I don’t know about you, but I find that as I grow more mature in years I grow less attached to things that use to drive and guide my life.

I use to think so many things were just so – well … ridiculously – important!

Maybe you feel the same? Maybe you too have slowed down a little, and get tired more easily with time and energy wasting tasks. You value your time more and know the value of being in control of the only thing you can ever be in control of – yourself.

In a way, it feels like moving forward, moving upwards, moving towards… something less tangible and more cerebral. Something guided by the senses, fostered from within, and supported by learning the hard way, the principles of life.

This is truly a different kind of journey. Just like when you were younger or less aware. We have all had stages in our life when we strove to achieve, to accomplish and conquer and confront our fears.

This journey now, at this stage, is different. VERY different! and it feels so good.

The Journey to Self Awareness

This journey has it’s own ups and downs. The biggest challenge is maintaining the bliss of the inner world … while living physically rooted in the outer world.

The sign posts that direct the way to this bliss are presented to us through ‘reactions’. When something bothers or frustrates us, we get triggered and we react to it. Any reaction we feel inside is a warning sign that says, “You are veering from the path, stay aware and do not proceed until the way is cleared.”

However, often we either ignore the reactions we feel by burying them and allowing them to rear their ugly truths for another distant day OR we over react and fuel the drama allowing it to gain momentum.

At some point, usually in desperation or exhaustion we either take the easy road and blame everyone around us for making us miserable or we actually start to wake up.

Spiritual Consciousness Versus Unconsciousness

Anytime you react to something that causes a downward pull in the pit of your stomach; you move into a state of spiritual unconsciousness.  When you are unconscious spiritually you are not easily aware of the peace and clarity that can exist – if you just let it go.

If you can’t ‘let it go’ then that is the work. To be self aware enough to work through why something triggered you and be responsible for your own transgressions without blaming others.

Staying impartial to events around you is the key to success. However, engaging in unconscious actions will bring you even more unconsciousness. You end up swimming in a sea of drama, fighting to stay afloat, not realising that all you have to do is drain the pool, or simply get out.

A few things will help immensely to help you NOT react unconsciously to the world around you. 

As you slowly wake up and detach, even momentarily, from the outside world, you can more easily get clarity …. even during a juicy raging drama. 

This self reflection is good and brings us back to our centre.  When everything has calmed down, we can go back into spiritual consciousness.  We can better identify what dragged us into the cloud of unconsciousness and try to understand what triggered us and then let it go!  

The key to living a more fulfilling and happy life is to stay spiritually conscious as much as possible.  In the very least know when you are being conscious and/or unconscious and actively strive to be conscious more and more with each passing day. 

Accept that you will slide back and forth on and off the trail to spiritual consciousness.  Accept that we all live in a sea of unconsciousness and it is through our interaction with this that brings us to a deeper understanding of our own inner world.

How to Prepare Yourself for Spiritual Consciousness

1) To Be Spiritually Conscious or Not

Know the difference! When you are spiritually conscious you are blissful and secure in your own skin.  The world unfolds in front of your eyes and you feel extremely happy, at peace and calm with whatever comes your way.  

When you are spiritually unconscious you busy yourself with things to do, you talk for the sake of talking. You seek out people for company, you talk to others fishing for information. You react to what others say whether it is about you, a friend, or anyone else. 

You are hooked on and plugged into the drama of life and IT guides you… the outer world controls you rather than the inner world.

Instead, live from within.

let your inner world guide you rather than the outer world

2) Have a Sense of Humour

It helps if you have a good sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Laughter is a sure sign of pure joy.  Start to laugh more, see the funny side of things, hang out with funny people, get comfortable laughing at you own silly ways.

3) Separate Yourself from Your Thoughts.  

Put some distance between you and the thoughts you think.  Know the difference between your thoughts and the you behind those thoughts.

Know that you are NOT your thoughts and never make a decision based on them because your thoughts are just old stories and memories and dramas… old beliefs that have incredible control over you if your don’t handle them consciously.

4) Accept That You are Going to Waffle

You will – potentially – be pulled and get hooked back into drama – again and again.  That is life in the physical world. We are swimming in a sea of potentially volatile stuff.

Accept that you will react, get triggered, feed dramas, wake up, let go and do it all over again.  The key is that you are seeing it and improving your awareness as you go through life. If everyday you can be a tiny bit more aware than the day before… you are doing awesome!

I would love to hear about where you are on this journey. Is life a confusing mass of repeating dramas? Do you know when you are spiritually conscious and/or unconscious.? What is your biggest struggle in this journey to awakening?

Please comment below or share this with someone who may find this blog helpful. Thank you!

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