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Have you tried to create what you want but fallen short every time?

You’ve likely heard that you are a creator of your reality, but what does that mean?

Have you tried creating good stuff for yourself, but you keep creating the same old stuff?  Like the stuff you don’t want!

Want to know how to REALLY create consciously and create the things you do WANT and not the same old crap?

Here are the nuts and bolts on how to create your new reality.

To do this successfully, it goes much deeper than just asking for what you want.

First, the Facts on the Law of Attraction 

  • We live in a vibrational universe full of energy.
  • You were vibrational FIRST BEFORE being created in the flesh.
  • Everything is vibration.
  • You are emitting a vibrational signal all the time, and it answers you all the time.

According to the Law of Attraction (LOA), you have complete creative control over your experiences.

A woman stands with her hands held together up in the air, with a beautiful sun set in the background.


At times, it may feel like life is throwing things at you, deliberately trying to throw you off balance. But that is only YOUR opinion of what is happening, and you are always choosing how you interpret what is going on in your life.

You are the one who chooses the direction of your thinking…  either life is out to get you OR life is redirecting you, or life is actually saving you from more harm.  So be open to alternative views; things are not always the way you see them.  

Time to take OFF the coloured glasses.

How to Create What You Want

Get in the Present Moment

All creation and manifesting happen in the NOW, or the present moment.

It would help if you felt what you desire right here and right now.  This is where you are most powerful. But if you are constantly living in the past or some faraway future, you splinter your energy between then and there, and you have little to no energy left for the now. 

Furthermore, if you are constantly stuck in unpleasant memories in the past, those memories have negative feelings. You will be creating more of the same feelings in your now and future.  

Creating what you want by reliving the past’s bad memories will only create more bad feelings and scenarios to match those feelings. You also can’t create in the future when you are feeling the lack of not having something.  You can only create powerfully in the NOW moment.  So again, if you are always in the past, you are literally preventing yourself from creating what you want in the now.

A man stands facing a sun set, in a cloudy sky that has a spiral pattern around it.


Recognizing, Accepting and Admitting Feelings that Trigger You

We all experience many moments in the day when we are happy drinking out tea thinking about our next holiday when suddenly, out of nowhere, we get a memory of how awful the last holiday was with our family (just as an example). 

Your pleasant thoughts get derailed and dragged down by a bad memory that you can’t let go of. Before you know it, you are sucked in and feeling miserable or upset over it. It might take you some time to recover yourself.  You literally became possessed by bad memory.   

We have to acknowledge these “triggers” or bad memories that ignite a strong feeling within us. Write them down, get familiar with them and reflect on how they make you feel in your body. When you get up close and personal with your feelings, you will be able to catch yourself wallowing in them much more easily in the future. 

Until we embrace all the bad feelings we dwell on, they will always control and take over our minds.  The first active critical step to being free from negative memories and thoughts is to ‘catch ‘ yourself thinking those thoughts.  Catch yourself and get your thoughts back into the present.

Whenever you entertain a memory, you immediately rip yourself from the powerful present moment.  


Once you can catch yourself going down bad memory lane, accept and admit that you let this happen, then get your attention back into the present time. 

A open hand, releases a white dove go free to fly away towards a sky fileld with other birds and the sun.


This can be easier said than done. You might need a “turn around” thought to help you. Whenever I get kidnapped by my thoughts, I say to myself, ‘Oh, I am out of the present moment again, and I prefer to create from the present moment than the past.’ Before I know it, I am back in the present.  

It took me exactly two and a half weeks of meditating every day and constantly watching out to ‘catch’ my bad memories stealing me away from my present moment. It took deep awareness, consciousness and vigilance to break this bad habit.  But I did it because I was tired of constantly living in the past! And retelling all my ‘poor me stories’ to myself.

Trust in a Higher Power, the Divine, God…

I call the awesome universal energy that flows through the universe and ourselves the Great Divine. Others call it ‘me consciousness,’ or a ‘higher knowledge,’ or God, or the ‘all-knowing’… whatever you choose to call this higher energy doesn’t matter -it’s just a label and means the same. What does matter is you acknowledge that it exists, and it is there to help propel you to the greatest version of yourself.

A stunning picture of a gold sprinkled sky with clouds and the sun shining in the distance.


Once you acknowledge this power, you engage with it consciously.  You can pray to it during your meditations.  You can ask it to help you catch yourself being unconscious.  And most importantly, we have to leave the actual doing or fixing of our problems to it – the divine. This is where we have to get out of the way and let the divine bring us the highest manifestation for us.

You visualize a box or a gift, or whatever works for you, and you pass the issue or challenge you are struggling with over to the divine universal energy.  Then get back into your present moment and know that it will deal with these things in the best, most unexpected ways.  You have trust in the divine by handing out your issues to it.

Visualizing What you Want through the Feeling of Already Having It

You continue to practise all of the above steps until you feel you have truly broken the habit of entertaining bad memories and being in the past.  Once this is accomplished, you can start projecting into the future what you want for yourself.  This must be done as a feeling; you think of what you want and the feeling that it gives you when you know you have it. 

For example, once I broke the habit of wallowing in feelings of ‘lack’ and anger,’ I started to think of scenarios that would bring me immense joy, like having a small lap dog to pet, or sitting outside in the sun relaxing on a hammock.  I started with simple things that were totally attainable and not a step out of my realm of possibilities.  If I wanted too much, the old bad memories would come up again.  I would then step back and dream of beautiful simple things again and work from there.

Slowly, I could dream of bigger and better things for myself as I attained the other things.  I slowly gained more trust in the process and would wake up eager to see what the universe would bring to me today. This is so different from before when zi would wake up wondering how they would ever get through the day!

Closing the Gap

What is happening now is you are closing the gap between the old way of thinking unconsciously about things in the past, and the new way of thinking, which is conscious and thinks, enjoys and lives in the powerful present moment.  You can literally feel yourself slowly closing the gap until one day the two merge into one.  

Two hands are slightly apart and the sun is setting exactly between these hands against a beautiful orange night sky,


That is when you have ALL your power in the present moment, and you can’t be easily kidnapped by your thoughts anymore.  You have had too many little successes along the way that prove this new pattern works, and you never look back again!

This is the amazing power spot of creation.  What you think now in the present moment and feel will project into your future like a rocket, and amazing things will shift, change and be created in your life.  

Now you are resonating at the same frequency or close to the same frequency as the all higher energy or divine consciousness around you.  Now you can be a creator of what you want and not recreating the past’s bad memories. 

The Magic is in the Feeling

The universe responds to the feeling you hold out for it to interpret then create for you.  Those feelings are deeply embedded in your body if you radiate really gloomy feelings such as anger, lack, and unworthiness. You will create for you those feelings in your new manifestations.

If your words are saying beautiful things, but the feeling behind them is doom and gloom, the universe reads the feelings, not the words.

The universe reads and talks in the language of feelings, not words.

That is why it is important to know how to derail the bad memories and feelings, turn them around and then get into the awesome good feelings of new beginnings.  


A great way to sustain good feelings is to practice gratitude every single day.  I do this at night before going to bed; I list all the things I am deeply grateful for every day. 

A red heart made of thick clay lays on the ground among dead leaves.


This is important because gratitude triggers deeply wonderful and powerful feelings of already having all that you need, which is exactly the langue the universe responds to in the most positive ways.  The universe will give you what you feel you have already, and feeling gratitude guarantees; you will be projecting the right kind of feelings and not the bad ones.  

Staying on Track…

Maintain a daily meditation practice. This is the best way to bring your full attention to the present moment. Rember, all creating must be done from the present moment if you want to create what you want.

When you are truly aligned, there is NOTHING that can knock you off your vibration.  Instead, you will feel a pull or tug or sensation of a feeling you don’t want, a trigger, and you will clear it immediately.

When you know you got this and maintain a sound vibration, watch what happens in your experience due to this newly found alignment and this newfound clarity.  Notice what happens in your world. Believe good things WILL start to happen. The more you notice them, the more they will come to you.  Like attracts like.

Remember, you will attract your life what you a vibrational match to, either good OR bad; the universe doesn’t choose for you-you do that! So make sure you are always – or at least as often as possible –  choosing and reaching for good feeling thoughts IN the present moment!


I gained the ideas for this blog from reading Joe Dispenza’s book, ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.’ He is the author of other excellent books that will help break you from your old habits of rethinking the same thoughts over and over again. ‘The Placebo Effect” and “The Supernatural’ are two other excellent books written by him.

Gratitude journal, or practice gratitude EVERY single day at the same time of day.

Meditation practices on youtube by Joe Dispenza also help you ‘unmemorize’ old feelings and beliefs and ignite your energy centres (chakras).  This one meditation I particularly like. 

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