Do you sometimes struggle to connect with other people?

Do relationships scare you?

Do you doubt whether you can establish a healthy relationship with another person?

Are you open to the fact that you learn a lot about yourself through your relationships with others?

Would you like to make more sense out of the value of relationships and have better relationships?

If any of these thoughts resonate with you, then read on my friend because we are going dive into the amazing and inspiring life challenge of relationships.

I want to share with you how to think differently about your relationships so you can accept them for what they are; a beautiful evolutionary path to your deepest awakening and happiness.

If you know a little about the Law of Attraction but struggle to see Law of Attraction in action for you, then look no further.

Your relationships ARE the Law of Attraction in action.

Oh yeah… are you ready!

The Quality of Your Relationships is Determined by You

So, first of all, ALL relationships are a direct reflection of where you are at right now energetically and because they act as a mirror to the inner you, they show you who you are.  Your relationships will always reflect back to you your exact energy, precisely. There is absolutely no BS there!

No matter what the relationship is, whether it is intimate, loving, uncomfortable, challenging, casual… whatever it is, any relationship can evolve into something that is ultimately satisfying for you.  The clincher is how YOU think about the relationship, your ideas, opinions, thoughts, and whether you bring in the thoughts and opinions of others.  This is what defines your journey in all of your relationships.

The quality of your relationships is determined by you!

Dwell on the Positive

Every experience that you live is a stepping stone to greater clarity and greater satisfaction that helps you to better define what it is you really want in your life.

Your internal dialogue also directly determines the quality of your relationships.  If you choose thoughts and language that feels good, regardless of what anyone else thinks, then your relationships will be very fulfilling.  A greater awareness and wisdom comes from knowing that every relationship is here specifically for you to learn and grow.

You have to be solid in this because in the heat of an argument with a loved one it is VERY easy to forget that there is golden nugget lesson here for you.  At that moment all you want to do is argue how right you are, assert yourself, get personal etc…  You must try hard to not dwell on thoughts that are not allowing you to evolve to better, purer, more energizing energy.

We are all co-creating, and the law of attraction brings to us people who we are a vibrational match to.  With each interaction, we get clearer and clearer about what we want and what we are looking for.

The Most Important is the Relationship with Yourself

If we find that our relationships are turbulent, and similar patterns develop with many different people then it’s time to step back and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself.  The energy you are radiating is coming back to you in perhaps unpleasant ways, and when you accept that you create everything in your reality, then you will understand how futile it is to blame other people for not giving you better relationships. You have to step back, take a breather, pray, pause, reflect and get calm again.

It is all up to you! You are in the driver’s seat of your life.  You determine the quality of your relationships.  If your relationships are crappy, then you need to get really honest about your motives and ask why you are sending out mixed messages.  For example, do you tell people one thing or say one thing but think and act out something completely different?

You need to go back and connect with yourself and self-reflect on why you feel the way you do.  You are not allowed to blame the other person at all or use anyone’s name.  You must start seeing your role in the quality of all your relationships.

The basis of confusion at the heart of what bothers almost everybody about relationships is this:  you are offering a vibration, whatever it may be and the law of attraction is matching you up with people who are a match to that vibration.

When you are aware and take COMPLETE responsibility for what you are creating and accept that you are attracting exactly what you are offering energetically; that is the first real step to getting off the blame game and looking honestly at yourself. It means being really truthful about what is happening in your relationships.

Fun Activity!

Just for fun try this exercise.  If you are struggling with a relationship and it is tense, you will likely have some things you do actually adore about that person but there will also be an overwhelming amount of things you don’t like about them.  Try, just for a few days to think and act upon only the things you adore about that person.

Amplify those things you adore about them and deemphasis the things you don’t like about them. Then watch the magic. Watch and see what happens.

You should be able to see how you can turn this relationship around simply by changing what you choose to focus on about that person. To see this work quickly this works best with someone you see every day or talk to often.

As you evolve, feel and grow more into the essence of your what you want in a dream relationship, you will appreciate more things, and this is a wonderful way to create.  This is how you create your reality – for the good!

Think about it, if we truly do create our reality (which we do) why would you NOT try to create beautiful loving thoughts about other people, even not so pleasant people, and just see what happens.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

You will actually start to see and feel a shift for the better.

Be careful though because when you see how you can shift energy to something lighter, you may then start getting quite demanding about the other things you want to change or shift in life. You may start by asking the universe for everything you ever wanted, and then get frustrated when it doesn’t come.  But this is a process, you have to go step by step and build the momentum as you go.

You are asking for things you are not yet ready to bring into your reality.  You have to shift the energy around the thing you want first, get into a good place with it, then slowly build a positive momentum, and keep doing this without EXPECTING anything in return, other than to feel really good about it.

If you are not vibrationally ready for your dream relationship then it will bounce right off you. You then come away assuming that you did something inappropriate or you assume they did something wrong and you fixate on that!

Instead, try to stay focused on what works, don’t get so micro-focused on what doesn’t work.  Tell yourself that relationships are the best real-life example of the Law of Attraction in action.


Remind yourself that you are getting back all that you vibrate outwards.

Encourage yourself by saying, ‘I have done pretty good so far, I will stop making decisions about the future and forever more… I like what is being offered to me and I will be flexible about it. I will stop making decisions about the future. Planning and expecting will always kill the creation process.

Do not derail all your good work by ‘expecting’ and ‘predetermining’ how things should work out.  Keep an open mind and simply see how things go. Enjoy the ride!

Remember – no one is responsible for your happiness. NO ONE!

You are 100% responsible for everything in your life.  Furthermore, on that same line, nothing outside of yourself will ever give you lasting love or happiness.  You are responsible for your own love and happiness.  If you don’t get this deeply, you will always be disappointed in other people and in your life.

Appreciate everything, for better or for worse. This mindset will ‘allow’ things to come to you so you can experience them for what they are and not for what you expect them to be.

Make it Happen

If you really want to see how quickly you can create change in your life use your relationships to see the Law of Attraction in action.

Share your own experiences with the Law of Attraction in action below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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