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    12 Skills Every Man Should Master To Be a Real Man!

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    Categories: Men and Women, Personal Growth, Relationships, Sexual Energy

    Are you a man trying to find your place in the world today?

    Are you confused about your role as a man or feel that the people around you are confused about your role?

    Are your loved ones pushing you to be something you are not, causing frustration and an internal crisis?

    Do you feel misunderstood, taken for granted, used and abused and even lost in you identity as a real man?

    Do you ever wish you had a role model, someone who is a REAL man themselves?

    What the hell does it take to be a REAL man in 2018?

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    How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create What You Want

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    Categories: Law of Attraction, Personal Growth, Spiritualism

    You’ve heard that you are a creator of your reality, but what does that really mean?

    Have you tried creating for yourself, but you keep creating the same old stuff, that you don’t really want!

    Do you think that the Law of Attraction is an impossible pipe dream, that doesn’t really work?

    If you have ever tried to get the Law of Attraction to work for you…

    If you have ever questioned ow it all works…

    Then this blog is for you my friend! 

    Read on…

    The facts about the Law of Attraction…

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    How to Move Through Grief

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    Categories: Emotions, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Relationships

    Are you totally stuck in grief?

    Can’t see beyond the pain or even the next day?

    If you have ever lost someone near and dear to you whether it is a person or pet, you will be all too familiar with the consuming feeling of grief.

    Grief in one sense can seem so unfair, rob us our happiness, leave us with regret and maybe even guilt.

    On the other hand, if we think differently about grief, it can open the door to new possibilities and new energy, as well as a new and more empowering understanding of life. 

    There is no doubt Grief is a POWERFUL emotion and if you have ever experienced it then you will find this blog really enlightening. 

    Grief is a problem only when you we get stuck there for too long and can’t move past it.

    If you are struggling with grief, read on, this post will help you look at thighs … differently.

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    The Emotional Scale and How to Move Up in Vibration

    Man with two emotional faces
    Categories: Emotions, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Spiritualism, Truth

    Have you ever wondered what the Emotional Scale is and why it is important to understand?

    Have you ever felt uncomfortable feeling your emotions?

    Do you consider emotions to be a grey area of confusion?

    Have you ever been stunned at how your emotions just take over leaving you feeling lost and exhausted?

    Would you like to have more control over your emotions and use them constructively to heal yourself?

    If any of these ring a chord with you then read on my friend, cause this information will really help you find peace with your emotions.

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    How to Have a Constructive Anger Release With Another Person

    Retro couple making a heart with their hands
    Categories: Emotions, Personal Growth, Relationships

    Have you ever expressed your anger in front of other people and been shut down?

    Do you ever feel guilty about your anger release and so you shut yourself down?

    If left unresolved, your anger will grow into a dark black monster that has the potential to seriously hurt you and the people you love.

    Furthermore, most people don’t mean to shut you down on purpose, it’s just that they also have misunderstandings about what anger is.

    If you are like a lot of people, you may not even feel comfortable releasing your anger on other people. I for one, have to be really angry at someone before I actually scream and yell at them. More often than not, I hide away and stew over things for days before I express my anger. In fact I have even held onto unhealthy anger for years. Not good!

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    What is Anger and How To Release It Properly?

    Angry couple fighting with boxing gloves
    Categories: Emotions, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Relationships

    We have all been angry at one point in time or another and released our fury onto others, possibly hurting the very people we love.

    Does that ever make the situation better?

    Have you experienced being unable to have a good anger release because the person or people in your life won’t let you express it?

    Have you ever buried your anger, or gone into denial, which over time can make you feel even more angry and even guilty for feeling anger in the first place!?

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many misunderstandings around anger?

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    How to Master Forgiveness

    Woman in a sunset with birds
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Law of Attraction, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritualism, Truth

    Does the thought of forgiveness seem unreachable and maybe even ridiculous?

    Have you ever hung onto resentment for months, even years?

    Ever tell yourself that you know you should forgive someone, but it hurt so much you can’t seem to get there?

    Or maybe you think true forgiveness is for saints.

    If any of these statements resonate with you, hang on my friend cause I got some juicy information for you!

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