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    Are You an Outsider?

    A young pretty woman looking through broken glass and standing a one.
    Categories: Change, Emotions, Family, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    Do you feel like an Outsider in Your own Family?

    Have you struggled with being accepted by the very people you love?

    Do you often wonder how and why you ended up in the situations you are in?

    Are you a loner, non-conformer, live on the outside of the mainstream, think outside the box, are alternative? Basically, you are… different.

    Do you simply not fit into ‘normal’ situations?

    If any of this resonates with you then this blog is for you!

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    Why Love Isn’t Enough

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    Categories: Change, Emotions, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Love, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    Is it true that all you need in this life and this world is love and everything will fall into place?

    Will Love bring you happiness and fulfillment?

    In my experience, we need something much deeper than love to make the world a happier place and to make your life more fulfilling.

    If these statements were true, this world would be a much safer and happier place to be in.

    So what are we doing wrong?

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    Why the Kavanaugh and Ford Case is a Win-Win!

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    Categories: Change, Emotions, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Men and Women, Truth

    Have you been following the Kavanaugh/Ford Case?

    Do you view this case as a huge win for women and a terrible injustice for men?

    What are your thoughts on this case?

    What is the best way to deal with cases of sexual harassment allegations that happened decades ago?

    Can you accept that the details actually don’t really matter at all?

    If you are open the idea that we are experiencing a massive energy shift through this case… then read on my friend.

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    Are You Lying to Yourself?

    Young woman in the water which covers half her face.
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Relationships, Truth

    Do people disappoint you again and again?

    Are you desiring a deep connection with others but just can’t seem to get there?

    Are you exhausted and feel drained around people?

    Do you disappoint the people closest to you and you either don’t care or understand why?

    Do you find it easier to deal with life by using substances to numb your thoughts and feelings?

    Deep down in, in rare moments you do admit that you are very unhappy.

    If any of these ring true for you, read on and find out how to get to a better place.

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    Where Do You Stand When it Comes to Money?

    Woman with a hand full of American money.
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Love, Money, Personal Growth, Relationships

    I like to share with you today a story about money.

    Money will honestly show you, who you really are.

    For example, how will you act when money comes your way?  Will it make you lose yourself? Will it distance you from your own blood?  Or will it bring you joy and connection with those around you?

    Money is a great and powerful catalyst.

    It can either enslave you or free you.

    I like to explore one side of money that is very sad but I offer it here so we can explore, how money can and will shape and change you my friend?

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    Are You Romantic?

    Young couple together with man kissing girl on forehead.
    Categories: Emotions, Love, Personal Growth

    Being romantic is very attractive!

    Romance is the spice of life.

    If you are looking for a partner or want to keep the flames burning with your current relationship, romance is the way to go!

    Take this short quiz to find out if you are romantic or if you need some work in this department.

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    I want to leave my partner, what should I do?

    One single fresh beautiful white rose.
    Categories: Emotions, Love, Relationships, Truth

    Are you thinking of leaving your relationship?

    Are you so frustrated with your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, or your partner that you just can’t imagine staying any longer?

    Are you at a breaking point?

    Have you considered leaving for some time now?

    If you are thinking of leaving your relationship, read this blog first!

    I have some advice on how to improve your relationship immediately AND from the inside out.

    I hope you are all ears… cause I wrote this post especially for YOU!

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    The Truth About Judgement

    Young man standing on a rock infront of a water fall with arms out stretched.
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    Have you ever felt the weight of ‘judgement’ come down on you?

    Have you ever been upset, frustrated, or irritated by what others say and think about your actions and decisions in life?

    Have you ever wanted to run away from pressures from loved ones and family because they don ‘t approve of your actions?

    Ever been the judge… and judged others for things you feel are ‘wrong’.

    Sure you have!

    If you are human and live on planet earth, you will know about judgements all too well.

    If judgement bothers you, has ever knocked you off course from who you really are or you have dished out your fair share…. then this blog is for you my friend!

    Read on and be amazed at how releasing judgements from your life is going to change your life around for the better…

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    How to Rise Above Recurring Family Conflict

    Family of look alike ducks standing together
    Categories: Emotions, Family, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Love, Relationships, Truth


    I think it fair to say that we all have, at one time or another, drama in our family.

    Recurring issues and explosions can keep you stuck in a pattern that doesn’t help anyone, especially you.

    Are you currently disconnected from a family member or have been in the past?

    Are you struggling to come to terms with family relationships?

    Do you get so frustrated dealing with family that you have walked away, or even cut off relations with certain family members?

    Or maybe, you feel like an outsider in your own family?

    Hard as you have tried to fit in… your blood tribe just isn’t… your tribe.

    Can’t live with them…  can’t live without them!

    Family relations are perhaps the most challenging relationships we will ever deal with.

    Family can bring the best out of us and the worst.


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    How to Feel Better After a Break Up

    Categories: Emotions, Law of Attraction, Love, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritualism, Truth

    Ever been dumped?

    Sure you have!

    Ever left a loved one?

    No matter which way you look at it, break ups are shitty.

    They hurt, often make you question your worthiness and they can make you feel very much rejected.

    You feel it, whether you are the one who was left, or you are the one who leaves.

    Leavers or lefters  … no matter which way you look at it, those emotions can feel REALLY uncomfortable and consuming.

    Yet, let’s get that all into perspective!

    You are gonna feel so much better after reading this!

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    What to Do When You Feel Totally Stuck

    Funky young girl sitting down on street feeling sad
    Categories: Emotions, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    Are you seeing a pattern repeating itself in your life?

    Is this a pattern you’d really rather NOT see again and again?

    The characters, places and circumstances change, yet it’s the same old pattern that keeps showing up.

    Have you ever had the uncomfortable feeling that you have ‘been here before’?

    Do you know the changes you need to make .. but you keep talking yourself out of it?

    Does the thought of change send shivers down your spine?

    Well fellow traveller through life, if any of this strikes a chord, then come and take a journey with me and get yourself movin’ and groovin’ again.

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    Are you a Giver or Taker?

    Wild Black negro woman with a huge smile
    Categories: Emotions, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    Find out your tendency towards being either a giver, taker or maybe you are a healthy balance between the two.

    Too much giving encourages the victim or martyr in you.

    Too much taking disconnects you from other people and indicates a deep insecurity within.

    Like anything in life, a healthy balance between the two is what is best. 

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