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If you are stuck in perpetual sadness, then this blog will show you how to move through grief and start to feel new hope.

Can’t see beyond the pain or even to the next day?

Grief, in one sense, can seem so unfair, rob us of our happiness, leave us with regret and maybe even guilt. But there is a different way to think about moving through grief, one that is very empowering, loving and accepting.

Thinking differently about grief can open the door to new possibilities and new energy.  It can also offer a new and more empowering understanding of life.

There is no doubt Grief is a POWERFUL emotion, and if you have ever experienced it, then you will find this blog enlightening.

If you are struggling with grief, read on, this post will show you how to move through grief and feel more connected.

My Personal Experience With Grief

I recently lost my precious dog, Ruby.  I don’t have kids, and she was like my child.  That may sound strange to people who have kids, but I know the dog lovers out there will understand. Besides, love for another being is powerful no matter what that being is.

Ruby, a brown and tan short hair daschund laying on her back on a red blanket.
Lovely Ruby, 2015.

Every night I carried her like a baby to her bed, tucked her in and kissed her good night.  Ruby got me through my ups and downs over the years, and she was my rock through it all.  She was my closest companion and, in many ways, one of my deepest loves.

Since she has passed away, I have spoken to many other people who have experienced the loss of a child, an elderly parent, a close companion or a pet.  In the end, it doesn’t matter who or what was lost.  Grief is grief, and it feels the same no matter what it is you are grieving for.

To move through my grief, I have tried to understand this powerful yet consuming emotion.  The problem is I was stuck there and not able to get a positive feeling about it.  All I felt was terrible sadness and consuming regret rolling around in a vicious circle.

Learning how to move through grief is a deeply healing, yet difficult process.  it is right up there with radical forgiveness.

See Death as a Transition

I have always been fascinated by death and the fear that many people have about it.

If you genuinely believe that the universe is the fountain of source energy and that we all come from that source energy, then you will be able to accept that there is no such thing as death.  Instead, things change ‘form’.

Nothing dies completely.

People and pets transition when they pass away, but their spiritual energy remains and lives on.

Death reminds us that there is something bigger going on in this world and beyond.

A silver embossed metal skull head sitting among green succulents.
Overcoming the Death of a loved one can present a different way to experience life.

Looking at Death Differently

Let’s look at death differently.  It is actually empowering; it is a significant change and balancer in life. Yet most of us see death through a narrow lens, from a very egocentric view.  We may even feel that the universe took something away from us, making us feel deplorable.

If you accept that consciousness – or source energy – exists and is aware of you and that no matter what you do vibrationally, that awareness is always there, then you can more easily change your perspective on death.

When someone passes away, they go into a different realm of vibrational energy. The physical body leaves us, but the essence of what was in the material form is still alive.  So when someone dies, you can be closer to them vibrational and energetically.  They have not – in reality – gone anywhere.

When someone dies, we see a gap or emptiness but there is no gap between physical and nonphysical existence. How to move through grief involves accepting that the nonphysical world is accessible to us just as much as it is to your lost loved ones.

What if you accepted that your passed loved ones DO still exist, just in a different way.  They are now vibrational beings.  

Using the Law of Attraction to Explain Death and Grief

Some people do not believe they can continue their relationship with someone who passed away.  Yet, why not!  Let’s think of this differently.

The path to feeling better about death is to start by thinking of all the pleasant, loving memories of our loved ones who are gone.  Stay within this high vibrational place and feel every glorious moment.

When you remember that they have passed, try not to dip back down in the energy to less than empowering thoughts.  Remind yourself that, in reality, they have not left at all. Stay engaged with the beautiful memories of them and truly embrace and relish every glorious memory.

A young woman, resting with her face in her hand, and thinking deeply.
Photo by Marco Testi on Unsplash

Keep your thoughts loving when you remember your loved ones, this helps to keep the door open between the physical and the nonphysical worlds.  It also will allow a deeper connection with what is on a more spiritual level.

The awful, heavy, terrible feeling we feel when we grieve, is not at all aligned with the energy within us, or the power that grief is trying to offer us.

Grief is loving guidance towards a different way of thinking – a different reality. However, we often interpret the grieving process very differently – in a more negative way.  Instead of feeling separated from your loved ones, feel instead closer to them in the spiritual realm.  Feeling a spiritual connection can feel even more profound than the connection you may have had in the physical world when they were alive.

I bet you never thought of grief this way before!

Embracing a different mindset one way to accept this shift your loved ones made from one world to another.

Thinking of Grief in a Different Way

The horrible feeling we associate with grief shows us, alerts us that we are not on the same wavelength as the transformational magic of grief.

While you grieve, you feel no love even though it is flowing to you.  While feeling dreadful in your grief, you are actively choosing to be in a vibration that denies the love that the universe is offering you.

Source energy is trying to show us that death, or rather a transition is a good and joyous occurrence, one to be celebrated, and embraced.  We can still be with and communicate with a deceased loved one if we are open to experiencing this through vibrations in the non-physical world.

A new way of communicating becomes possible when someone crosses over. Remember, they don’t leave, they simply change their form, and so the way we interact with them will also change.

Physical versus Nonphysical Worlds

A lone bench in an open park sitting on the lawn with a big open sky.
Death brings us closer to the non-physical or spiritual world.

Consider for a moment that the nonphysical world is more real than the physical world.  Consider that all those who have crossed over to the nonphysical are all there, in numbers higher than can be imagined. They are all helping us to get us on a path that serves all people and leads us towards who we are.

Consider for a moment that this all exists, and what have you got to lose by trying to tune into it?

When you feel no companion in your grief, it is the source (or divine energy or God) saying, hey, come on up to a better higher vibration! You may choose to suffer in lower energy but that is a choice you can change!

There is No Separation

When you dance with grief for a long time, it feels like there is a separation between the ones who have passed and us. However, in reality, there is no separation.

In many ways, you are closer to your loved ones who are on the other side, when you open yourself to the concept of your vibration flowing towards their vibration and vice versa.

When like energy meets, there are no boundaries, no distances, no separation and instead, you can tap into a seamless resource of free-flowing energy that can be felt at any time.

Grief showed me a way to feel better and reach a higher vibration. This is yet another fantastic lesson learned from understanding how to move through grief.

A stone statue fromt he waist up of an angel looking sad.
Photo by Ralf Skirr on Unsplash

Embracing Grief

In my grief, I stopped trying to understand it all.  Instead, I decided to just move towards a better and different connection. A better feeling, and an acceptance of what is.

I have to admit that it feels so much better!

I encourage you to explore this fresh new understanding.  It sure does feel better than wallowing in sadness and focusing on our loss.

I am now celebrating life in all of its forms, and that is a beautiful thing to celebrate. When I meditate or miss my lovely Ruby, I go inward and think of her, and she is always there!

Grief Will Change You for the Better

My precious Ruby has given me so much over the years, and she continues to give me blessings even after her transition.

She has even gotten me to join her in her vibration where I can swim in beautiful memories of her.  Where I can be with her energy and still communicate with her whenever I want.

She is still very much loved and very much part of my world and always will be.

Grief showed me that the things we value most in life never really end or disappear, they simply change their form.

When we accept these transitions, they change us for the better.

Ruby with her favourite soft toy.

I hope this helps shift you to a better place while you are struggling to come to terms with your grief.  How you move through grief is your journey, and only you can embrace it and unravel all the gifts it has to offer.

I send you blessings as you allow this transition to change your world in positive new ways.

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