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    Welcome 2020! A Reason for Everything

    Categories: Celebrations, Conscious Living, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    Welcome to the New Year 2020!

    Christmas has come and is nearly gone … and so we are about to embark on a new year.

    As I reflect over the last few years, there are some truths that have stood the test of time. These 7 truths will hopefully resonate with you and bring some assurance that some things never change.

    There are some truths that can enrich our lives and give us peace and reassurance in times of trouble or need.

    Please read on to find out more and be assured that no matter what happens, it is all meant to be.

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    Moving From a ‘Me’ to ‘We’ Culture in Myanmar.

    Myanmar woman looking at camera, wearing straw had and with power on her face.
    Categories: Celebrations, Change, Conscious Living, Life Journeys, Money, Personal Growth, Truth

    I arrived in Myanmar 3 months ago and have been amazed at the differences I see between my own culture and theirs.

    The beauty of this country pales in comparison to the honesty and beauty of the people who live here.

    Myanmar society operates from a ‘we’ mindset. Compare that to Western countries that operate from a ‘me’ mindset.

    Read on to learn more about this amazing country and the people who live here and how they find peace and happiness in a world of uncertainty.

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    Is it time to Change the Way We Teach?

    Young Indian girl writing on a black chalkboard.
    Categories: Career, Change, Nature, Personal Growth, Truth

    Do modern education systems really teach the worlds growing population ethically sustainable values that benefit all life forms?

    Has the way we educate our youth run it’s course?

    Is there a better way to educate people?

    Should our education systems teach more diversity and connection to nature?

    This blog looks at what and how we teach and whether it’s time for a change.

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    Are You Spiritually Conscious?

    A crack in a dark sky shows the sun shining through.
    Categories: Conscious Living, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Spiritualism

    Do you know when you are living in a conscious way?

    What is spiritual consciousness?

    How can you maintain spiritual consciousness when you are surrounded by unconscious people?

    Is is possible to reach spiritual consciousness in a unconscious world?

    Yes! It is possible… read this blog to find out more…

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    The Truth About Graduation

    Close up of a burgundy graduation hat.
    Categories: Career, Celebrations, Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    It’s that time of year again!


    As I sat watching another graduation ceremony in all of it’s glory I started thinking about just how prepared are these graduates for the world?

    Does school really teach students what they need to know to thrive in the world?

    I question this and if I could give a speech to recent graduates this is what I would say…

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    The Path to Self Realisation

    Categories: Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Spiritualism, Truth

    Do you feel that there is more to life than living it in the physical realm?

    Do you feel that there is more to you than what is seen with the human eye?

    Do you long to be more authentic, more at peace and live with less chaos in your life?

    Do you desire to learn how to live more consciously and stop the mindless chatter in your brain?

    Are you ready to take your life journey in a whole new direction?

    If so then this blog is for you!

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    The Most Powerful Asset to Spiritual Awakening!

    A woman statue holding a balance beam in one hand and blindfolded.
    Categories: Change, Personal Growth, Spiritualism, Truth

    Want to know the one sure fire way to spiritual awakening?

    This one key asset will help keep you on your spiritual path AND empower you every single day!

    Yes it really is that powerful!

    Read on to find out how you can take control of your power and stop giving it away!

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    Somewhere Between Here and There

    Beautiful beach and ocean scene that is very tranquil.
    Categories: Career, Celebrations, Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work overseas?

    For many professionals of all ages, living and working overseas is not only normal, but exciting and an incredible way to learn about other cultures.

    If you have ever wondered if you could move your career overseas read this blog.

    It is full of insights and suggestions and outlines the ups and downs you can expect to encounter when you step outside of your comfort zone and move overseas.

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    The 3 Biggest Mistakes We Make in Life

    A young handsome man is pointing at you through the picture and his face is foggy in the background.
    Categories: Career, Celebrations, Family, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    Have you made some big mistakes in life?

    Sure you have!

    Isn’t that what life is all about?

    Yet we are often made to feel that mistakes are wrong and should be avoided at all costs.

    In this blog I define what mistakes really are, why they are important to our growth and how to desensitise ourselves from thinking they are ‘bad’.

    I also share some of my biggest mistakes in the last few years and reveal the glorious flip side of a few of my biggest ‘challenges’.

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    Are You an Outsider?

    A young pretty woman looking through broken glass and standing a one.
    Categories: Change, Emotions, Family, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Relationships, Truth

    Do you feel like an Outsider in Your own Family?

    Have you struggled with being accepted by the very people you love?

    Do you often wonder how and why you ended up in the situations you are in?

    Are you a loner, non-conformer, live on the outside of the mainstream, think outside the box, are alternative? Basically, you are… different.

    Do you simply not fit into ‘normal’ situations?

    If any of this resonates with you then this blog is for you!

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    How the 9-5 Job Trap Compromises True Well Being

    A black and white picture of a woman looking fearful and red writing around her face.
    Categories: Career, Health, Money, Personal Growth, Truth

    Do you try to change your lifestyle for the better by fitting in some yoga, meditating, taking a holiday, socializing, or doing something on the weekend that is creative?

    Do you find that you have little time to do the things you really want to do because you are so busy working?

    Are you too exhausted at the end of a work week to exercise, do yoga or anything else you know would be god for your inner peace?

    Do you feel trapped in a system that drains and disempowers you?

    If any of this rings true, you’re not alone!

    If you are working a full time job, you are likely in a trap that doesn’t allow you to control your own lifestyle choices.

    Here’s why…

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    Are Trump, Brexit and Europe Having an Identity Crisis?

    The world map is painted on the inside of a hair of hands.
    Categories: Change, Personal Growth, Science and Spirituality, Spiritualism, Truth

    Have you noticed how global events seem to be getting more and more extreme and violent?

    Are you confused about why Brexit is even happening?

    Do you wonder about the fate of Europe?

    Ever wonder how Donald Trump manages to stay in office?

    Are you deeply concerned about our planet and what the future holds for us all?

    If so, then read this blog and get some insight into what is really going on underneath all the chaos.

    Read on…

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