Find out what level is your spiritual knowledge or not.

Take this easy test of 10 questions and get a score out of 10.

There are a lot of high calibre words being thrown around today to describe deeply spiritual experiences.

Have you ever asked yourself what do all these spiritual words and concepts mean?

What is the difference between your ‘spirit’ and your  ‘soul‘?

Exactly is ‘evil‘ and ‘sin’?

Explore the meaning of ‘Prayer‘ and ‘Grace’?

What is the best way to find your purpose and truth?

Do you know what is the most powerful asset we have in life?

Take this quick simple quiz to test your knowledge of the most commonly used terms in spiritual texts and media, to see where you stand.

Have fun!


Spiritually knowledgeable: 

If you scored 8-10 out of 10.

This blog is for you!

  AWESOME!   You might like to dive deeper into more conscious explorations of spirituality.  Check out the blogs on Mysticism and deeper level spiritualism.  

Spiritually Middle of the Road.

You scored 5-7 out of 10.

Young woman in black dress is floating freely in the air.
These blogs are for you

 GREAT!  You are on your way towards becoming more aware and more spiritual.  Welcome to becoming deeply reflective, learning about how to work through pain points and energy blocks.  You might find these blogs interesting in helping you along the way.

Spiritually Developing.

You scored anywhere from 1-4 out of 10

Young man standing on a rock infront of a water fall with arms out stretched.
These blogs are for you

You want to feel better and know you can but you have many pain points that you are struggling to work through.  As a result, you may be struggling with relationships, a breakup, family issues, feeling lost, hopeless and or depressed.  these blogs will be useful to you in your journey to waking up. There are lots of other blogs on self-love and care that would also be help full.  

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