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    Is it time to Change the Way We Teach?

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    Categories: Career, Change, Nature, Personal Growth, Truth

    Do modern education systems really teach the worlds growing population ethically sustainable values that benefit all life forms?

    Has the way we educate our youth run it’s course?

    Is there a better way to educate people?

    Should our education systems teach more diversity and connection to nature?

    This blog looks at what and how we teach and whether it’s time for a change.

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    Connecting with Nature and Why it Feels so Good!

    Categories: Career, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Nature, Personal Growth, Truth

    Want to know the best way to feel better almost instantly?

    Have you been for a walk in the forest recently?

    No matter how stressed you might be, getting out in nature will make you feel so much better.

    One of my most memorable careers with was training and working as a Junior geologist.

    Image walking through beautiful forests every day.

    The best part of this training was being able to see all the wild animals that live in the forest.

    Do you want to connect with something that will bring balance and peace into your life?

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    Reconnecting with a Life Dream, a very personal recount

    Beautiful green old growth forest with a woman walking through it.
    Categories: Change, divorce, Life Journeys, Nature, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritualism, Truth

    In 2012, nearly 7 tears ago, I returned to Canada after being away for 14 years.

    I was determined to make my dream come true.

    That dream started long before I even returned to Canada.

    My dream was to live close to nature and connect deeply with my inner self.

    I quit my job overseas, and came back home to make my dream a reality.

    7 years on I look back now and wonder, what the hell happened?!

    How can a dream I nurtured for so long, get lost?

    As I sit with the disappointment of an unrealized dream, I realize that not all is lost.

    Infact, quite the opposite.

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