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    Drifting Away Poem

    Black and white old phtograph of marriage, family and memories
    Categories: Poetry

    Here is a drifting away poem for you about how time moves on and as our mind grows weaker, our bodies grow older and our memories fade.

    I hope you enjoy it, the poem speaks for itself.

    Read on…

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    How to Feel Better After a Breakup

    Categories: Emotions, Personal Growth, Relationships

    Are you feeling pretty shitty after a breakup and wondering how to work through all the emotions you are feeling?

    Maybe you were just dumped or you did the dumping?

    No matter which way you look at it, breakups feel terrible.

    You feel it, whether you are the one who was left, or you are the one who leaves.

    Yet, let’s get that all into perspective!

    You are gonna feel so much better after reading this! I have some solid advice for you on how to work through this.  

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    10 Strong Qualities of a REAL Woman

    Close up of a woman eye and face.
    Categories: Goddess Within, Personal Growth, Self Empowerment, Sexual Energy

    What does it take to be a real woman in the world today?

    Are you a man looking for a REAL woman?

    Is it possible to become a REAL woman or are they just born that way?

    Are there any good examples of REAL women in society in 2020?

    Do you wish you were a REAL woman, but not sure what you’re aiming for?

    If you have ever wondered what exactly is a real woman, then read on my friend.

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    The Mystics Journey through the First Mansion

    Statue of an angel with a peaceful face ready to go on a mystical journey..
    Categories: Mystical Journey, Spiritualism

    This is the fourth blog in a series of four, that details the Beginners Journey into Mysticism.

    Are you ready to continue on the mystical journey into the heart of who you really are?

    Ready to move to the next level of self-knowledge and move upwards in vibration?

    Welcome back to the Mystics journey, my beautiful soul!

    It is time to go deeper…

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