Not too long ago, I wrote a popular blog called, “6 Things Every Woman Wants from her Man”.

Since that post, men have been asking me to write one for them!

This is a topic every man secretly wants you women out there to know.

It isn’t what you may think, so stop what you are doing and focus on what really counts. No need to buy anything!

Want to know what men really really want… here it is!

In order of importance none the less – you’re welcome!

1. Your Smile!

Your smile is the most powerful tool you have, to get a man to notice you. Now a really good smile will show honestly what is going on inside of you.

It isn’t something you can fake!

Your smile is either real or not. If not… then your smile will not grab the guys attention – at all.

Men react instantly to a REAL smile that emanates from deep within your soul.  A real smile indicates clearly whether you are a genuinely happy person or not.  Men connect to this and they will connect instantly with you if you flash your pearly whites for all to see.

Your smile advertises – honestly – the real you.

ALL points that follow, come back and are connected to, the quality of your smile.

You see… Men are so skilled at getting to the heart of important things so efficiently… that is how they operate… and YOUR smile is the biggest indicator for them – that says EVERYTHING about you!

2. Embrace Who You Are Confidently

Ok so maybe you are little heavier than you like to be – well men don’t care, as long as you don’t go on and on about it like it is some crutch or you are fishing for a compliment.

Whatever weight you are, wear it well and be it fully and confidently! Some of the sexiest women I know are NOT skinny or thin!  In fact, they are curvey and carrying a few extra glorious pounds.

Furthermore, maybe you aren’t as beautiful as you feel you should be – well men don’t care. Be yourself and embrace who you are. It’s really your personality that counts. Don ‘t try to be someone you are not, it will show through loud and clear and won’t be very appealing.

Same as wearing too much make-up. What are you trying to hide? As much as possible be who you are, go light on makeup, be yourself and be natural.

3. NO drama

Well, honestly no one likes drama. And hey we all have a bit a drama in our lives, that is normal. Our mothers are bossy, our fathers weird, our siblings challenging… whatever.

How you deal with your drama is what’s important. No matter what sort of drama you may be dealing with, do not bring that to the table on your first few get-togethers with a new man you are wanting to connect with.

IF your drama is so compelling and you can’t put it in its proper place, you really shouldn’t be dating or trying to get into another relationship until you have dealt appropriately with your drama.

Your drama shouldn’t rule your life. Get it into perspective.  Drama is simply there to get you to let go of crap that isn’t working in your life, and if you are still hanging onto it, you are not ready for a relationship yet. You can read other blogs here, on how to work through these dramas.

Undealt with drama will carry over into any new relationship and you and the guy you are dating don’t want or need that.

4. Positive Outlook

Happy, Happy, Happy wins every time!

This is deeply connected to that #1. Smile, which honestly advertises just how deeply your happiness really goes.

Again, you can’t fake a positive outlook!  I’m talking here, about women who see the cup half full rather than half empty.  I’m talking about women who are grounded and stop to appreciate the smaller yet finer things in life.

I’m talking about someone who doesn’t have an attitude of entitlement.

I’m talking about someone with humility, someone who is graciously humble.

I know that sounds corny, but honestly, there is nothing more appealing to a man than a woman who doesn’t have an ‘agenda’ about relationships and someone who is simply living her life freely and happily in the now.

5. Honesty

Honesty is something we tend to deal with rather carelessly, yet it flows through everything we do and say… and it does mean so much!

Don’t fool yourself, honesty is HUGE!

When you get past the first rush of attraction with someone, you will and do start checking out other stuff and that is where honesty comes in.

It will pay off heaps later if you start out right and be honest with any man (or any person for that matter) from the beginning.   It starts with not lying about your age, weight, or any other detail about yourself that is obvious. It relates to how you carry yourself, how you accept yourself, who you show up to be (are you being you or pretending to be someone else?)

Be honest with yourself, about who you are.

If you can’t be honest about the very basics of who you are, then for sure you will have no issues with being dishonest about the bigger stuff later on… if and when you get deeper into a relationship.

Again… this #5 is perfectly aligned with that #1. Smile!  Your smile will say it all.

All I’m saying here is start out right… be honest!  The men you meet will respect you for that and it kinda sets the bar for any new relationship on a very good solid footing.

Don’t obsess now about how to explain the other BIGGER stuff in your life. If you think honesty includes telling a man about YOUR agenda of expectations you want to be met, that will shine through and be a huge turn off to any decent stable guy out there.

Try to be authentic in all you say and do.

6.  Admiration

A little admiration goes a LONG way.  It is a bit like honestly in that it is something that comes out a bit later in a new relationship and certainly should be fostered throughout the life of any relationship between two people.

Admiration is closely linked to respect and manners.  If you don’t admire your partner, you will not likely have much respect or manners towards them.  These three go hand in hand. If you have genuine respect and admiration for yourself and other people, you will naturally have respect/manners/admiration for others.

Foul language is a huge turn-off, no matter how acceptable it might be in ‘your’ realm.

Guttermouths aside, watch what you say and how you say it. If you use foul language with your partner, there is no amount of explaining that will ever convince me or them that you actually respect and admire that person. What comes out of your mouth says everything about how you feel about yourself and the person you are with.

Mind your words!

When you admire your man, you will always find something good to say to him.  No matter what, men will shine and glow for you if you give even a drop of admiration to them.  A little goes such a long way, yet so many couples don’t say even one kind thing to each other for far too long.

Your vocabulary and how you say it says LOTS about you and where you are coming from morally.

7.  Smells so Good!

Yep! How you smell is so incredibly important to men?!

I never knew it was THAT important, but it is!

How you smell is almost everything! That doesn’t mean you dose yourself with perfume, keep all that to a minimum.

The sexiest smell is a natural fresh clean smell. a little of your favourite perfume is also a nice touch, just don’t overdo it and make sure your perfume matches you! (in other words, don’t just throw on any old cologne hanging around the house.  You should take the time to find a scent that matches you and if you don’t have that yet, don’t wear any scent).

You are likely aware of how our bodies unwittingly secrete chemical compounds known as pheromones (the term comes from Greek words meaning “transfer” and “excite”) that play a profound role in sexual communication. Pheromones can be a very powerful attractor for both men and women.  Some researchers indicate that pheromones can dictate very powerfully just how genetically compatible someone is to you, without you even being consciously aware of it.  Pheromones can be a powerful catalyst for sexual attraction.

As far as I know, we can’t control our pheromones, so pheromones aside, the fact remains that the way you smell counts and is important…

Don’t take body odour lightly or for granted.  Be sure you smell good.

Hygiene is very important ladies. Just as you expect it from men, they expect it from you.


I hope I hit on all the big things that mean lots to you amazing men out there!  Please if I missed anything that really should be on this list, tell me.

I love to hear from you so we can share and move and groove through this beautiful life and enjoy it with someone special.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!

(Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash)

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2 thoughts on “7 Things That Will Make You Irresistible to Men

  1. Thanks, As a man reading this blog you wrote for women, I need to say Thank you! Most women don’t know how great their man really is. You hit on the importance of the smile and honesty, and as a man, I so agree with how important these are. What you are talking about is truly key to healthy relationships.

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