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    Welcome to 2020! A Reason for Everything

    Categories: Celebrations, Conscious Living, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    Welcome to the New Year 2020!

    Christmas has come and is nearly gone … and so we are about to embark on a new year.

    As I reflect over the last few years, there are some truths that have stood the test of time. These 7 truths will hopefully resonate with you and bring some assurance that some things never change.

    There are some truths that can enrich our lives and give us peace and reassurance in times of trouble or need.

    Please read on to find out more and be assured that no matter what happens, it is all meant to be.

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    Graduation Time

    Close up of a burgundy graduation hat.
    Categories: Career, Celebrations, Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    It’s that time of year again!


    As I sat watching another graduation ceremony in all of it’s glory I started thinking about just how prepared are these graduates for the world?

    Does school really teach students what they need to know to thrive in the world?

    I question this and if I could give a speech to recent graduates this is what I would say…

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    The Path to Self Realisation

    Categories: Life Journeys, Mystical Journey, Spiritualism, Truth

    The Path to Self Realization is one that takes you inward, into self-exploration.

    Do you feel there is more to you than what you see?

    Do you crave to go deeper into your life journey and touch something far more meaningful?

    Are you aware that a big part of your existence is in a world beyond the physical plane?

    If you desire to venture into a different, deeper journey then come with me and read on..

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    The 3 Biggest Mistakes We Make in Life

    A young handsome man is pointing at you through the picture and his face is foggy in the background.
    Categories: Personal Growth, Self Empowerment, Truth

    We all make mistakes in life.

    But what are the 3 BIGGEST mistakes of all time?

    The 3 biggest mistakes we make all have the same thing in common.

    They all involve us not taking ownership over our own lives.

    Read on to find out more…

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    Are Trump, Brexit and Europe Having an Identity Crisis?

    The world map is painted on the inside of a hair of hands.
    Categories: Change, Conscious Living, Truth

    Have you noticed how global events seem to be getting more and more extreme and violent?

    Are you confused about why Brexit is even happening?

    Do you wonder about the fate of Europe?

    Ever wonder how Donald Trump manages to stay in office?

    Are you deeply concerned about our planet and what the future holds for us all?

    If so, then read this blog and get some insight into what is really going on underneath all the chaos.

    Read on…

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    Is Religion Having an Identity Crisis?

    A Woman with her eyes closed and a butterfly over her bloody mouth and with scroll design on her face is silent.
    Categories: Spiritualism, Truth

    Are you a spiritual person, but have no room for religion?

    Do you believe that you can be deeply spiritual but not be signed up to a church or a particular belief system?

    Are your spiritual beliefs totally aligned with who you?

    Do you feel that religion is failing so many and this is the time for a new belief system based on truth and not dogma?

    Have you ever been condemned by religious people, for believing what you believe?

    Does the whole idea of religion turn you off and make you cringe?

    If any of this rings true, then this blog is for you!

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    Your Life is Your Spiritual Walk

    A view of a monks hands folded in an orange robe.
    Categories: Conscious Living, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Spiritualism, Truth

    Are you interested in having or maintaining a spiritual walk or practice in your life?

    Do you desire to reach a peaceful balance in your life but struggle with everyday annoyances?

    Have you ever looked at the life of a monk, and were intrigued by their spiritual devotion?

    Ever wondered how you could have a peaceful life, like a monk?

    Did you ever want to just run away from your life and live in seclusion?

    If you like to have a more balanced life, but just don’t know how to attain that in your current life, then this blog is definitely for you!

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    How to Rebuild Your Life After Failed Dreams and Lost Hopes Take Away Your Joy

    Beautiful green old growth forest with a woman walking through it.
    Categories: Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    This is a very personal blog, maybe too personal.

    But I am sure I am not the only person in this world who has had to or maybe who is trying to rebuild their life after things just don’t go your way. 

    Things that don’t go your way can be a dream, a love, a job, a business, a friend, a loss of health, whatever it is, it left you and you wonder if you will ever get your joy back. 

    Well, I can tell you honestly that you can rebuild your life and get your joy back.

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    Why the Kavanaugh and Ford Case is a Win-Win!

    A blue and a red painted hand holding a feather.
    Categories: Change, Men and Women, Truth

    Have you been following the Kavanaugh/Ford Case?

    Do you view this case as a huge win for women and a terrible injustice for men?

    What are your thoughts on this case?

    What is the best way to deal with cases of sexual harassment allegations that happened decades ago?

    Can you accept that the details actually don’t really matter at all?

    If you are open the idea that we are experiencing a massive energy shift through this case… then read on my friend.

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    Are You Lying to Yourself and how to know?

    Young woman in the water which covers half her face.
    Categories: Family, Relationships, Truth

    Do you know when you are lying to yourself?

    Are you desiring a deep connection with others but just can’t seem to get there?

    Do you disappoint the people closest to you and you either don’t care or don’t understand why?

    Do you find it easier to deal with life by using substances to numb your thoughts and feelings?

    Knowing when and why you lie to yourself will help you open your heart of love and acceptance of yourself.

    Here’s how…

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    Do You Feel Like a Complete Failure?

    A man with thick red paint over his eyes and face.
    Categories: Career, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    Have you ever felt like a failure?

    Sure you have! And that’s good!

    Life just would not be life without failures to remind us how far we have grown.

    Failing means that you are on the path to success!

    But really!  How do you feel about failure?

    Do you view it as a humiliation or as a path to success?

    Well, most of us are not comfortable with failure.

    I certainly am not comfortable with failure, but over the years I’ve come to make peace with this really powerful emotion.

    Let me tell you, I have had major big failures in my past.

    I want to present the idea of failure in a new light, so listen up…

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    I want to leave my partner, what should I do?

    One single fresh beautiful white rose.
    Categories: Emotions, Love, Relationships, Truth

    Are you thinking of leaving your relationship?

    Are you so frustrated with your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, or your partner that you just can’t imagine staying any longer?

    Are you at a breaking point?

    Have you considered leaving for some time now?

    If you are thinking of leaving your relationship, read this blog first!

    I have some advice on how to improve your relationship immediately AND from the inside out.

    I hope you are all ears… cause I wrote this post especially for YOU!

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