I have so much gratitude to all my readers who have been supporting the message I have been writing about over the last year.

As the holiday season approaches I want to share with you, this special gift.

This also marks the first anniversary of the launch of my website a little over a year ago.

It has been a busy year. 

With over 50 blogs, dozens of poems, over a thousand Social Media followers and over 500 good vibe quotes, the message to Be, Live & Speak YOUR Truth! is reaching more and more people everyday.

I am looking back over the year and want to share with you a little but powerful gem, that is the only way to truly live an empowered and authentic life.

I’ve written about it in various ways, but to bring all those blogs down into three simply words, is my gift to you today.

My Gift to You Today

Is three magic words.

Love Yourself More

In my 20 plus years of researching spiritual teachers, reading hundreds of books, journals, and articles by other spiritual leaders, and after sorting through the fluff from the real deal, I can honestly say that the path to complete healing and happiness is that pure and simple.

Loving yourself more, is truly the path to an authentic life.

I know, perhaps better than – and at least as well as – anyone, that loving yourself in a world fixated on fear… isn’t easy! 

How Can You Love Yourself More?

The art of loving yourself starts with connecting deeply within yourself.

I wrote about this in detail in the blog “Why Love Isn’t Enough”.  You can also download my “Stepping Into You” guide which is all about how to connect within and gives easy strategies to get you started in accepting and loving yourself more.  

Basically, we can’t really love ourselves fully until we get to know ourselves on a spiritual level.  We need to nurture and have a relationship with ourselves and make a real effort to get to know all the parts of ourselves, even the parts we don’t see. 

Again I know this may sound simple and obvious but actually it isn’t.  

Let’s go a little deeper.  

You are far more than what you see.  I think that you probably know by now that you are more than the physical you.  If you are here, on my website you will relate easily to the statement made by Eckhart Tolle that, ‘We are a spiritual being having a human experience.’

Your spiritual self is much bigger than your physical self.  So connecting within means connecting with that part of yourself that is not seen in the outside world.  It means connecting your physical self with your spiritual self. 

The first step to that connection is to be aware of the vastness of who you really are in the spiritual realm.

You Are Like An Iceberg

A great way to visualise your physical self and spiritual vastness is to think of an iceberg.  An iceberg is at least 80% bigger under the water than the small tip you see poking out of the water.  

The same is true for you.  What you see, your physical self is less than 20% of all of who you really are.  Your spiritual self is vast and far greater than what you know yourself to be.  

Tune into that spiritual part of you.  Connect with it.  Talk to it. Feel your way into it.  Just like the massive submerged part of an iceberg, your real strength and power lies in the spiritual realm of the unseen world.

The spiritual part of you is your greatest ally.  It is the authentic you, the soulful you.  It knows your purpose in life, and yet most people are not even aware it exists.

Love Yourself More

Loving yourself more means going deeper than having massages, getting your hair done, looking after your physical self. Those are important but you are simply grooming the outer part of you. 

What about your soul and spirt?  

What about the other 80% plus of who you really are? What do you do to nurture and connect with the vastness of who you really are?

Wake Up to the Spiritual You  

So this holiday season I offer you this gift, let it rest deeply within you.  Connect within to the deeper parts of who you really are and love yourself more.

Start to live more from that spiritual part of you.  Talk with, dance with, play with, identify with that deeper part of you.  

My next blog will be devoted to offering more insights into how to actually love yourself more and connect deeply with the spiritual you- the REAL you.

I wish you the  happiest and most joyful holiday season ever as you tap into your real power.

Give yourself what can’t be bought, give yourself time to connect within, give your soulful self a chance to speak to you… and watch your world change for the better.

This gift is simply a reminder of what you already deeply know. 

When you make this connection it will ripple its way through your life, your family, your community and even the world because it encompasses the truth of who you really are.

Much love to you and spread your magic this holiday season.

Please share below if this message resonates with you, I always love to hear from you.



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