Want to know how to attract a woman?

Perhaps you have not been very successful in attracting a woman to yourself in the past.

To start with, you need to be romantic or at least somewhat romantic if you are going to get a woman even to notice you?  If you are super handsome, you might get her attention, but if you lack romance, you will lose her pretty fast.

If you are not, in your mind, the most handsome guy, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter that much, providing you are romantic.  I tell you, from a real woman, that romance is the way to a woman’s heart.

So what does it mean to be romantic, you might ask?

Well, being romantic is super attractive to women!

Romance is the spice of life. So try this quiz and see if you got what it takes to attract a woman.


Results from the Quiz

After taking this quiz, you will know if you are romantic or not.

You will also know what it takes to be romantic to a real woman.

So some tips I have for you are this;

A real woman will be attracted to you if you…

  • are romantic, or learn how to be
  • if you are natural and confident around women (doesn’t mean being egotistical)
  • if you listen more than you talk
  • find out what she likes
  • ask her some heartfelt questions when you meet her, such s what she wants to read, what she wants to do in her free time.
  • don’t talk about yourself too much

There is so much I could write, so let me know if you want to have more on this topic.  When it comes to meeting a significant partner in your life, romance will go a long way. But there a lot of other things you can do to bring love into your life.

Comment below if you found – even remotely – useful.

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