Everyday we make hundreds, if not thousands of choices.

Every decision we make is powerful and has the potential to change the course of your life.

From deciding what to wear to work through to the most powerful decisions of who to live with or where to live, ALL decisions are a reflection of your internal power and how well you manage it.

Every decision you make has a huge impact on your life.

So are you making your decisions consciously or unconsciously?

Read on to find out how you can tap into your most powerful asset and change your life in incredible ways.

A Decision is Just a Decision – isn’t it?

If you are going through life letting life happen to you then you are making decisions unconsciously. This is a frustrating and extremely draining way to live.

Conscious decision making involves deliberately making a decision or a choice BEFORE acting on it.

For example,  if you wake up in the morning and simply get out of bed and go through the motions of your day, then you are not consciously making decisions.  You are simply running on auto pilot and default settings.

Auto piloting in life is ok, for many decisions. It reduces the number of decisions you will have to make even before you leave the house. BUT! if life throws a curve ball at you – which it inevitably does – then you will be reacting to those events using default settings. That means they will control you rather than you being in control of them.

When you are not in control of your choices your brain defaults to less than empowering choices. It just seems to be the way we are wired. We jump to conclusions, we assume things that are not true, we tend to think more negative than positive thoughts.

This is huge. Think about it!

Consider for a moment, that instead you wake up and before getting out of bed you deliberately say to yourself, “I’m going to look for the good in all people I meet today.”

You might also consciously decide to see the deeper spiritual side of all things that happen to you that day.

Now, you have suddenly put a whole new spin on your day. If anything is thrown at you, you have already made a conscious plan on how to deal with it.

And …your brain will remember the choice/s that you made earlier in the day, when you were in your bed waking up. That crap your co-worker just threw at you is now not reacted to immediately. Instead, you are more likely to pause… and be open to the fact that you have a choice as to HOW you will react.

This pause allows you to choose something better than just reacting in anger or frustration. You choose to pause. You actually can decide how you are going to react to this sudden outburst that has erupted in your space.

From there you might consider that they are having a shitty day and it has absolutely nothing to do with you!

Tad-dah!… you decide to ignore it… it isn’t worth wasting your energy on things that have nothing to do wth you.

THIS is powerful! 

When you break the auto pilot chain reaction you start engaging with energy in new and profound ways.

Making Decisions Consciously

When you start consciously making decisions for yourself, it totally guides your day towards better things. Let’s face it, you never consciously decide to have arguments, confrontations, accidents or other annoying things.

When you do take time at the beginning of your day to CHOOSE how you will go about your day, it helps default you to better choices.


Think about your decision to use the stairs periodically instead of the elevator. Eventually you may lose weight. If nothing else your muscles will get stronger and that can all lead to a raised level of self confidence, strength and improved self image.

From there you could ignite a whole new outlook on your life, a new job or even relationship.  Because you feel healthier you may decide to change some of your eating habits. You may change how you dress… there is no end to what things this one ‘small’ decision could do to change your entire life!

You, me, everyone… we are all one small choice or decision away from greatness or destruction. 

Behind every choice you make, is your power.

Are you constantly feeling exhausted, drained, or tired? If so, then you may not be aware of your power. If you don’t know how powerful you are, you will for sure – waste it!

Connect With your Power Every Morning

When you wake up every morning consciously choose 1-3 things to be aware of that day. This means you are affirming your power. You remind yourself that you are in control of everything in your life. You yield power through your choices.

Every choice you make has an immediate consequence, no matter how big or small, it is immediate. 

Choices can be emotional, psychic, spiritual, conscious, subconscious, mental, physical … choices have many dimensions.

Every choice you make… consider it to be profound.  

Actively choose to Be Conscious in your Choices.

Consider all of your choices carefully and consciously.  It will change you life for the better. Of course the result will not be immediate, but you will notice a difference after a week of doing this.

Be aware of the the numerous decisions you make every single day and how it guides your actions, moods, spiritual well being, energy…. your choices truly control everything. 

Share with me your experience or questions about choices and let me know if this works for you or not.

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