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    Is it time to Change the Way We Teach?

    Young Indian girl writing on a black chalkboard.
    Categories: Career, Change, Nature, Personal Growth, Truth

    Do modern education systems really teach the worlds growing population ethically sustainable values that benefit all life forms?

    Has the way we educate our youth run it’s course?

    Is there a better way to educate people?

    Should our education systems teach more diversity and connection to nature?

    This blog looks at what and how we teach and whether it’s time for a change.

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    Are You Spiritually Conscious?

    A crack in a dark sky shows the sun shining through.
    Categories: Conscious Living, Law of Attraction, Life Journeys, Spiritualism

    Do you know when you are living in a conscious way?

    What is spiritual consciousness?

    How can you maintain spiritual consciousness when you are surrounded by unconscious people?

    Is is possible to reach spiritual consciousness in a unconscious world?

    Yes! It is possible… read this blog to find out more…

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    The Truth About Graduation

    Close up of a burgundy graduation hat.
    Categories: Career, Celebrations, Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Truth

    It’s that time of year again!


    As I sat watching another graduation ceremony in all of it’s glory I started thinking about just how prepared are these graduates for the world?

    Does school really teach students what they need to know to thrive in the world?

    I question this and if I could give a speech to recent graduates this is what I would say…

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    The Path to Self Realisation

    Categories: Change, Life Journeys, Personal Growth, Spiritualism, Truth

    Do you feel that there is more to life than living it in the physical realm?

    Do you feel that there is more to you than what is seen with the human eye?

    Do you long to be more authentic, more at peace and live with less chaos in your life?

    Do you desire to learn how to live more consciously and stop the mindless chatter in your brain?

    Are you ready to take your life journey in a whole new direction?

    If so then this blog is for you!

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