Are you a spiritual person, but have no room for religion?

Do you believe that you can be deeply spiritual but not be signed up to a church or a particular belief system?

Are your spiritual beliefs totally aligned with who you?

Do you feel that religion is failing so many and this is the time for a new belief system based in truth and not dogma?

Have you ever been condemned by religious people, for believing what you believe?

Does the whole idea of religion turn you off and make you cringe?

If any of this rings true, then this blog is for you!

The Truth!

First up let me just say that I am not trying to encourage anyone to leave their religion. Religion certainly has a place in societies… but let’s face it… religion is changing… and for good reason… that is what this blog is about. Take this all with an open mind please.

So, as far as I see it, NO one goes to hell, no one goes to heaven, everyone goes to the same place and it is beautiful for everyone!

If you said this to a practising Christian, they would either argue with you or, at the very least, they would secretly condemn you to the hell that is waiting for you (which they keep alive in their mind).

There is no such thing as good or bad. There is what is and what isn’t.  This means there is no judgment because to judge means you deem yourself right and someone or something else as wrong.

This is the problem with the way religion is practised in all major religions, there is this nauseating right and wrong principle which is based on the human experience and loaded with judgement.,

It is so far from the truth, yet is the guiding principle they preach and is the crux of what is so wrong with organised religion.

Religion is very political and appeals to peoples fears and weaknesses..

In my opinion, no one should ever be allowed to tell you what you should or shouldn’t believe.

Religion is Full of Inconsistencies

Almost every religion says every other religion is inappropriate, which immediately puts them out of the realm of truth and true spiritualism.

Religion is actually groups of people all trying to find strength in numbers to pressure others to agree with them about something they are insecure about.  If they were not insecure about it, they would not be fixated on it.

Religious people are looking for God and love in all the wrong places. They limit themselves – locked within rules, books, doctrine – to the vastness of what a rich spiritual life can be.

Religious people would never listen to nonreligious people because they think they know better because it says so in the bible or whatever book they decide is their bible. In reality, they are not strong enough in themselves to really examine the TRUTH in their own lives, let alone other peoples.

Religion segregates people and excludes them simply because they are different.  For example, many Christians believe that gay people will go to hell because of their sexual preferences.

I wonder then if Jesus loves ALL people no matter what colour, sex, or orientation then why does he condemn gay people? Gay or cross-gender people are human beings like anyone else, yet many religious people say they are destined to go to hell.


Talk about a flawed belief! And then where does that judgment stop… what is the next thing to be included or excluded?

Is Religion Failing the Majority of People?

Religion is failing and will fall away because it does not serve people in the 21st century any more.  It is an old, stale belief system that we are outgrowing as we become more consciously and spiritually aware.

The power of God is within us. Jesus said this again and again.  It is not in the church, it isn’t in believing a certain religion, it isn’t in anything outside of yourself. 

All your power is within. Amen!

Most religions say you are here being tested by God and what a harsh God ‘he‘ is if I were to believe that! Again this is yet another human trait and belief being imposed upon people to put ‘the fear of God into them’.

You are here to live and experience life. You are governed by universal laws that influcence everything from your internal cells to the universe.

There is a power that flows through you and all living things that binds us all together.

You are not inferior – or superior – to anything or anyone else. If you hurt your brother, even a stranger… you hurt yourself.

Many religious people see God as a man or a father figure.  Again that is very limiting. Is God not, everything? And because God is everything including being beyond our understanding then why can I not call God, the universe, the source, the divine or whatever else I choose?

Why do Christians insist that I accept God in exactly the same way they do? It is because they are scared. Behind every religious person is a fear. Their beliefs are built on fears.

Anything built on fear, can not be based in truth.

Where Are we Today with Religion?

Right now the Vatican, the Pope, the Arch Bishops, all priests and religious leaders are grappling with this dilemma right now. The future doesn’t look bright for them and they know it!

They are trying to redesign religion and repackage it in a new light to win back the masses.

I find religion fascinating. It served us all very well when we didn’t fully understand the shifts in nature, the mysteries of the earth and beyond, but we are not those people anymore.

As a species, we have evolved immensely over the centuries, whether you believe that or not. Just go back to the dark ages to know how far we have come.

I’ve seen how religion can tear people apart and yet I have also seen how religion can hold people together. Yet for all it’s faults and goodness, religion is not the overriding truth in our lives. There is so much more out there.

People are yearning and searching for a new belief system that will see us through the 21st century. People are shifting their beliefs to something that is more honest, more aligned to who they really are, and that actually works for ALL living beings, not just a few.

A Path Forward

What is happening in the world today is a conflict between people hanging onto the old beliefs – religion is one of these – versus people pushing forward to embrace a new way of living.

I’m really simplifying this and I apologise for that, but I think it is easier to understand if we look at this from a broader perspective first.

In my next blog I will be talking about this very topic in much more detail. I will likely call it, “Why Trump, Brexit and Europe are having the last dance.”

Religion is just one of the huge paradigms that are shifting and changing at the moment. When we understand why religion is changing, this will help us to understand why lots of other things are changing in our world right now.

Religion is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the changes that are taking place in our world today. There is a massive global shift happening right now and religion is just one piece of this massive puzzle.

Watch out for my next blog that explores this is much more detail.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you think religion is changing? Do you think this a good thing or a bad thing? If so, what do these changes say about our future path? Please share your thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Religion Having an Identity Crisis?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog. Actually humans have to open their mind and eyes and shop around instead of being stuck with all these beliefs transferred by parents. Change is coming..

    1. Hi! Yes, change is here, slowly it is all happening. We are living at a very interesting time right now, being witness to this shift. I do think things will worsen before they can get better, but the change is here and there is nothing we can do to stop it. If we think collectively, as one, then you can’t help but feel happy about this – for the human race. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and I agree, we need this change because the way we have set up our governments and the world just doesn’t work anymore (it never worked really) but now more people are waking up.

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