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    How to Have an Anger Release With Another Person

    Retro couple making a heart with their hands
    Categories: Conscious Living, Personal Growth, Relationships

    Have you ever released your anger in a not so constructive way and been shut down?

    If left unresolved, your anger can grow into a dark black monster that has the potential to seriously hurt you and the people you love.

    Here is how you can release your anger constructively and not have everyone disown you.

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    The Art of Finding Truth

    Black and white pciture of the author with her new book, all about truth.
    Categories: Conscious Living, Life Journeys, Truth

    The Art of Finding Truth, One Man’s Journey Through Love, Life, Grief and Joy is my newest book to be published soon.

    It is a riveting real life story about a man who escapes from Iran with his young family during the Iranian Revolution.

    He later becomes a successful hair stylist owning salons in Toronto and Vancouver. Meanwhile, he collects hundreds of stories from his clients which are also shared in this book.

    Together these harrowing stories blend together creating a collection of core truths about what is really important in life.

    This book will inspire you to find your own truth and peace within.

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    How to Be Inner Peace in a World Full of Chaos

    A young woman in the middle of war and chaos, standing strong and ready to fight.
    Categories: Conscious Living, Mystical Journey

    Need peace in your life?

    Is your world full of chaos?

    Find an immediate and uncomplicated way to be the peace you seek, especially in a world full of chaos.

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    Death of a Narcissist

    Picture of a ball of twine and a pair of scissors cutting the twine.
    Categories: Poetry, Relationships

    If you have ever had to deal with a narcissist, you will know how painful it is and how detrimental the relationship is to your soul.

    But joyful is the day you reclaim yourself, take back your power and cut the cord and know that NO ONE will ever abuse you like that again.

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