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    Relationships are the Law of Attraction in Action!

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    Categories: Family, Law of Attraction, Love, Men and Women, Personal Growth, Relationships

    Do you sometimes struggle to connect with other people?

    Do relationships scare you?

    Do you doubt whether you can establish a healthy relationship with another person?

    Are you open to the fact that you learn a lot about yourself through your relationships with others?

    Would you like to make more sense out of the value of relationships and have better relationships?

    If any of these thoughts resonate with you, then read on my friend because we are going dive into the amazing and inspiring life challenge of relationships.

    I want to share with you how to think differently about your relationships so you can accept them for what they are; a beautiful evolutionary path to your deepest awakening and happiness.

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    Are You Lying to Yourself?

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    Categories: Emotions, Family, Relationships, Truth

    Do people disappoint you again and again?

    Are you desiring a deep connection with others but just can’t seem to get there?

    Are you exhausted and feel drained around people?

    Do you disappoint the people closest to you and you either don’t care or understand why?

    Do you find it easier to deal with life by using substances to numb your thoughts and feelings?

    Deep down in, in rare moments you do admit that you are very unhappy.

    If any of these ring true for you, read on and find out how to get to a better place.

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    Where Do You Stand When it Comes to Money?

    Woman with a hand full of American money.
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Love, Money, Personal Growth, Relationships

    I like to share with you today a story about money.

    Money will honestly show you, who you really are.

    For example, how will you act when money comes your way?  Will it make you lose yourself? Will it distance you from your own blood?  Or will it bring you joy and connection with those around you?

    Money is a great and powerful catalyst.

    It can either enslave you or free you.

    I like to explore one side of money that is very sad but I offer it here so we can explore, how money can and will shape and change you my friend?

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    How to Find Your Dream Job and Change Your Career

    A business man is standing infront of a black board thinking about a big decision.
    Categories: Career, Life Journeys, Personal Growth

    Are you stuck in a job you don’t like or even hate?

    Want to change careers but don’t know just how to do that?

    Are you over 50 and just lost your job and need to find a new job?

    Are you feeling scared to make a big change in your career?

    Not sure what your purpose is in life and how to find your dream job?

    If any of these resonate with you read on my friend!

    My Crazy Career Path:

    My career journey has certainly had interesting curves along the way.

    I am a trained teacher and have taught for most of working career, however, I have diverged from that path several times over the years.  I certainly did not start out as a teacher.

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    The Difference Between Self-Love and Self-Care

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    Categories: Life Journeys, Love, Personal Growth

    Do you practise self-love or self-care?

    Ever wondered if there is actually a difference between the two?

    Do you practise yoga, meditation, eat healthy, exercise and basically do whatever you can to stay healthy?

    Do you ever feel that something is missing in your spiritual practice?

    If so, then this blog post will be of interest to you.

    There is actually a huge difference between self-love and self-care.

    Being clear on the difference between these two practices will help you get your spiritual practice into more alignment with who you really are and move you forward more authentically.

    If you want a deeper spiritual practice, read on…

    But first, let’s look at… LOVE.

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    Self-Love versus Self-Indulgence

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    Categories: Life Journeys, Love, Personal Growth

    Are you doing your best to be healthy, spiritually aligned, do regular yoga and/or maybe even meditate?

    Do you feel that something is missing in your spiritual practice and you don’t quite know why?

    You have no doubt heard of how important it is to show yourself self-love.

    But, do you really know what self-love is?

    I use to think that self-love was going to the spa, pampering myself, and giving myself well-deserved treats, while I lost all sense of myself in a very stressful job.

    That is not self-love at all!

    Watch this video to get clear on the differences between self-love and self-indulgence and shift your focus from doing ‘stuff’ to connecting more deeply with the real you.

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    Do You Feel Like a Failure?

    A man with thick red paint over his eyes and face.
    Categories: Career, Law of Attraction, Truth

    Have you ever felt like a failure?

    Sure you have! And that’s good!

    Life just would not be life without failures to remind us how far we have grown.

    Failing means that you are on the path to success!

    But really!  How do you feel about failure?

    Do you view it as a humiliation or as a path to success?

    Well, most of us are not comfortable with failure.

    I certainly am not comfortable with failure, but over the years I’ve come to make peace with this really powerful emotion.

    Let me tell you, I have had major big failures in my past.

    I want to present the idea of failure in a new light, so listen up…

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    Are You Romantic?

    Young couple together with man kissing girl on forehead.
    Categories: Emotions, Love, Personal Growth

    Being romantic is very attractive!

    Romance is the spice of life.

    If you are looking for a partner or want to keep the flames burning with your current relationship, romance is the way to go!

    Take this short quiz to find out if you are romantic or if you need some work in this department.

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    I want to leave my partner, what should I do?

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    Categories: Emotions, Love, Relationships, Truth

    Are you thinking of leaving your relationship?

    Are you so frustrated with your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, or your partner that you just can’t imagine staying any longer?

    Are you at a breaking point?

    Have you considered leaving for some time now?

    If you are thinking of leaving your relationship, read this blog first!

    I have some advice on how to improve your relationship immediately AND from the inside out.

    I hope you are all ears… cause I wrote this post especially for YOU!

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    Who am I… Really?

    Africsan American young woman wearing sunglasses looking off into the distance.
    Categories: Law of Attraction, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritualism, Truth

    Ever wonder who you really are?

    Will knowing who you really am, help you to find your purpose in life?

    Is the real you, your thoughts or something deeper?

    Why are we obsessed with defining who we are to the outside world and to ourselves?

    Is the real you evolving or is it the same from birth to death?

    Well, if you have pondered on any of these thoughts, then you are in the right place!

    Read on …

    There are actually two of you living in one physical body.

    At least this is true for most of us.

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    10 Simple Questions to Test Your Spiritual Knowledge!

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    Categories: Law of Attraction, Spiritualism, Truth

    There are a lot of high calibre words being thrown around today to describe deeply spiritual experiences.

    Have you ever asked yourself what do all these spiritual words and concepts mean?

    What is the difference between your ‘spirit’ and your  ‘soul’?

    What exactly is ‘evil’ and ‘sin’?

    What is the meaning of ‘Prayer’ and ‘Grace’?

    What is the best way to find your purpose and truth?

    What is the most powerful asset we have in life?

    Take this quick simple quiz to test your knowledge of the most commonly used terms in spiritual texts and media, to see where you stand.

    Have fun…!

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    The Truth About Judgement

    Young man standing on a rock infront of a water fall with arms out stretched.
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    Have you ever felt the weight of ‘judgement’ come down on you?

    Have you ever been upset, frustrated, or irritated by what others say and think about your actions and decisions in life?

    Have you ever wanted to run away from pressures from loved ones and family because they don ‘t approve of your actions?

    Ever been the judge… and judged others for things you feel are ‘wrong’.

    Sure you have!

    If you are human and live on planet earth, you will know about judgements all too well.

    If judgement bothers you, has ever knocked you off course from who you really are or you have dished out your fair share…. then this blog is for you my friend!

    Read on and be amazed at how releasing judgements from your life is going to change your life around for the better…

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