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    Moving From a ‘Me’ to ‘We’ Culture in Myanmar.

    Myanmar woman looking at camera, wearing straw had and with power on her face.
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    I arrived in Myanmar 3 months ago and have been amazed at the differences I see between my own culture and theirs.

    The beauty of this country pales in comparison to the honesty and beauty of the people who live here.

    Myanmar society operates from a ‘we’ mindset. Compare that to Western countries that operate from a ‘me’ mindset.

    Read on to learn more about this amazing country and the people who live here and how they find peace and happiness in a world of uncertainty.

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    Living in the Magic of Beautiful Istanbul

    beautiful pink sky line showing the blue mosque in Istanbul.
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    Hav e you ever visited or thought of living in Istanbul?

    Ever considered visiting this incredible city?

    What is it that makes Istanbul so exotic and inviting?

    I lived in Istanbul for 2 years and want to share with you my up front and personal experience with this amazing city.

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