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    How to be Successful with Teaching Online

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    Categories: Career, Change, Education

    It’s no secret.

    Educators and parents are struggling with online learning and teaching.

    So let’s look at connection as the key to understanding what is really missing and how to get it back in a virtual environment.

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    Finding Peace After a Toxic Relationship

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    Categories: Change, Personal Growth, Relationships

    If you feel like you have been used and abused mentally and emotionally by someone close to you then….

    Here are 6 steps to finding peace after a toxic relationship and ways to be sure you never get stuck in one again.

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    How COVID-19 is Changing the World

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    Categories: Change, Science and Spirituality

    There is no doubt about it, COVID-19 is changing the world.

    Since February 202, nothing has been the same.

    So exactly how will COVID-19 impact you and your life right now?

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    Graduation Time

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    Categories: Career, Celebrations, Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    It’s that time of year again!


    As I sat watching another graduation ceremony in all of it’s glory I started thinking about just how prepared are these graduates for the world?

    Does school really teach students what they need to know to thrive in the world?

    I question this and if I could give a speech to recent graduates this is what I would say…

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    Somewhere Between Here and There

    Beautiful beach and ocean scene that is very tranquil.
    Categories: Career, Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work overseas?

    For many professionals of all ages, living and working overseas is not only normal, but exciting and an incredible way to learn about other cultures.

    If you have ever wondered if you could move your career overseas read this blog.

    It is full of insights and suggestions and outlines the ups and downs you can expect to encounter when you step outside of your comfort zone and move overseas.

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    Are Trump, Brexit and Europe Having an Identity Crisis?

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    Categories: Change, Conscious Living, Truth

    Have you noticed how global events seem to be getting more and more extreme and violent?

    Are you confused about why Brexit is even happening?

    Do you wonder about the fate of Europe?

    Ever wonder how Donald Trump manages to stay in office?

    Are you deeply concerned about our planet and what the future holds for us all?

    If so, then read this blog and get some insight into what is really going on underneath all the chaos.

    Read on…

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    Why the Kavanaugh and Ford Case is a Win-Win!

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    Categories: Change, Men and Women, Truth

    Have you been following the Kavanaugh/Ford Case?

    Do you view this case as a huge win for women and a terrible injustice for men?

    What are your thoughts on this case?

    What is the best way to deal with cases of sexual harassment allegations that happened decades ago?

    Can you accept that the details actually don’t really matter at all?

    If you are open the idea that we are experiencing a massive energy shift through this case… then read on my friend.

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    How to Make a Good Decision When You Feel Stuck

    Young man with hand on his chin thinking intently.
    Categories: Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth

    You have a BIG decision to make right now?  The problem is that when you feel stuck, it is difficult to make any kind of choice, let alone an important one!

    Are you feeling stuck and unable to decide on a solution that makes you feel empowered?

    Are you afraid that your decision will affect other people you love, and that is stopping you from moving forward?

    Are you paralyzed by deciding because you just don’t know what to do?

    If so, read on…

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    How to Find Your Dream Job and Change Your Career

    A business man is standing infront of a black board thinking about a big decision.
    Categories: Career, Change, Personal Growth

    Are you stuck in a job you don’t like or even hate?

    Want to change careers but don’t know just how to do that?

    Are you over 50 and just lost your job and need to find a new job?

    Are you feeling scared to make a big change in your career?

    Not sure what your purpose is in life and how to find your dream job?

    If any of these resonate with you read on my friend!

    My Crazy Career Path:

    My career journey has certainly had interesting curves along the way.

    I am a trained teacher and have taught for most of working career, however, I have diverged from that path several times over the years.  I certainly did not start out as a teacher.

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