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    Moving From a ‘Me’ to ‘We’ Culture in Myanmar.

    Myanmar woman looking at camera, wearing straw had and with power on her face.
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    I arrived in Myanmar 3 months ago and have been amazed at the differences I see between my own culture and theirs.

    The beauty of this country pales in comparison to the honesty and beauty of the people who live here.

    Myanmar society operates from a ‘we’ mindset. Compare that to Western countries that operate from a ‘me’ mindset.

    Read on to learn more about this amazing country and the people who live here and how they find peace and happiness in a world of uncertainty.

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    How the 9-5 Job Trap Compromises True Well Being

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    Categories: Career, Health, Money, Personal Growth, Truth

    Do you try to change your lifestyle for the better by fitting in some yoga, meditating, taking a holiday, socializing, or doing something on the weekend that is creative?

    Do you find that you have little time to do the things you really want to do because you are so busy working?

    Are you too exhausted at the end of a work week to exercise, do yoga or anything else you know would be god for your inner peace?

    Do you feel trapped in a system that drains and disempowers you?

    If any of this rings true, you’re not alone!

    If you are working a full time job, you are likely in a trap that doesn’t allow you to control your own lifestyle choices.

    Here’s why…

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    Where Do You Stand When it Comes to Money?

    Woman with a hand full of American money.
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Love, Money, Personal Growth, Relationships

    I like to share with you today a story about money.

    Money will honestly show you, who you really are.

    For example, how will you act when money comes your way?  Will it make you lose yourself? Will it distance you from your own blood?  Or will it bring you joy and connection with those around you?

    Money is a great and powerful catalyst.

    It can either enslave you or free you.

    I like to explore one side of money that is very sad but I offer it here so we can explore, how money can and will shape and change you my friend?

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