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Want to know a straightforward way to create immediate happiness in your life every single day?

Did you know that the first few minutes of your day are the most important time to set your day up for success?

You can easily create happiness every day by following these 4 super easy steps to set you up for high vibes.

Read on and tap into the easiest way to create incredible happiness in your life. These steps are also the basis for activating the powerful Law of Attraction.

Ways To Create Happiness Everyday

1.  Waking Up Ritual

We all know how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Sleep rejuvenates your body and mind and allows you to recharge your energy.  

When you wake up, you will naturally be in a state of peace.  It takes no effort to do this; it just is.  Thank you, universe! 

A young girl is fast asleep and lying on her side in a brown dress with sparkly stars around her.

Stay in bed after you wake up and think of the most amazing thoughts and admit all the things you are grateful for.  Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

But! Your mind can very quickly start moaning and complaining as you start thinking about yet another day of work and frustrations.  Before you even get out of bed, you can quickly deflate your mood and energy, setting you up for a shitty day.

That’s why it is so important to tap into this window of time first thing in the morning – take just 17 seconds – and take control of your mind, so you implant good feeling thoughts into your brain and your internal dialogue.

2. Stay With a Sense of Well-being

Right after waking up and before anything challenges your sense of well-being, lay in your bed and appreciate the warmth and the softness of the sheets.  Say how grateful you are for the sleep you had and for being safe through the night.

If you can hold these beautiful thoughts and feel them for just 17 seconds, you will create a momentum that will encourage even more beautiful feelings and thoughts.

If you’re a busy person in the morning, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. You can then give yourself time and space to rest a little longer in your bed, igniting feel-good thoughts as soon as you wake up.

Consciously MAKE this happen because, otherwise, it won’t occur on its own. The longer you linger in these good feelings, the more positive impact it will have on the rest of your day.

3. Don’t let little things derail your day

It may not take long before you attempt to create happiness disappears.  With kids to feed, jobs to do and go to, but don’t be discouraged; keep working.  Find the things that derail your good feelings and try to reorganize your routine if you can.

A man is sitting in the middle of a train track with a black hoody and looking down, in a very gloomy setting.

Recognize what feelings derail you, and you enter the realm of consciousness.  Photo by Wicliff Thadeu on Unsplash

I use to switch on the news first thing in the morning after my shower, but that always derailed my good feelings.  I stopped doing that!  Now my good feeling lasts much longer throughout the day.

Try expanding when you give yourself in the morning from 17 seconds to 10 minutes of quiet meditation or sit quietly with yourself and be present. If any thoughts come into your head, bring your attention back to your breath or your body or the sensation you feeling your breath moving into your lungs. 

These strategies will keep your focus on the present moment and subdue the internal dialogue that your mind so badly wants to entertain. The more you do this, the better you will get at it.

4.  How to Make the Good Feeling Last

A black and white picture of a young woman, standing with her hand and finger to her chin and she is thinking deeply.

Making a good feeling last is the key to ‘unmemorizing’ disempowering feelings locked in your mind and body.  Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

Intentionally try to make this good feeling last as long as possible.  When the time is right and calmer, try to find your happy place again, breath deeply somewhere quiet, connect within for 5-10 minutes during a break, and balance your energy.

The point is not perfection, but to get into the habit of reaching for good feeling thoughts and feelings throughout your day and leveraging those first seconds after you wake up to set you up for success.

You will slowly find it easier to find the frequency of feeling good every single day.  Things will come to you more easily that feel good; you will achieve more clarity and positive focus in your life.  You will start noticing how things start working out for you.

Creating happiness for yourself all starts with YOU! When you care about how you feel and sustain it for long moments and see the subsequent positive results, you WILL be passionate about doing this more and more. 

Challenges to Creating Happiness

We live in a world that demands a lot from us.  Our families, loved ones, pets, co-workers, community people, neighbours all need our attention every day.

Maintaining a high good feeling vibe is challenging because it calls you to practice maintaining your positive energy while you are still interacting with all the people you know or have to deal with in your life.

We’ve all been there, you are feeling great, amazing in fact, you bounce into work, and someone says something to you that rips into you, and you come crashing down.

A young man wearing a work tag, stands withhis hands on his head and he is yelling in frustration.

The moment you fall off your high vibe, recognize the bad feeling, admit and declare it, then surrender.  Photo by ahmad gunnaivi on Unsplash

Yet remember, life is not after you. Life is happening all around you; it isn’t out to get you. That is only your opinion. You can change that opinion to something more positive.

So HOW do you not lose your focus on your good vibe and not feel exhausted trying to keep a busy life altogether?  Read on.

The Staying Conscious Challenge

The challenge is to hold that positive energy even when someone pisses you off or ‘ triggers’ you, makes you angry and disrupts your high vibe.  Once you wake up and realize you are not on your high vibe anymore, you can regain consciousness by simply acknowledging you are no longer in the present moment.  And you can turn it around and start thinking of something joyful, like petting your favourite pet. Turn it around immediately, shift your focus to something that feels better.

Note when something triggers you and throws you off balance.  What was it specifically? Please write it down, and later, when you have quiet time with yourself, vow to release the feeling attached to the trigger. 

An Example of how to turn around a bad feeling and thought pattern.

Let’s imagine that someone bumped into you, and they just ignored you, they didn’t even apologize – how rude!  You are triggered, and you immediately feel angry.  When you have more time and are quietly alone, focus on the feeling of anger and where it comes from and how it feels in your body. 

You are exploring this so you can unlock an old memory from your mind and body.  Once you recognize this feeling, admit and declare it, then surrender it to your higher consciousness to remove this feeling form your world, or unmemorize it  (to use Joe Dispenza’s wording)  

A young asian girl sits in front of s big window, looking out and thinking deeply with her hand to her mouth.

Deep reflection is key to really get to the root of the recurring thoughts and feelings that keep derailing you from the high vibe.

As you deeply reflect on the feeling of angry, you will find the root cause of your reaction.  Perhaps it reminds you of an incident when you were a child and your sister ignored you often; the feeling was the same, so the person who bumped into you open it up again, so you could release and surrender it. 

So the key is to turn a bad feeling around as soon as you become aware of it.  You turn it around by replacing the memorized feeling with a new positive feeling.  In this example, the opposite of anger might be love. So now send love to yourself in the past and vow not to be controlled by that old feeling ever again.  

The First step of Activating the Law of Attraction

First and foremost, start your day right, remember just 17 seconds a day is all it takes; this one crucial step is what will help set you up for SUCCESS for the rest of your day, and without even being aware of it, you are stepping into the powerful energy of the Law of Attraction.

Then when you get triggered

  1. recognize the bad feeling
  2. Admit and decare it (out loud)
  3. Replace the bad memorized feeling with a new, more empowering feeling.
  4. Surrender it to the divine or your high consciousness

I’d love to hear from you if you have any strategies you would like to share or any questions on keeping your high vibes going all day long.

A woman with her back to the camera stands withher arms in the arm and her hands linked together.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Where to go from here…

Continue your journey consciously, seek out music and books, or other people who will help support you in unmemorizing all your disempowering feelings.  

Other active leaders who can support your journey are Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Abraham Hicks, Colin Tipping, Byron Katie.

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