual path. Photo by Some Tale on Unsplash

Mysticism is the individual quest for more in-depth, spiritual knowledge in a profoundly humble journey through self-reflection and inner awakening.

I have spent many years on a journey to self-awareness and have looked extensively for a comprehensive framework that describes the intimate journey to inner self-awareness.  It is a journey guided by laws that operate within the Universal Laws of the Universe, and yet the Mystical Journey goes much deeper.

I have been researching and looking for a comprehensive guide to describe the laws that govern what I call a Mystical Journey.

All the Mystical Laws govern our souls, and they work under the umbrella of the Laws of the Universe.

Mystical Laws work in subtle ways, and yet they are as intimate to us as our very own breath.

They govern all of us in varying degrees.

Mystical laws guide every religion, yet mystical rules are not partial to any one particular religion.  Furthermore, Mystics do not necessarily adhere to any set religions, though many religions have their Mystics.  I will be writing about this topic more in upcoming blogs.

A colourful painting of the swirl of the universe.

The Laws of Mysticism break down into four main categories. Each category is then further broken down into a smaller set of laws that will hopefully help guide you on your spiritual journey.

Mysticism is a journey that is not for the faint of heart! 

If you are here reading this, then you are genuinely seeking a deeper, more profound connection with your spiritual journey, and you may be a Modern Mystic, though you would never tell anyone that.

You will be a humble soul who has a ferocious appetite for wordy and spiritual knowledge. You are a seeker of truth.

I will be adding much more detail to this framework in the future, and more insights into Mysticism are coming your way soon.

1) The Basic Laws of Life

These laws focus on the fact that you are the only real creator in your reality.  You are at the center of your Universe or life, and as such, you create everything in it.  You know, therefore, that you must take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life.  The Laws of life might seem unfair when life appears harsh and throws the worst kinds of situations at you.  Yet you know this.

There is nothing unfair in this Universe.  Furthermore, you are no more important than anything else living in this world. These laws will help you deal specifically with blame, drama, humility, letting go, love wants and needs, and honesty, and it ultimately points you inward to find the real you through self-reflection.

A close up of the universe appearing in white streaks of light in a swirling pattern.
Photo by Hugo Kemmel on Unsplash

Law of Attraction This is the foundation of all creation! You are like a huge magnet attracting to yourself the essence of all you are thinking and feeling.  The Universe does not discern what is good or bad for you. It will bring it all to you, depending on your point of attraction.

Law of Request  Ask, and it is given, is at the core of this Law. You have to ask and know what you want decisively. Sounds easy but not always.

Law of Resistance  What you resist persists in your life, whether negative or positive; whatever you focus on will be in your reality. Any resistance in your life is an indicator to feel it, heal it, let it go and get into the energy of having it already.

Law of Reflection   Your life is a reflection of your energy; the Universe is reflecting you honestly, who you are. The Universe and everything in it is a mirror – continually reflecting you – everything that you are.

Law of Projection   Ask – not demand – and you will receive. Be open to receiving an answer in many different ways. Answers don’t always come the way you expect. The best way is to ask and forget about it.

Law of Attachment  Deals with issues of love and forgiveness and how to release our attachments to be free spiritually.

Law of Unconditional Love  When you realize that you have the individual and personal power to feel good regardless of the conditions going on around you, then you will have mastered unconditional love.  Once you have learned unconditional love, the terms must contour to your expectations; it is a promise, you can single-handedly solve any problem of your own or any problem around you.  You need to discover the power of your aligned leverage.

2) The Laws of Creation

Following the Basic Laws of Life, the focus now creates what you want deliberately and intentionally.  You are a deliberate creator.  Waking up to this means that you no longer accept the flawed belief that things just happened to you randomly.  You are indeed at the steering wheel of your life.

These Creation Laws will help you manifest what you want or at least a representation of what you want.  You must be very clear, though, on what you want and then focus on it with intensity (through emotions).  Be mindful of your thoughts, intentions, vibration, beliefs, and actions in this entire process and believe that you already have the things you want.

Law of Attention  Energy flows where attention goes. Whatever you focus on will manifest (wanted or unwanted).

Law of Flow The Universe is all energy, and energy is always flowing. If we want to let in new things, we have to let go of old stuff to keep the energy flowing. Go with the flow is another useful mantra for this LawLaw.

Law of Abundance  Whatever it is you want in your life, give it – be it, to receive it.  It is all about the energetic vibration of giving and receiving. Feeling abundant comes from allowing ourselves to receive and feel abundant at our core, then we can give more to others.

Law of Clarity  You must be very clear about what you want.  For example, wanting more money may not be what you want. Your deepest desire may be more about wanting the freedom that money can give you.

Law of Intention  This is much more powerful than wants, wishes or hopes.  It is the basis of manifestations.  Be sure your intentions are noble, and the Universe will reward you.

Law of Prosperity This Law will highlight any feelings of unworthiness in yourself.  Greed, hoarding, unworthiness, lack are all elements that block real prosperity. Think, act and believe you are prosperous with no resistance and the Universe will send you plenty.

Law of Manifestation  You have manifested everything in your life!  You are a powerful creator.  What you display in your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

Law of Success.  Success comes to us when we get the energy right. When our personal or collective vibration is in line with the wave of what we wish for, then success will come. Success means achieving your desired outcome. Use the Law of Attention and be very clear about what you want.

3) The Laws of Higher Awareness

Following the Laws of Creation, after we have mastered them or at least come to terms with these laws, we will be pulled towards more empowering choices and situations in our lives.  We will experience a higher awareness.  The Laws of Higher Awareness will help guide us as we slowly move (or maybe even as we leap) towards higher consciousness levels.

The Law of Balance and Polarity  Also referred to as the Law of Symmetry.  The aim here is balance in all things, especially in our life.  Strive to have a balance in your life and know that when things get out of balance, the Universe always swings back to a more stable place, naturally.

The Law of Karma  As you give, so shall you receive.  What goes around comes around. Karma is real and is the great equalizer in life.

The Law of Reincarnation  If there is anything unresolved or incomplete at the end of your life, you may return in human form to resolve it.

The Law of Responsibility  First, you are responsible for yourself and your own life.  How well you do with this determines the next level of responsibility that will come your way.  When we take responsibility for ourselves, we no longer blame others or project our feelings onto others. An evolved being response graciously to every living being in the Universe.

The Law of Discrimination  This is all about discriminating whether something feels right or not.  We must always use discernment in all matters.  If anything feels not right, then we must listen to our intuition, be discerning and make the right choice. It involves using your inner compass and guidance.

The Law of Affirmation These are thoughts, words or a phrase that is said again and again until they enter the unconscious mind and become part of your ‘programming.’ Done unconsciously, and much of what we affirm is not favourable.  This LawLaw states that you bring about what you claim. Be mindful of the affirmations you chant to yourself, and always try to stop negative self-talk.

The Law of Prayer  This is communication with God, or higher source energy, or the Universe or whatever you wish to refer to it. Worry is a negative prayer. Praying is asking and believing and having faith; it is a mighty act of self-discipline in communicating with the divine and should be taken very seriously.

The Law of Meditation. Meditation allows you to connect with your soul. It helps you control the monkey chatter in your mind that can drain you and rob you of your energy.  Meditation is a powerful tool for finding peace, power, and balance in your life and build a strong spiritual bond with your Self.

The Law of Challenge  We have the right to challenge others or ourselves if we are not sure about things.  The Law of Challenge is there to help protect you and make you more durable to be sure what is right and wrong for you.  Feeling comfortable with uncomfortable is also an essential part of this Law.

4) The Laws of Higher Frequency

As you strive to ascend to more empowering energy levels, you become open to these laws, which might have seemed impossible when you first started your spiritual walk.  Everything is possible in the realm of Mysticism, but you are not likely to get to higher frequencies in one big leap; it is a process. Layer by layer, as you awaken, you may need to heal more parts of yourself.  These Laws of High Frequency will help guide you along this path.

The Law of Frequency or Vibration  Everything in life resonates at a specific frequency or vibration.  Negative vibrations tend to feel bulky and restricting, while positive vibrations feel lighter and freer. We are all already living in a denser vibration in our physical form on earth, so we strive to be more spiritually free by lifting or releasing the anchors that don’t serve us.

The Law of Miracles “A miracle happens when  God bends the mystical laws governing this Universe just for you, just one time, for just one instant. And regardless of what the physical world of laws says is or is not possible, the power of mystical LawLaw is the governing authority in this world,” Sister Kevin. Miracles are not magic.  Miracles happen when energies line up in perfect harmony in the right energy field and then materialize.

The Law of Healing  Healing suggests that something is wrong or blocked in the body.  Healing occurs when high-frequency energy flows through the body, transmuting the stagnant energy, which caused the disease.  Many different types of healing will be discussed in other posts later.

The Law of Purification  If you wish to walk the spiritual path, it is imperative to purify your aura to be bright, fragrant, light and radiant with beautiful colours. When your character is pure and light, angels and the more evolved spiritual guides can reach you more easily.

The Law of Perspective  We all have our perspective on things.  Every person has a human aspect that merely masks their Divine perfection.  We will continue to struggle until we see the Divine flame in all things, people included. To be genuinely free and see things in their end, we must let go of illusions and perspectives that mask ourselves and others’ truth.

The Law of Gratitude   Gratitude means giving thanks from your heart.  When you do this, energy flows from your heart and activates specific responses from other people, as well as the Universe. Daily gratitude can have a profound effect on spiritual growth.

The Law of Blessings   When you bless someone, you invoke the Universal Spiritual Law of Blessings and direct divine energy towards them. Blessing ushers in positive energy.

The Law of Faith  Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it transcends the lower laws and makes the impossible possible.  Faith allows miracles to take place.

The Law of Grace is the Divine Mercy that sets people free. Forgiveness is an example of pure grace that sets someone free even if they feel they don’t deserve it.

The Law of One  The Universal Spiritual Law of One is about accepting everyone and everything they are, without judgment, including the Self. It is also related to the saying that “what is in one is in the whole.”  We are connected to everything on earth; there is no such thing as separation. Anything based on separation will fail.

(I have borrowed the headings and some ideas from the following website to create this list,  Universal Spiritual Laws.)

These Laws are a starting place for those of us who want to find out more about this ancient and prosperous journey into Mysticism.

The Mystical journey

A man stands on a rock looking up to the night sky and a light beam is coming form his hand.
Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

It is becoming even more relevant today as social structures like capitalism start to break down.  Religions are crumbling worldwide as they don’t serve us anymore.  We need new ways and structures to interpret the world around us, ideas steeped in more natural, earth-centred beliefs and laws that are more connected to the truth of who we are.

Thank you for visiting!

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