The Global Identy Crisis

The state of our world in 2019, looks chaotic. Governments around the world are struggling with many changes and having an identity crisis.

There is a global identity crisis. The World Bank says that one in seven people don’t even have official Identification. Furthermore, citizens all over the world are struggling with an identity crisis due to globalization, which was rolled out over a decide ago and promoted as the way of the future.

The middle class is shrinking, more people are struggling to make ends meet in first world countries, more people are pushed deeper into poverty in third world countries, forced immigration and mass migrations are not only rising but are at an all-time high.

More Examples of our Crisis

The cost of living is rising everywhere in the world, climate change is real and wreaking havoc on everything from food production to displacement of people and fuelling global conflict. Most citizens identify themselves as global citizens, yet xenophobia (fear of the foreigner) is on the rise.

Brexit, is another example of the global identity crisis. Are the British nationalist or globalists? Clearly they voted to separate form Europe, making them lean more towards nationalism, yet Europe is still promoting the globalist view. We are clearly confused.

Also, there is a growing distrust of the legitimacy of governments all over the world. Especially there is an unease among citizens as they get older. More vulnerable citizens don’t trust that their governments will be able to support them adequately. So in their old age or in their hour of need there is no faith in the system. This fear or lack of trust breeds more distrust, and creates a further identity crisis in our world.

Furthermore, we say things we don’t mean. For example, racism is institutionalized and we don’t even see the racism within out own government systems. So it isn’t just Trump, Brexit and Europe who are having an identity crisis, it is the entire global community.

To solve this crisis we will need to come up with global solutions. We need governments and countries to work together rather than work separately behind their border..

Looking Inward

This is what is happening in the outside world, but what is happening inside of us, at a spiritual level? When the shit hits the fan in our outer world, it forces us to look inward. We need to look more deeply for answers from within.

We know from past expereinces problems won’t be resolved simply by giving more food or money to the poor. Even changing a corrupt government with another doesn’t work. To really heal our issues we need to go inward, very deeply inward. Not just resolve the drama playing out in our outer world, but solve it on a spiritual level.

Connection vs. Isolation

The fact is that we are all part of a bigger whole. We are connected with nature, animals, other people, our planet. There is nothing in our existence that is separate from ourselves.

Everything in our world is connected. What we see and recognize as being in the outside world is only about 20% of who we really are. We are much more than we see and we are connected to all of it.

The Dis-ease is Disconnection

The conflicts we fight and the wars we wage are not part of the whole. They are a reflection of what is wrong on a deeper level and that illness is called disconnection.

On a micro-level we are disconnected from ourselves, on an individual level, we are disconnected from each other. On a broader level, we are disconnected from our planet. For example, many kids today don’t even know the name of common vegetables, let alone where they come from.

What Brexit, Trump’s America and other governments around the world have in common is an identity crisis. That is because they do not operate from or with the whole. Instead, they operate as separate from the whole, and that is why they will fail.

To truly be one, be whole, and be connected, we need a deep pilgrimage back to our soul.

Reality check, we are GLOBAL Citizens

It is time to truly embrace being a global citizen. That means, among so many other things, sharing our wealth with those who have little or nothing. It means feeling for our brothers and sisters. Feeling for all people, no matter where, what, or who they are.

It means embracing ALL of life, including every living creature. It means following the laws of our universe.

As long as we operate as separate from the whole we will believe that none of this really matters to us. We will continue to shut out and deny the truth and pretend all this chaos will never affect us.

This disconnection is explained beautifully in the book, ‘Reunion, How we heal our broken connection to the Earth.’

“Reunion is about waking up to the world we live in but can no longer see. It is about how we have ruptured something precious and basic to each of us – our connection to the earth we all come from – and how each of us can heal that disconnection. It requires retraining ourselves to see with more than our eyes and beyond our stubborn polarities.” (Ellen Gunther and Ted Carter, xiii).

Major Events all Happening at Once

For the first time ever in the history of planet earth and known history, many major events are all in a state of transition, all at the same time, right now.

Think about that!

Species are disappearing, currencies changing and crashing, economies changing, governments realigning, climate changing, religion failing, families disconnecting, customs eroding, borders closing, medicine redefining. All of these important issues are in a state of transition, all at the SAME time!

A Better Way Forward

There is a better way, and by this I mean a more honest way forward that will – hopefully – bring us out of our current crisis.

We need a deeper healing, a more spiritual journey and connection to what our reality really is and how we got here, in order to work through steps that will help bring more connection between ourselves and all other living things in this world.

3 Things You Can Do to Make Changes That Bring Connection

1. We can start by reconnecting with what makes us human. Reconnect with ourselves and our inner spiritual reservoir. We need each other to do this and to understand our connection to our planet and how we can never survive without it.

2. Let go of things that don’t work anymore. For example, religion is not working for a lot of people, so redefine a spiritual connection that is meaningful to you. . Marriage is another thing that doesn’t work for a lot of couples so they are are moving into more open relationships and that is working for them.

3. Get into the connection with mother earth by making a garden, get out in the woods, go for a walk, do more activities outside. Connect with other living beings, so get a pet, rescue one from the pound. Connect with people who need help such as our older citizens, or help a single mum with babysitting.

Let’s Embrace Change

The reality is that nothing can stop the new changes that are happening in our world because it is a change in consciousness, which is a change at a much deeper level.

I hope and pray that more people will embrace reconnection within themselves, their families, other people and all living creatures. Pray that we will reconnect to our planet, even if it is in the smallest of ways, like planting a garden in the corner of your yard.

We have become so disconnected from our roots that it is causing a major crisis that needs to be addressed.

Please share your thoughts below, and any ideas on how we can connect once again to our roots. Your comments are very much appreciated!

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