Want to know a straightforward way to guarantee joy every single day?

Did you know that the first few minutes of your day are the most potent times of the day?

You can easily create happiness every day by following these 4 super easy steps that will set you up for high vibes.

Read on and tap into the easiest way to create incredible happiness in your life. These steps are also the basis for activating the powerful Law of Attraction.

Ways To Create Happiness Everyday

1.  Waking Up Ritual

We all know how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Sleep rests and rejuvenates our body and mind and allows us to recharge our energy.  When you sleep, you sort of go back to a base level of power – energetically speaking.

When you wake up, you will naturally be in a state of peace.  It takes no effort to do this; it just is.  Thank you, universe!  You are awesome!

That’s why it is so important to tap into this window of time – just 17 seconds is all it takes – of incredible feeling, and hold onto it for as long as possible before your mind kicks into gear and starts running off all the stuff you have to that day.

Since most of us tend to ‘go with the flow’ when we wake up, we can quickly lose this fantastic opportunity to create happiness, right at the beginning of our day.

2. Staying With a Sense of Well-being

Right after waking up and before anything challenges your sense of well-being, lay in your bed and appreciate the warmth and the soft sheets.  If you can hold these beautiful thoughts and feel for just 17 seconds, you will create a momentum that will encourage even more beautiful feelings and thoughts.

Think about that!

If you’re a busy person in the morning, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier, so you can give yourself that time and space to rest a little longer in your bed.

Consciously MAKE this happen because, otherwise, it won’t occur on its own. The longer you linger in these good feelings, the more positive impact it will have on the rest of your day.

Also, check out all these great positive energy quotes.

3. Don’t let little things derail your day

It may not take long before your attempts to create happiness disappears with kids to feed, or jobs to do and go to, but don’t be discouraged, keep working at it.  Find the things that derail your good feelings and try to reorganize your routine if you can.

I use to switch on the news first thing in the morning after my shower, but it brought me off my good feelings, so I stopped doing that!  Now my good feeling lasts much longer throughout the day.

4.  Make a Good Feeling Last

Intentionally try to make this good feeling last as long as possible, and when it goes, don’t beat yourself up, it happens.

When the time is right and calmer, try to find your happy place again, breathe deeply somewhere quiet, connect within for 5 minutes during a break, and balance your energy.

The point here is not perfection, but to just get into the habit of reaching for good feeling thoughts and feelings throughout your day, and leveraging those first seconds after you wake up to set you up for success.

You will slowly find it easier to find the frequency of feeling good every single day.  Things will come to you more easily that feel good; you will achieve more clarity and positive focus in your life.  You will start noticing how things just start working out for you.

Creating happiness for yourself, all starts with YOU! When you care about how you feel, and you can sustain it for long moments, you will strive for this more and more and even guard it for it is precious.  When someone or something takes you away from your good feeling, you notice it big time! And you will work to change that.

Every Day Challenges

We live in a world that demands our creations and our attention.  Our families, loved ones, pets, co-workers, community people, neighbours, all need our attention every day.

Maintaining a high good feeling vibe is challenging because it calls you to practice keeping your positive energy, while you are still interacting with all the people you know or have to deal with in your life.

We’ve all been there, you are feeling great, amazing in fact, you bounce into work, and someone says something to you that rips into you, and you come crashing down.

Yet remember, life is not after you. Life is happening all around you all the time; it isn’t out to get you.

So HOW do you not lose your focus on your good vibe and not feel exhausted trying to keep a busy life altogether?  Read on.

Get Connected to Your Deeper Self

Retreat by going within and empower yourself at least once a day, even for 10 minutes.  Quietly sit with yourself and tap into how you are feeling.  Breathe deeply and take time out for yourself.   You will come back better and healthier afterwards.

When you feel solid in your energy, and you know in your heart that upsets are triggered in you so that you can ‘let go ‘of your shit, then you will evolve, and your living experience will be much more powerful.

Sheltering yourself like a hermit or blaming others for things that upset or trigger you, only takes you further away from who you are and living an empowered life.

In a state of avoidance, you can’t maintain the powerful positive energy and vibration of being the real you. You give up so much by trying to do that. The benefit of alignment should not have to pay the price of being a hermit.

The Daily Challenge

The challenge is to hold that positive energy even when someone pisses you off, pokes you and makes you angry, cuts you off, or steals your high vibe. (well, people don’t take it, you give it away!)

If you are excellent in yourself and your energy, no one can steal anything from you EVER!

Practice and be in your energy and alignment so solidly that you can go anywhere, be anywhere, with anyone and still maintain it!

Dealing with and working through triggers is a whole other blog and would fill a book.  Download the free ebook,  Stepping Into You, to learn more about releasing emotions locked in your energy.

The First step of Activating the Law of Attraction

First and foremost, start your day right, remember just 17 seconds a day is all it takes, this one crucial step is what will help set you up for SUCCESS for the rest of your day and without even being aware of it, you are stepping into the powerful energy of the Law of Attraction.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any strategies you would like to share or any questions on keeping your high vibes going all day long.

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