You’ve heard that you are a creator of your reality, but what does that really mean?

Have you tried creating good stuff for yourself, but you keep creating the same old stuff – crap that you really don’t want!

Do you think that the Law of Attraction is just some new age pipe dream, that doesn’t really work?

Assuming Law of Attraction exists, have you ever wondered how to make it work for you?

If you have pondered any of these thoughts, then this blog is for you!

Read on… my friend!

Law of Attraction Facts:

  • We live in a vibrational universe full of energy.
  • You were vibrational FIRST BEFORE you were created in the flesh.
  • Everything is vibration.
  • You are emitting a vibrational signal all the time and it is being answered all the time.

According to the Law of Attraction (LOA), you have complete creative control of your experiences and you create your own reality.  At times, it may feel like life is throwing things at you, but actually, life is simply happening around you all of the time. You choose how you will participate in it.

Through your observation, memory awareness and participation you engage in life.

So let’s break the Law of Attraction down into 8 steps, in chronological order.

Step 1: Get in the Present Moment

All creation and manifesting happens in the NOW, or in the present moment.

You must feel what you desire right here and right now.  If you project what you in the future by using words such I want, I need, I like to have… you are placing a time element on your desire and so the universe will respond accordingly… always putting your desire out of the now.

You must at in the present moment, bring yourself fully into the present moment.  This is where all the power is, where all your power is and this is where all manifesting happens.

If you are not present, you will not manifest at ll, no matter how hard you feel it.  Look up and read anything by Eckhart Tolle to be really clear on this.

Step 2: Accepting Contrast

This is the stuff that doesn’t FEEL good.  Contrast causes you to ask questions. Contrast is anything that is the opposite of what you really want. So when you experience something you don’t like or don’t want, you have contrast and that helps you to better define what it is you REALLY do want. Contrast is good and a necessary part of finding what you want.

Reality Check:  anytime you feel frustration, problems, anger, triggers or anything from uncomfortable feelings to explosive outbursts… that is ALL contrast in action and should be embraced rather than resisted.

Step 3:  Asking

You can actively and intentionally ask for what you want either through words, thoughts and/or feelings (feeling what you want works best – because feelings don’t lie). Be careful though to stay in the present, as there is no past or future in the realm of the Divine, where Law of Attraction comes from.

In this asking stage you are participating in life and you will come to conclusions about what you want and don’t want.  To get Law of Attraction to work FOR you, always reach for the things you enjoy, love, and want. Focus on all the good feeling stuff and try hard to not focus on the stuff that feels bad (which is what you don’t want).

Move through this process of experiencing the wonderful variety and contrasts freely, and move always towards what makes you feel good. That is the direction you want to move in and you will always know you are moving in the right direction if it feels good.

The conclusions you make about what you really want and don’t want, occur within you and quietly.  It is all very personal and it helps you to establish who you are.  This step is the basis of the expansion of the universe and it is a beautiful thing.  It is the foundation for creating and from which all amazing things are born into being.

Reality check:  Unfortunately, the majority of us tend to focus on the negative.  We fixate on fixing the stuff in life that isn’t working.  For LOA to really work you need to actively and consciously focus on the stuff that feels good, as much as possible.

 Step 4: Source Answers

So what do I mean by ‘source’?  You may have heard it being called something else, like God or the universe, or source energy. It is where everything comes from.  It is a seemingly invisible life force.  It is the energy force of the universe.

Ok so when you ask, feel or put forth an intention of what you want it is given to you immediately, but in the form of a vibration. Said another way – it comes to you in a vibrationally way.

Step 3 is not something you actually work on at all, like in Step 1 and 2. This is where the LOA and the source within you answer what you are asking for.  In order to manifest what you want, you need to maintain a good feeling vibe and hold that feeling steady.

Reality checkWe tend to associate things coming to us in a physical form, meaning we can see, touch and smell it.  We believe that this is the only way something can actually come to us.  When something doesn’t ‘show up’ we believe that it isn’t coming and so we kill the manifestation before it has a chance to materialise.

Everything is created in the vibrational realm first and is as real as anything in the physical realm.  

Step 5:  Let Source Do the Work

When you send out a request, there is a perceived time gap between what you ask for and what you get.  As soon as you ask you are given it, but here’s the thing, you may not actually see it yet BUT it is there.  The reason you may not ‘get it’ or ‘receive it’ right away is that you are on a different frequency from the thing that you asked for.  If you were at the same frequency of what you are asking for it would appear immediately or very near that.

You have to line up vibrationally, to what you are asking for. Your energy has to match the energy of what you are asking for, in order to receive it.

So if you asking for things from a place of lack, or discontent, then you can only attract things that match that energy.

When you FEEL a certain way you ARE that way

(We tend to get this process backwards, we tend to think we have to BE a certain way first, but you must feel it first!)

Vibration always comes first!

So before you ask for anything, you have to consciously raise your energy if you really want to create it.  You have to feel what it feels like, to have it already and be happy throughout the manifestation process – even when it isn’t there physically.

Be aware and careful that you do not activate what is missing. Activate the vibration of what you want, by feeling like you have it already.

 Step 6: Allowing

By ‘allowing’ I mean that you must convince yourself there is no gap or time lag between what you are asking for and actually creating it.  You have to believe and know in your heart, with absolute certainty that it is created, even if you don’t actually have your hands on it… just yet.  It is there… vibrationally.  Just like when you were created, you were a vibration FIRST before you were actually a manifestation.

Feel it as if it is, in order for it to be.

Find ways to focus yourself into feeling good without needing all of the evidence to be there first. This is key to success and SOOOOOO important!

If you don’t need the evidence to show up right away for what you want, then you are able to accomplish the vibrational countenance of it before it is – before it is created.

 Step 7: SUSTAIN the Feeling of Well-being

Do not try so hard to get what you want, because if you do, you will create the feeling of frustration, annoyance, irritation, want, need… all of which create evidence that something is lacking.

You are aiming for a naturally good feeling.  To maximize this ‘naturally good feeling’ and milk it for all it is worth, start your day after waking up naturally and hold onto your good energy for at least 17 seconds, every morning.  This has to be done before anything robs you of this beautiful sense of well-being. First thing in the morning is the best time to capture this and set yourself up for good thoughts and feelings, the entire day.

So, don’t just jump out of bed immediately when the alarm goes off.  You have the best possibility of getting your vibration going where you want it, first thing in the morning.

Get into an attitude of appreciation and milk it!  Keep your thoughts General (see the Science Behind Stepping Into You, free download). LOA will always help you out.  LOA is just like gravity, it is always there, naturally pushing our energy upwards. We just need to let it do its thing and not interfere by ‘thinking’ aobut it.

 Step 8: Care About How You Feel

When you find vibrational alignment with who you really are and you sustain it for a period of time, you create a sort of buffer zone around yourself – such that the things that use to piss you off, NOW just don’t trigger or grab you anymore.  You effectively stop participating on a personal level with everything around you.

When you care about how you feel and you practice good feeling vibes, you will come to reach for this well-being feeling more and more often and it will get easier and easier to tap into it and maintain. It really is a process, that will gradually take you to a higher vibration.

You will start to feel different in positive more liberating ways. People won’t be able to take you away from your good feelings so easily.  You may even start to avoid certain people or situations, not out of anger or intentionally avoidance, just naturally as you flow more freely towards better feeling situations and people (with no judgement about it)

 Signs that You Are Creating Consciously

You will know when you are really on the right track energetically when you are living in the now, your life gets easier and you feel better.

When you are truly aligned, there is NOTHING that can knock you off your vibration.  Instead, you will feel a pull or tug or sensation of a feeling you don’t want, and you will clear it immediately.

When you know you got it and you are able to maintain a good vibration, watch what happens in your experience as a result of this newly found alignment and this new found clarity.  Notice what happens in your world, because believe me, good things WILL start to happen and the more you notice them the more they will come to you.  Like attracts like.

This is what working with the Law of Attraction is all about.  This is the LOA at its best.  So, remember you will attract into your life what you a vibrational match to, either good OR bad,  the universe doesn’t choose for you-you do that! So make sure you are always – or at least as often as possible –  choosing and reaching for good feeling thoughts!


If you can’t seem to make it work and find it difficult at first, fake it till you get there. Also, don’t forget to CELEBRATE every little thing that comes your way or works out for you. Celebrating the good stuff raises your energy as does feelings of gratitude.

You set the tone for your manifestations – no one else – so what will you focus on – the stuff that feels good or the stuff that feels bad?

Being consciously aware of your focus and constantly adjusting your focus towards good feelings thoughts WILL bring you what you truly want. Wherever you put your attention, that is what you will create more of.  So be sure you stay focused on the good stuff and NOT the crappy stuff in your life!

(some of the ideas presented here comes from Abraham Hicks – Utube,

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