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Darice Cairns
The Art of Finding Truth, One Man's Journey Through Love, Life, Grief and Joy

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I write about challenges or different ways of thinking about things from an energetic point of view. So read through the blogs and free downloads. Comment, share or cruise through.

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“Darice helped me to reconnect with my deeper spiritual gifts, a part of myself that I had buried for most of my life. The shift was shocking since I had come to her about something entirely different, yet she knew how to lead me towards my own answers and support me in finding what I was most missing in my life. I am so grateful for the changes that this shift is having in all areas of my life!”

~ Diane Spruce (London, Ontario) ~

So why am I doing this?

It’s all about wanting to show up in a bigger more authentic way in my own life. Let’s face it, there are a lot of mistruths in our world. Deception and lying seems to be the norm yet, nothing is more destructive to you personally than actually living a lie and not knowing or being, who you really are. When we are true to ourselves, we will thrive and make the world a much better place, and the world needs a lot more of that! So my big ‘Why’ is: To Be, Live, and Speak YOUR Truth, no matter what! Then rock the world with your truth. Oh yah and Ah ha!

I have a veracious appetite to learn and change things up again and again. I love getting nitty gritty about our attitudes and opinions, our culture and beliefs, and why we do the things we do, especially when the things we do (again and again) don’t serve us very well. I believe in thriving, not surviving.

I’m a bit of a dippy hippy at heart, hate conformity, must express creativity daily, love to daydream and dream big, love love love animals especially our furry companions and babies/young children have a special place in my heart even though I never had any of my own.

I believe that not moving towards being who you really are is a grave dishonour to self and soul. I also know that YOU are here on planet earth for a specific unique purpose that only you can offer to the world; all you have to do is find it, live it and share the goodness you create from living with passion and purpose.

“While working with Darice I felt so accepted and supported. She took an open, non-judgmental approach that really allowed me to open up and make me feel completely comfortable. She is the real deal! She has helped me reconnect with who I really am.”

~ Elizabeth MacBain (Nanaimo, BC) ~

Pie chart of Darice Cairns' interests: Writer/Author, Spiritual Research, Business Owner, Nurturer, Love & Family, Self-Care and Love, Daydreamer, Gardener

A little more about me.

My life so far has been a journey to finding my own truth and purpose and that journey continues to this day. For much of the early part of my life I tried just about anything and challenged everything. You know I figured I’d do and try as much as I could... and see where it all leads me. I have a drive to figure stuff out, and a passion to constantly move forward and search for answers to life’s bigger and deeper questions.

Originally from the Uk, my family moved to Canada when I was 3 years old. I left home when I was 15 and started my passion for serving - as a waitress. I then co-owned a horticultural business for over 10 years, studied to be a teacher and then moved overseas for 14 years working as an international teacher in South Korea, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

When I returned to Canada, I settled on Vancouver island, completed another degree in transformational learning and studied and worked as an Aesthetician. Around the same time I wrote my first book, which I am currently rewriting. My newest book, The Art of Finding Truth..., is available at all major outlets. Click to find out more about this riveting real-life story about love, hope and perseverance. You can also download free chapters on 'My Book' page.

Since then I have experimented with several other ‘jobs’, which convinced me to finally do what I was born to do; to write and create material that inspires people to make awesome change in their life. So now I devote my time researching, writing and creating cool learning materials. When I’m not doing that I’m nurturing my relationships with loved ones, daydreaming, tending to my garden, bonding with nature, and connecting with energy that will propel me, you and anyone else to greatness.

Everyday, I try to be more conscious than the day before - I try to just be me, follow my heart and follow my dreams.

“Darice is amazing! I worked with Darice during a time in my life when I was at rock bottom after losing everything important to me. She zeroed in on the issues and guided me towards new solutions, which I was able to successfully implement in my life. I was able to come to terms with some hard truths which got me motivated to make lasting changes in my life.”

~ Bailey Ghashgaee (Nanaimo, BC) ~