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    10 Strong Qualities of a REAL Woman

    Close up of a woman eye and face.
    Categories: Goddess Within, Personal Growth, Self Empowerment, Sexual Energy

    What does it take to be a real woman in the world today?

    Are you a man looking for a REAL woman?

    Is it possible to become a REAL woman or are they just born that way?

    Are there any good examples of REAL women in society in 2020?

    Do you wish you were a REAL woman, but not sure what you’re aiming for?

    If you have ever wondered what exactly is a real woman, then read on my friend.

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    The Mystics Journey through the First Mansion

    Statue of an angel with a peaceful face ready to go on a mystical journey..
    Categories: Mystical Journey, Spiritualism

    Are you ready to continue on the mystical journey into the heart of who you really are?

    Are you ready to move to the next level of self-knowledge and move upwards in vibration?

    Welcome back to the Mystics journey, my friend!

    It has been three weeks since I last wrote about the journey into your castle (your inner soul).

    It is time to move on, even though you will continue to excavate the deepest parts of yourself in the first mansion of your soul.

    The first mansion is where you will meet your biggest struggles yet receive your grandest spiritual rewards!

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    Your Inner Castle, a Mystical Journey

    A mystical journey to a Beautiful historic and ancient castle on top of a hill with sunset in background.
    Categories: Mystical Journey, Spiritualism

    Have you ever had the incredible experience of visiting a real castle?

    Ever been mystified by castles in fairy tales and fables?

    Castles are built to protect and safe- guard precious things.

    What can be more precious than your very own soul?

    Let’s start a mystical journey,

    Into your inner castle… Where your soul resides.

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    How to Empower Yourself

    A colourful comic image of a strong empowered woman flexing one arm, to show her muscle.
    Categories: Personal Growth, Self Empowerment

    Ever feel disempowered?

    Would you like to start showing up in a bigger way and making an impact in your life?

    Tired of feeling weak, exhausted, drained and everyone’s doormat?

    Ever had someone knock you down again and again?

    By following a few simple yet powerful techniques you can quickly empower yourself!

    So read on and get ready to step into your power!

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