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    The Emotional Scale and How to Move Up in Vibration

    Man with two emotional faces
    Categories: How to Find YOUR Truth

    Have you ever wondered what the Emotional Scale is and how it can help you heal?

    Would you like to have more control over your emotions and use them constructively to heal yourself?

    Read on and find out how to understand your emotions and move through your healing.

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    What is Anger and How To Release It Properly?

    Angry couple fighting with boxing gloves
    Categories: How to Find YOUR Truth

    We have all been angry at one point in time or another and released our fury onto others, possibly hurting the very people we love.

    Does that ever make the situation better?

    Have you experienced being unable to have a good anger release because the person or people in your life won’t let you express it?

    Have you ever buried your anger, or gone into denial, which over time can make you feel even more angry and even guilty for feeling anger in the first place!?

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many misunderstandings around anger?

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