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    The Truth About Judgement

    Young man standing on a rock infront of a water fall with arms out stretched.
    Filed in: Alignment, Authenticity, Boundaries, Celebration, Connection, Drama, Energy, Family, Honesty, Judgement, Letting go, Relationships, Soul, Truth, Unconditional love

    Have you ever felt the weight of ‘judgement’ come down on you?

    Have you ever been upset, frustrated, or irritated by what others say and think about your actions and decisions in life?

    Have you ever wanted to run away from pressures from loved ones and family because they don ‘t approve of your actions?

    Ever been the judge… and judged others for things you feel are ‘wrong’.

    Sure you have!

    If you are human and live on planet earth, you will know about judgements all too well.

    If judgement bothers you, has ever knocked you off course from who you really are or you have dished out your fair share…. then this blog is for you my friend!

    Read on and be amazed at how releasing judgements from your life is going to change your life around for the better…

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    7 Things That Will Make You Irresistible to Men

    Incredible close up of a young girl's big smile.
    Filed in: Attraction, Authenticity, Connection, Drama, Honesty, Love, Men, Physical attraction, Relationships, Truth, Woman

    Not too long ago, I wrote a popular blog called, ‘6 Things Every Woman Wants from her Man.’

    Since that post, men have been asking me to write one for them!

    This is a topic every man secretly wants you women out there to know.

    It isn’t what you may think, so stop what you are doing and focus on what really counts. No need to buy anything!

    Want to know what men really really want… here it is!

    In order of importance none the less – you’re welcome!

    1. Your Smile!

    Your smile is the most powerful tool you have, to get a man to notice you. Now a really good smile will show honestly what is going on inside of you.

    It isn’t something you can fake!

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    Loves Full Force, a Poem

    A strong flowing river, moving over rocks.
    Filed in: Energy, Evolution, Love, Passion, Poetry, Science and Spirituality, Soul, Spiritual, Truth, Unconditional love

    Love is a difficult topic to write about, yet there is no topic more worthy of discussion.

    I have always used poetry when I write about love, especially universal love, which is what this poem is about.

    Love comes in many forms. There is a universal love and a personal love you may have for someone or something else.

    Love is never more real or tangible than when you feel it for someone else.

    Yet love also is the very fabric of life that holds and flows through everything.

    It is the melter of hate, the soother of confusion, and also the most misunderstood and yet most powerful emotion we can ever feel.

    In the end, love is the conqueror of all things and all emotions. In my mind nothing is more powerful than that!

    For love
    By its very power
    Effortlessly heals
    It simply Is,
    It explores,
    While remaining
    The universal
    God Force.

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