This Is The Way We Dance

The state of our outside world at the moment as 2019 begins, looks chaotic. Governments around the world are struggling with many changes.

The middle class is shrinking, more people are struggling to make ends meet in first world countries, more people are pushed deeper into poverty in third world countries, forced immigration and mass migrations are not only rising but are at an all-time high.

The cost of living is rising everywhere in the world, climate change is real and wrecking havoc on everything from food production to displacing people and fueling global conflict.

Looking Inward

This is what is happening on the outside world, but what is happening inside of us, at a spiritual level? When the shit hits the fan in our outer world, it forces us to look inward, and look more deeply for answers from within.

We somehow know that our problems won’t be resolved simply by giving more food or money to the poor, or changing a corrupt government with another.To really heal our issues we need to go inward, very deeply inward and not just resolve the drama playing out in our outer world, but solve it on a spiritual level.

We are all One

Slowly, many people are realising that we are in fact a part of a bigger whole. We are one with nature, animals, other people, our planet, and there is nothing in our existence that is separate from ourselves.

We are connected to it all. It may not look like that on the outside, but our perception of the outside world is only … maybe… 20% of who we really are. We are much more than we see and we are connected to all of it.

The Dis-ease is Disconnection

The conflicts we fight and the wars we wage are not part of the whole. They are a reflection of what is wrong on a deeper level and that illness is called disconnection.

On a microlevel we are disconnected from ourselves, on an individual level, we are disconnected from each other, and on a broader level we are disconnected from our planet.

Look at Brexit, Trump’s America and other governments around the world today. What they all have in common is an identity crisis. That is because they do not operate from or with the whole. Instead, they operate as separate from the whole, and that is why they will fail.

To truly be one, be whole, and be connected … we need a seriously deep pilgrimage back to our soul, back to who we really are.

We must embrace being a global citizen. That means… among so many other things … sharing our wealth with those who have little or nothing. It means feeling for our brothers and sisters. Feeling for all people, no matter where, what, or who they are.

It means embracing ALL of life, including every living creature. It means following the laws of our universe.

As long as we operate as separate from the whole we will believe that none of this really matters to us. We will continue to shut out and deny the truth and pretend all this chaos will never affect us.

This disconnection is explained beautifully in the book, ‘Reunion, How we heal our broken connection to the Earth.’ “Reunion is about waking up to the world we live in but can no longer see. It is about how we have ruptured something precious and basic to each of us -our connection to the earth we all come from – and how each of us can heal that disconnection. It requires retraining ourselves to see with more than our eyes and beyond our stubborn polarities.” (Ellen Gunther and Ted Carter, xiii).

Major Events all Happening at Once

For the first time ever in the history of planet earth and known history, many major events are all in a state of transition, all at the same time, right now.

Think about it!

Species disappearing, currencies changing and crashing, economies changing, governments realigning, climate changing, religion failing, families disconnecting, customs eroding, borders closing, medicine redefining … all are in a state of transition, all at the SAME time!

A Better Way Forward

There is a better way, and by this I mean a more honest way forward that will – hopefully – bring us out of our current crisis. The problems that plague us today are on such a grand scale, such that solving them in the outer world will not be enough.

We need a deeper healing, a more spiritual journey and connection to what our reality really is and how we got here, in order to work through the next steps.

We need to reconnect with what makes us human. Reconnect with ourselves and our inner spiritual reservoir. We need each other to do this and we need to understand our connection to our planet and how we can never survive without it.

As religion falls away and politicians like Trump have their rant and rage… we are witnessing the last dying years of our old ways, that don’t serve us anymore.  Brexit or Europe’s identity crisis is not, however, a step backwards, though I suppose in the short term it might look that way. Really though it is a step forward because these pressing issues are bringing so many of our fears and insecurities out to be aired and dealt with once and for all.

Things will and often do get worse before they get better.

Let’s Embrace Change

In a nutshell, we have people who are desperately (even violently) hanging onto beliefs that support separation and isolation (disconnection), and then there are people who are moving towards embracing wholeness and supporting systems that support unity.

The loudest group appears to be ‘winning’ but that is only because they are full of fear and so they are making their last desperate attempt to keep the old beliefs in place, come hell or high water.

The reality is that nothing can stop the new changes that are happening in our world because it is a change in consciousness, which is a change at a much deeper level.

I hope and pray that more people will embrace reconnection within themselves, their families, other people and all living creatures. I pray we will reconnect to our planet, even if it is in the smallest of ways, like planting a garden in the corner of your yard.

I would love to hear from you about how we have become so disconnected from our roots that it is causing a major crisis in our world right now.

Please share your thoughts below, and any ideas on how we can connect once again to our roots. Your comments are very much appreciated!

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