Are you a REAL woman?

What is a REAL woman?

What does it take to be a REAL Woman?

Are you a REAL woman or a fabrication of something you hope to be?

Are you a man looking for a REAL woman?

Is it possible to become a REAL woman or are they just born that way?

Are there any good examples of REAL women in society in 2018?

Do you wish you were a REAL woman, but not sure what you’re aiming for?

If you have ever wondered about any of these statements, whether you are a woman or a man, then read on my friend… and meet the REAL woman!

First, let me tell you right up front that this post is NOT about being a REAL woman based on external achievements.  I know many a woman and perhaps even men… who think that being a REAL woman involves having a child, being able to produce offspring or being a successful CEO of a large company.  That is NOT what this article is about at all.  So if you think that being a real woman involves doing the best to leave now, or forever hold your peace.

Being a REAL woman is all about being, from the inside out.

I’m not trying to downplay being a mother, I think that having children must be one the most challenging yet rewarding creations a woman will do.  What you do, did or are doing has nothing at all to do with being a REAL woman though.  So let us dive in…. And get real intimate and personal about this.

This is a topic I have thought about for a long time and so it is with great pleasure that I finally present to you the 10 Strong Qualities of a REAL woman.

A REAL woman;

1) Owns Her Shit!

Ok, I know, WE ALL have shit we have to deal with.  But REAL women know their shit and try their best to deal with it.  When the shit hits the fan, like an argument or some other big change in life, a real woman knows that putting their shit onto someone else is simply an easy way out from dealing with their own issues.   Its called blaming and we all do it, but a real woman takes responsibility for her shit and sees these challenges as opportunities to grow, expand and be even become more Real.

2) Is Independent

A REAL woman wants and desires to share her life with a real man, with real relationships, friends and family.  Yet if these people can’t be real and authentic themselves, she will not hesitate to stand alone.  A REAL woman can stand on her own two feet if she has to.  She doesn’t have to have a man or another woman in her life to make her safe, secure or whole.  She is quite capable of being a lone ranger and flourishing in the process.

A REAL woman will not compromise who she is just to cash in on some comforts in life.  Her freedom and independence is worth far more than that.

3)  Knows that the World Doesn’t Revolve Around Her

A REAL woman sees herself as part of a whole, not separate from the whole. She will have a strong sense of self but at the same time be totally tapped into something beyond herself.  She, therefore, doesn’t take things personally.  She sees and understands the bigger picture in life.  She doesn’t expect ‘special treatment’ and she will not hesitate to get her hands dirty, swing an axe, tackle a bear, drive a transport, or do whatever it takes to get something done.  REAL women do not sweat the small stuff.

Yet, she will be shockingly humble, shrugging off the power that she can command.   Her energy moves freely and is magnetic, alluring and seemingly dangerous all at the same time.

4) Operates with Integrity and Truth

REAL women say what they mean and mean what they say. She takes responsibility for who she is, how she feels, what she does. She knows she is accountable for everything she does, good or bad. She will sometimes move slowly in difficult situations and walk cautiously before acting, rather than react too quickly or harshly.

REAL women will see right through you and any untruths you throw her way.  She doesn’t have time for games and loathes game players.  REAL women aren’t interested in dramas or manipulations and will quietly and methodically avoid such situations and people like the plague.

5) Is Soulful and Connected

REAL women are deep.  She will be so much more than what you first perceive.  Her gifts, her personality will unfold in waves and if you are able to get to know her deeply, be prepared to take a journey that will constantly push you forward, and rip you from your comfort zone. She will challenge you as much as she challenges herself.

In terms of nontangible characteristics, she will always expect more from you, as she expects more from herself.  If it all gets too much for the people around her  – she will confidently go her own way.

A REAL woman believes in something much higher than herself.  Her sense of self will be rooted in being connected to a spiritual reality of some sort whether it is mother earth, shamanism, God, a higher energy, nature. She knows that the world is not all that is seen with eyes alone and that reality is a perception, an illusion… the canvas, that mirrors back to you, the level of your core truth.

 6) Owns Her Passion

You can feel her energy.  There is no mistaking it.  She can – if she wanted to – change and command the energy of a room.  You see her strength in her eyes, in her smile, in the way she moves.  Her eyes, smile, movements are all knowing, natural, unpretentious.  Whether you are in awe of this or threatened by it, you will recognise a REAL woman when you first lay eyes on her.

Yet, a REAL woman doesn’t want, need or value being set apart from everyone else. She demands to be treated equally and will expect that from everyone she connects with. Don’t blow your relationship with her by putting her on a pedestal, or reduce her to something you can understand and deal with… and certainly never expect her to compromise her free spirit.

As a lover, a REAL woman’s blood runs hot and she has the energy of a warrior… IF you have managed to capture her attention be ready for raw, passionate connection. In the realm of REAL this is serious stuff – so if you are looking for just a bit a fun… best you play somewhere else!

6) Is Open and Yet Quietly Mysterious

There will always be something you feel you don’t quite know about a REAL woman.  This is not because she hides things from people – she doesn’t hide anything really – she is in fact very much an open book – it is rather, because she is always evolving, always changing her life – pushing upwards, sideways and even seemingly backwards again and again.  It is hard to keep up when you are on the outside of that!

People who can’t keep up will think she is not grounded, flaky or even a bit crazy…   (Ha!) and yet she will own and transform all the labels that you ignorantly place upon her.  She will simply shatter them all – eventually – and leave you with your labels, collecting dust, decaying from stagnant ways.

7) Is Confident and UNcomplicated

A REAL woman is confident and knows herself to the core.  Yet, when she is shaken she will not hesitate to retreat and connect with her inner source until she is strong again.  She knows what she can handle when to love, when and how to fight, when to hide, regroup, or reconnect. She knows she has many skills to use in times of trouble and need. She aims to thrive, not survive.  She takes times of challenges very seriously and sees them as an opportunity to grow in integrity and strength.

There is nothing complicated about her at all.  She is straight, clear, true, knows herself and says what she means. No drama here.

8) Is Vulnerable

As strong as a REAL woman is, she is also extremely vulnerable and sensitive to energy. She listens with all her heart, she makes decisions from her soul and she will connect with you deeply if you are equally able to go that deep with her.

A REAL woman is open to learning from her weaknesses and will expose them for all to see. She has courage and isn’t ashamed or afraid to expose her true self.

She isn’t afraid to open up to other people who enter her circle.  She loves to share wisdom, truths, life, joys and hardships.  She communicates well, is playful and true, and she knows instinctively what you need.  She will be your best ally in times of need, even if you don’t deserve it.

1o) Is a Fighter and Wins Her Battles

This does not mean a REAL woman is a fighter in a masculine way.  A REAL woman knows that she has to fight HER way – the feminine way.  This involves far more skills than simply using brute force.   A REAL woman uses Wisdom over Muscle.

A REAL woman is not afraid to fight her battles, stand up for what she believes, fight for her family, stand by her man, support the ones she loves and challenges old beliefs, and even shatter preconceived stereotypes and prejudices. Whatever it is that she believes in, she will not be afraid to fight for what is right.  She fights her battles in her own way, in her own time.

A REAL woman always ‘wins’ her battles.  She is a force to be reconciled with and nothing can stop a REAL woman or a group of REAL women from stating their case and changing the tide of some issue… ultimately creating a profound change on a bigger scale.

A REAL woman may lose  ‘a’  battle, but that doesn’t stop her because she knows it isn’t about one battle – she is always a winner because she always fights for a greater cause, that is much bigger than her.  A REAL woman knows this as well as she knows herself.

It is NEVER just about her!

REAL women truly strive to Be, Live & Speak their TRUTH!


Are you ready to be a REAL woman? Ready to meet a REAL woman?  Whatever your motivation for learning more about REAL women, the message for all of us is to step up our game in life.  Be better and bigger than you ever thought you could be.  Rip yourself out of yourself and be more than you ever imagined possible.  And, in whatever it is that you do… be REAL and authentic about it.

Comments Please

There are many women living today who embody the REAL woman and I am sure that many of them will be our leaders of tomorrow. REAL women are already leading the way in families, communities, in the entertainment industry, in art, business and music.

I think that being a REAL woman is something worth striving for. It is like everything in life though – it is a process.

Society and our culture still resist embracing the reality of a REAL woman but that doesn’t mean this won’t change… and it is changing.

In the meantime REAL women all over the world are getting stronger and more REAL, and there is nothing in this world that can stop that momentum – oh yah!

If you know any REAL women out there, please share your comments below.

I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Well Done , was another great Blog. Most of men will be proud of seeing their partner be independent and confident . Love to see more of your Blog.

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