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Darice Cairns
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Knowing how to empower yourself doesn’t come naturally to some of us.

Ever felt disempowered, lacking confidence and hated yourself for it?

It is time to step up and learn how to empower yourself so you never have to feel small again!

The Path to Empower Yourself

YOU are so much more than these awful feelings and deep down, you know it! You can step into your power and tap into the source of your disempowerment, by working on your second Chakra.

The Seven Chakras

A colourful picture of a silhouette of a body sitting and 7 coloured chakra areas running up the middle of the body with a vibrant blue background.
The 7 Chakras

Disempowerment issues can be released through the second Chakra. Chakras are energy centres that run up the middle of your body. Chakra 1 is the Root Chakra and located at the base of your spine. Chakra 2 is in the sacral region. Located behind your belly button is Chakra 3, and Chakra 4, is in the heart area. Chakra 5, is in the throat area and, Chakra 6, is between your eyebrows. Lastly, Chakra 7, is at the crown of your head (not actually shown in the picture).

There are loads of resources online if you like to explore more about each Chakra. I like using Caroline Myss.

How to Empower Yourself by Clearing The Second Chakra

The second Chakra is where all those really uncomfortable feelings of disempowerment reside. It is in the Sacral region or the groin area of your body (below your belly button). It is where your sexual organs are and is the very core of your fire within.

The second Chakra is all about the energy you command outside your family tribe. It is the power of partnerships, the creative exploration of relationships, sexuality, and discovering the power of choice. Your power of choice is the ONE biggest most powerful asset you have in life. The health of your 2nd Chakra is a reflection of how confidently you present yourself to the outer world. It is the golden key to fully empower yourself.

Benefits of a Healthy Second Chakra

When you clearing your blocks you will experience new-found confidence that will spread into all areas of your life. Here’s what you can look forward to;

Wild Black negro woman with a huge smile
Feeling confident and ready to take on the world is a sign of a healthy 2nd Chakra,

Success in all Areas of your life!

  • You show up in a bigger way, you enter a room with more presence.
  • Feeling more confident means you will take more risks.
  • When you feel your power and see it as a valuable currency, you will start making better choices.
  • You will start radiating different energy that others will notice! That doormat energy will be gone!
  • Enjoying more harmonious relationships that work for YOU!
  • Continued and prolonged success in literally all areas of your life forever and ever…

Shadow Effect of Blocks in the 2nd Chakra

A young sits with his head down and duck tape over his mouth.
The horrible feeling of not being confident to speak or stsnd up for yourself, Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

A blocked 2nd Chakra causes behaviours that will manifest in some of the following -less than desirable – ways;

  • Being vulnerable scares you; therefore, you will tend to be an overachiever. People might describe you as robotic.
  • You don ‘t allow yourself to feel your deepest needs, and so they can’t ever be satisfied.
  • Receiving from others is something that makes you feel very uncomfortable.
  • There is never time to enjoy the world around you in a sensual way, such as appreciating the beauty in life, enjoying art and nature, food, clothes and other things that you would call ‘time wasters.’
  • Sexual energy is either weak, off-balance, tense, maybe even non-existent.
  • You give your power away easily, you are a people pleaser. Your early childhood was wounded in some way, maybe by an angry, demanding parent or by other people you trusted.
  • You struggle with anger and either suppress it or unexpectedly erupt, hurting those around you. You’re uncomfortable with anger.
  • You often feel depressed and self-loathing; which is a sure sign of extreme suppressed anger. You may even feel numb and are cold towards others.

Steps to Clearing the Second Chakra

First, knowing where to focus your attention and admitting that you feel disempowered is a huge start. Are you ready to empower yourself?

1. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), better known as tapping or EFT is effective in loosening tense, stagnant energy that can become a ‘block’ over time. The video below shows you how to use EFT to release blocked energy in your 2nd Chakra.

2. Quietly sit with yourself (or meditate) in a comfortable position and connect within. Switch off, drop your identity and just be in the moment and place your hands in your groin area and breath into this area. Just breathe and let go.

A young woman with short brown hair in in the woods, looking upwards thinking quietly to herself.
Connect within by draining your attention inward. Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

Orange is the colour associated with the energy of the second Chakra. Stay with this and see if anything comes up or presents itself to you. Bring thoughtful intention to the second Chakra. Keep breathing into the area. Do this every day for a couple of weeks. Just 5 minutes can bring immediate improvements.

3. Strengthen the muscles in your core area through Pilates, Yoga or exercises that focus on the lower abdominal area. You will feel much stronger and empowered when your second Chakra is strong, stimulated and on fire.

One More Strategy is to Set Healthy Boundaries!

A young man wearing a black hoody stands in the middle of a road on the middle line.
Setting personal healthy boundaries is key to self empwowrment. Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Setting a boundary with someone with whom you consistently give your power away to. Remember they don’t TAKE your power, YOU GIVE them your power. You can change that!

Isolate what it is that they specifically say or do that makes you lose your power. Ask yourself, “I really wish —————– (person’s name) would stop ——————– (doing or saying whatever it is).” Then stick to it.

Communicate your boundary to the person concerned, WHEN you are feeling confident and strong, If they cross your boundary, be prepared to have a consequence that will be satisfying to you.

For example, you can walk away, take time out from the situation, or tell them what they did that upset you. Try to calmly remind them that you had told them previously about this boundary and they just crossed it.

The key Strategy to be successful in setting boundaries with difficult people is to practice this scenario in your mind several times before an upset, so you are ready to stand up for yourself and your boundaries!

Guaranteed Success!

I guarantee that you will start to feel stronger and more confident if you follow even one of these techniques. Knowing where to focus your attention on your body is also helpful.

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