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What does it mean, to be humble?

Do you envision a modest person sitting quietly in the corner?

Why be humble, and what are the benefits of humility in today’s society?

Being humble is truly an Art, and my wish is to celebrate humble people wherever they may be because they certainly don’t expect to be recognized.

What Does it Mean to Be Humble?

Humble people have a very different perspective on life than most people.

Humble souls are unwavering in their devotions; they are solid as the bedrock and emanate a steady stream of clear, calm energy that you can’t ignore.

They don’t need to prove anything to anyone, and their focus is often on other people’s wellbeing. A humble person is passionate about helping others succeed.

Why the World could use More Humility

Since you are reading this blog, you likely aspire to be more humble, even in small ways. You, like me, know the incredible feeling associated with helping others succeed. You – like I have a home, a computer, freshwater. We are privileged by global standards. We know deep down that we can do more to serve others less fortunate than ourselves.

My God! We need more humble people in this world. If you can’t be humble, you can always support someone who is.

So let’s dive deeper in what being humble looks like.

Humble People Value and Nurture Relationships

Relationships are the key to opening your heart towards others. We need each other, we need relationships and relationships are the best way for us to learn more about ourselves and the people around us. Humble people know this best.

Three women walk together, holding hands and with their backs to the camera, outside in a field.
All relationships are valuable and help us grow. Image by silviarita from Pixabay

For relationships to work we have to put our ego aside, park it in a box for a while and watch how humane we become. The coldness in the world spreads when we disconnect from the very people we love.

Value your relationships, nurture them, see them for what they are, people living their life and wanting to connect with each other. Deep down, we all want that connection with others.

They are Great Listeners

Oh, yes, this is their most precious skill. They listen and weigh in only when it is needed. They know when to speak, give advice and they know when to listen.

An older man in a suite sits and is listening intently to someone.
When we listen we learn. Image by Szilárd Szabó from Pixabay

When you listen carefully, you watch and feel the energy in the air which allows you to understand people and their situations better. Listening means you can assess a situation more accurately. It is a skill that allows you to get to know who is in the room, all their egos, fears, weaknesses and strengths.

Humble People Put Other People First

They have great respect for humanity and see the world as an opportunity to learn. They are always striving to learn more and support people who need it.

Humble souls also don’t let their ego control their life. They weigh everything carefully and thoughtfully. They do not act from their ego but from a source of wisdom.

To practice humility, try setting your ego in a box for a while and just be YOU, the loving, kind person you really are, without your identity, fears and ego induced attitudes. Humble people help others even if they don’t have the money to do so. Time is a currency, as well as compassion, love and acceptance. Humble people give whatever they have to help others.

A big brown teddy bear is partially in a large box or luggage, half in and half out.
Put your ego in a box and see the wonders to behold. Image by 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 from Pixabay

Humble People Are full of Wisdom about Life

When a humble person speaks it comes from deep wisdom. Before they talk, they weigh their words carefully because they know that words can hurt and they can also heal. Words are powerful and potent.

Your words are like spells that can cast the most beautiful moments or cut like a knife. Be aware of what you say to others and to yourself and sometimes it is best to say nothing.

A very wise and older monk in a burgundy robe is sitting down and looking sideways and listening and thinking.
The wisdom that brings humility is truly awesome and beyond measure.
Image by smokefish from Pixabay

They Don’t Complain or Blame

You will never hear a humble person blame other people or complain. They take responsibility for everything they do and say.

Humble people know that no matter what people do, no matter how horrible they might appear, everyone has a reason for everything they do. Get to that reason if you really want to help and understand people’s motives.

Humble People Draw Strength from Within

This is a core truth of life and one which I write about often. You can not gain REAL strength from others or from anything outside of yourself. Real strength AND change comes from within yourself.

Yes, other people and outside influences can make situations better (or worse), but if you are not solid within yourself, no amount of support from the outside world will make any lasting impact on your life or the life of others.

That is why humble people actively practice deep reflection and have astonishing inner knowledge because they take the time to learn about themselves and then others. They have solid values and principles, they have personal boundaries of steel and this is what makes them so incredibly powerful and knowledgeable.

Last but not least, Humble People Are Grateful

They truly are thankful for everything in their life. Humble people accept all of life’s surprises, challenges, mysteries, upsets, and they have the resilience to work through life’s toughest issues.

They have lived through and succeeded in overcoming their own dark days and they are stronger for it. Yet you never hear them complain about their past. Their past made them who they are today.

Life is lived with the belief that ‘everything in life is a blessing.’ And I am truly blessed to experience this life as it is.

Humble People from the Past

A stone statue in muted bronze colour of a sleeping angel with curly hair and wing.
Sleep angel sleep for your actions resonate throughout the world from today and forever more. Image by 9049717 from Pixabay

Truly humble people from the past were often saints and lived a life in devotion to God or their version of God. Some famous examples are;

Jesus, Buddha, Teresa of Avila, and John the Cross.

Humble People Today?

Some million and billionaires are considered humble because they donate their wealth to charities, but I’m afraid I disagree with these lists. They are not humble! They continue to think of themselves first! It takes much more than donating money to be truly humble. Furthermore, the manner that some people of wealth got their money is questionable and lacks integrity.

These rich – so-called humble people – give their money away to avoid paying higher taxes or because they are suddenly afraid of God knocking on their door as their life comes to an end. Being humble is not about seeing anything coming to an END, nor about thinking of yourself first. Humble is not sitting on money and then deciding to give it away because it makes YOU feel better, and the bonus is it helps OTHERS.

Let’s be clear, humility has nothing to do with you feeling better about yourself!

A truly humble person radiates humility in ALL areas of their life. They are truly selfless. It is tough to find humble people today. One humble person I like to celebrate is James Bowen the author of the book “A Street Cat Named Bob”. James was a drug addict who wrote a book about his life then became famous when it was turned into a movie. It is a touching real-life story about how his life turned around when a street cat – named Bob – came into his life. Bowen now dedicates his TIME and newfound wealth to helping numerous charities that involve homelessness, literacy, and animal welfare.

“A Street Cat Named Bob”, author James Bowen is a perfect example of a humble person of the 21st century.

A truly humble person is congruent in all areas of their life and in all that they say and do.

Why Strive to be Humble?

Black and white phot of a beautful baby girl with blond hair.
We owe it to future generations to be more humble. Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

We don’t have to be as humble as a saint to make our world a better place. Having humility in one area of life will certainly create a better situation no matter what. A drop of humility creates amazing change where ever it is dropped.

Mothers worldwide make the world a better place because of their unwavering humility, support and selfish devotion to their children. Nothing can be more humble than that!

Why are self-centred billionaires celebrated for donating the money they don’t need when mothers and fathers (single mothers and fathers especially) worldwide are left to struggle to survive. Yet, they remain unwavering in their devotion to raise the next generation of human beings against insurmountable odds. Why are they not celebrated as much as the million and billionaires?

Humble leaders make the best leaders and drive their companies forward. They are truly in it to make the whole better. Humility is selfless! I’m sorry but a humble billionaire is thinking only of themselves first.

Our priorities, values and principles in this world are skewed, confused and even lost. Being humble starts with just that! Seeing things for what they are and admitting that we need to work from a healthy set of values and principles that get to the heart of what is REALLY important for humanity to thrive.

There are loads of examples of humility in the world, and the more, the better. Start to notice. And why not practice a little humility ourselves.

A little bit goes a long way and can create a massive shift in your world – for the better, and that will spread to your family, your community and even the world.

So what are you waiting for? Humble up and get more real than you have ever been before. : )

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