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    Why the Kavanaugh and Ford Case is a Win-Win!

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    Categories: Change, Men and Women, Truth

    Have you been following the Kavanaugh/Ford Case?

    Do you view this case as a huge win for women and a terrible injustice for men?

    What are your thoughts on this case?

    What is the best way to deal with cases of sexual harassment allegations that happened decades ago?

    Can you accept that the details actually don’t really matter at all?

    If you are open the idea that we are experiencing a massive energy shift through this case… then read on my friend.

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    7 Things That Will Make You Irresistible to Men

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    Categories: Love, Men and Women, Relationships

    Want to know what makes you irresistible to men?  

    It isn’t what you may think!

    No need to buy anything! In fact, relax and just be yourself.

    Want to know what men really want… here it is!

    In order of importance none the less – you’re welcome!

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    6 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Man

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    Categories: Love, Men and Women, Relationships, Sexual Energy, Truth

    These are secrets that women tend to keep to themselves.

    I’m sharing this because I know you guys try your best to give your woman what she wants.  But at times it either falls short or falls totally off the mark.

    Listen up and be wiser for it and watch it transform your relationship.

    It isn’t easy being in a relationship, with the opposite sex.  Sure it goes amazingly well in the beginning, but when the fire dies down, reality sets in.

    Then what?

    It is super easy to get complacent.  Easy to let things go.

    Being in a relationship long term means being more than you ever thought you could be AND giving at least 60 % all the time.

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    12 Skills Every Man Should Master To Be a Real Man!

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    Categories: Men and Women, Relationships, Self Empowerment, Sexual Energy

    Are you a man trying to find your place in the world today?

    Are you confused about your role as a man or feel that the people around you are confused about your role?

    Are your loved ones pushing you to be something you are not, causing frustration and an internal crisis?

    Do you feel misunderstood, taken for granted, used and abused and even lost in you identity as a real man?

    Do you ever wish you had a role model, someone who is a REAL man themselves?

    What the hell does it take to be a REAL man in 2018?

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