Are you stuck in a job you don’t like or even hate?

Want to change careers but don’t know just how to do that?

Are you over 50 and just lost your job and need to find a new job?

Are you feeling scared to make a big change in your career?

Not sure what your purpose is in life and how to find your dream job?

If any of these resonate with you read on my friend!

My Career Path

My career journey has certainly had interesting curves along the way.

I am a trained teacher and have taught for most of working career, however, I have diverged from that path several times over the years.  I certainly did not start out as a teacher.

However,  a common thread throughout all of my most fulfilling jobs has been the fact that I love helping people in some way. I can take a complex issue and break it down into manageable and very useable ways.  So all through my career journey, I have taught in one way or another. Teaching is a skill at the core of all I have ever done and ever will do in the future.

My first job was as a waitress, after which I worked in horticulture and co-owner a horticultural business for over 10 years. After that, I went back to school and retrained as a teacher.  I’ve also worked as an Esthetician and even a Medial laboratory Assistant, and had a few customer service jobs in there as well, before returning briefly to being a teacher and then finally and eventually reconnecting with my real passion which is writing and connecting with people on a deeper level.

I’ve learnt a few things about finding my own career path and I would love to share this knowledge with you!

First off, there is nothing to be lost, no matter which way you go about trying to find your groove in life, your career path is yours and ultimately it helps you to better define who you really are.

So even if you have been frustrated and been involved in some jobs you may not be too proud of, please honour your journey and feel blessed that you had the talent and courage to explore lots of different options.  It is all successful… even if you did take one or two steps back to take two or three forward.

1) Know What You’re Good At!

This is so important and has to be the first step before you do anything else.  No amount of training or research will do any good if you do not first focus on what you are naturally good at.

If you are not sure what you are good at, look at what you are NOT good at.

If you have to start from there, go for it.  Knowing what you hate or are lousy at is an excellent way to help define what your true skills really are.

Furthermore, you may have a belief that what you are good at (say doing art) won’t pay the bills. You have to leave that all aside, forget about what others think or say.  With all inhibitions aside, ask yourself, or write it down… what are you really good at?

Marry what you are good with what you love to do and you have the perfect combination for success.

2) Do What You’re Good At!

As much as possible do what you are good at.  Do it in your free time, after your normal job, during your holidays, whenever and whatever it is, just get out and do it!

Enjoy doing what you are good at, as much as possible.

When you allow yourself to do what you are good at, it raises your energy, it allows you to be more creative and you will be happier in the process.  When you are in this state you will likely be more open to new ways of thinking of things, new ways of working, and you will meet new people in the same field you enjoy.  This can all lead to potential opportunities in the future for you.

3) Do Not Quit or Jeopardize Your Current Job

Stay where you are.  This is not the time to risk your current situation.  If you are like most people you will have rent or a mortgage to pay, bills and commitments you are responsible for.  Do not be reckless.  Stay in your current job situation and focus on knowing and doing what you love, outside of your current job situation.

If you can bring your passion into your current job, even better.  Find as many ways as possible to do what you love outside and even inside your current work environment.

Even if your current job situation is painful… do not leave your job until you have another option or another job to go to.  Of course, if you have money saved up and you can make that leap go for it.  But if you leave your job to run after your dreams you could potentially cause yourself and others around you so much stress, it would be counterproductive to moving towards your dream job or career.

If you are not currently in a job and need to pay your bills find a job that will at least help you get by financially but that will also allow you time and energy to continue to explore what you love, outside of work.

4) Keep Doing What You Love and Explore it Fully

Ok I know I already said this, but it really is very important to keep doing what you love, either after work, before work, in-between you current job, whenever and wherever possible keep doing what you are good.  This will give you more energy to do the things you might not like and it builds in more time for you to slowly navigate how you can switch over into your new venture, sometime in the future.

5) Explore How You Can Make Money Doing What You Love

Talk to other people who are doing what you love and who are successful at doing it.  Follow them and their work.  Study how they deliver their expertise to the public.  Look carefully at how they became successful.

Evaluate whether you need any additional training.  Pretend you are working in this new field that is your passion.  What do you need to be successful? Hang out with people in this field.  Attend workshops and/or seminars in this field you are exploring. Absorb yourself in it fully without actually working in it (just yet).

6) Go beyond Yourself

After you have tapped into your passion in life and explored a way to work and make money from that passion, you are ready for the next mind-blowing step.

For ultimate happiness explore how doing what you love can bring happiness to even more people.

Think about how you can spread your magic to more and more people.

This might be the time to think about running your own business, to freelance, to work independently if you are not doing so already.

To earn more money, find a way to serve more people.

That is a well know saying and so true!

So if you want to be a millionaire, you need to be thinking about how you can serve a million people.

Think big and then bigger and BIGGER.

If you have any questions at all about how to change your mindset in terms of a new career, please comment below.  Or share your experiences of changing your career.  Tell us what you did and how you did it.

I’d love to hear your stories and so would other people so please share below.

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4 thoughts on “How to Find Your Dream Job and Change Your Career

  1. Thanks for this post. In my experience, I always followed my passion and t has worked well for me. However, I have seen many others who pursue different jobs and are miserable because they have not taken the time to figure out what they are passionate about and therefore they flip-flop all over the place. Thanks for this posting!

    1. Hello Ali, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, flip-flopping is exhausting and counterproductive. It is always best to focus on what you love, and a path to success WILL come. I have certainly seen this in my own life and in the lives of others who are lovin’ what they do and who are VERY successfully doing it. You have to take that first big step though and trust in yourself, your passions and do it with joy all the way!

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